Top Holiday Sex Toy Gifts for Couples

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Just about any product can be used for couples' play, but these toys have some special features that make them especially good.

Did you know that just about any sex toy can be used for couples' play? Yup, that's right. If you enjoy a toy on your own, chances are you'll also enjoy it with a partner. What's better than getting off with a toy you love with a hot and willing partner who gets off on your pleasure? Plus, there are real advantages to having a few extra hands on board!

That said, some toys are made for couples' play, or have features that make them especially fun to play with in pairs. Here are a few top picks for partner play. Buy them for the sexy object of your affection or, even better, pick something out together!

b-Vibe Snug Plug 2

This weighted anal plug is fun to wear for all kinds of play, but its unique shape makes it especially pleasant to wear during intercourse. Its weight, size and ability to provide internal pressure stimulation make this a must-try for those who want to add a little bum fun into their sex lives.

Fun Factory Volta

Yeah, it's pretty weird looking, but weird can be good! This vibrator includes two flickering tips which, when powered by Fun Factory's smooth, powerful vibrations, make for all kinds of possibilities. Volta is great for clitorises and those two flapping tips can do some fun things to penises as well. It's even great on the nipples! 

Hot Octopuss Atom Plus

This cutting-edge cock ring is the first to use dual motors to provide intense stimulation to the perineum as well as the top of the shaft of the penis. As a result, unlike most cock rings, it's pleasurable enough for solo play. It's also gangbusters when used with with a partner. 

Lelo Indulge Me Pleasure Set

This is a sexy, luxurious gift to give to a partner - or to buy together! It includes a silky blindfold, a feather teaser and a NOA couples' massager, which is designed to be worn during penetrative sex. The toy can also be worn solo and operated via remote control which, with the other toys included, makes for some delicious possibilities.

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System

If you're into bondage but don't want to turn your bedroom into a BDSM scene, this under-the-bed restraint system slips right under your mattress, so it's there when you need it, but invisible the rest of the time. The system's faux-fur lined cuffs won't cut into your wrists and ankles, but will do the job when it comes to holding you nice and tight. 

Sliquid Silk

Lube! Use lube! Have you heard us say this before? No matter what you're doing, it just makes things better and safer and more comfortable. And usually, that ends up meaning more pleasurable too. This lube from Sliquid is a water/silicone blend that's hypoallergenic and non-toxic and that just about everybody loves. Stuff someone's stocking with this!

We-Vibe Sync

If penis-in-vagina intercourse is your jam, this vibrator is designed to make it better - for both partners. Who can argue with that? One arm of this rumbly vibe sits inside the vagina, while the other reaches outside to cover the clitoris, providing amazing dual stimulation. It stays in place well and can be controlled with a remote control, or the We-Connect app. And it isn't just for sex - lots of people love it for dual-stimulation solo play too.

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