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Clitical is dedicated to the art of female sexuality, especially female masturbation. We believe that masturbation is the foundation to great sex. With erotic stories, sex tutorials, sex toy reviews all designed to be fun but also to educate.
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6 Reasons Why Masturbation Should Be Part of Sex Ed - At Any Age

One reason masturbation is still so stigmatized is that not enough people talk about it. We won't let that stop us though! Discover the benefits of masturbation here.

10 Things You Don't Know About Self-Love

Given the right stimulation, our bodies know what to do. But discovering how to trigger powerful sexual response is often something we have to learn. Here are some things you might not know about discovering your sexual side.

6 Reasons to Keep Technology Out of the Bedroom

Technology has an important place in our lives, but it's best to draw the line at bringing it into the bedroom. Find out how keeping your bedroom tech-free can improve your sex life.

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