Sometimes, you just have to shake things up. Especially when it comes to sex. Whether it is because of need, necessity, changing preferences, or just wanting to try something new, mixing up your sex life can be transformative. This week's Sex Stories We Love is just the tip of the iceberg how you might consider some new possibilities.

Toons to Teach

I grew up on Saturday morning cartoons. They taught me that weird old loners and disgrunted academics were most likely the villain of the story. There were also robots that turned into cars, awesome female musicians, and cat-people superheros. They all left an indelible mark on me. A few generations now have grown up with cartoons being a major influence in their lives. So it only makes sense that we could make a great shift in sexual understanding if we follow this lead and make a much needed shift in sexual education in cartoon form, as AMAZE's YouTube channel has done. These videos are aimed at school children and teenagers, and that is great. They will benefit greatly from this approach. However, it doesn't have to end there. Given the ongoing popularity of cartoons, why not make sex ed cartoons for adults as well?

The Gift of Sex Parties

Maybe Rhik Samadder could have used an instructional cartoon before venturing to his first sex party, as described in a piece he wrote for The Guardian. I mean, all credit to Rhik because he tried out something new ... something which, and I'm just guessing, isn't so much a priority in his life, and he gave it a shot. Sex parties are definitely not for everybody. If you've ever considered going to one but haven't quite gotten up the nerve, there are definitely some things you need to consider that might influence your decision to attend. Be sure to read up on people's experiences at sex parties. People have a lot of feelings about them. Be sure to check out, as best possible, the group throwing the party you want to attend. Does it seem to be a scene you think you belong in? And, of course, be sure that you're cool about possibly participating in sexual activities in a semi-public space in front of others. That's kind of a biggie.

Get a ... room?

Some folks, on the other hand, decide that they want the sex that they want whenever they want it. Even if the only place available is, well, not the most pleasant one in the world. There certainly isn't anything inherently wrong with having sex in port-a-potties at concerts, as reported by Jessica Migala in Women's Health, if everyone who squeezes in there consents and you're not a public nuisance. I'm just saying that there might be better options and venues. For some, making the leap to public sex is a really big deal. Some folks will never to do it. Sometimes it is a matter of opportunity. So, while it isn't necessarily bad to fuck in a port-a-potty, maybe see if there are other options available first. Plus, those lines can get really long to use those things!

To wrap or not to wrap?

Condoms have become as ubiquitous to discussions of sex as Kanye has become attached to the letters WTF. Over the past 30+ years, we changed sex to something that included the use of condoms. In more recent times, it has become more recognized that people in long-term relationships might choose to become fluid-bonded and not use condoms anymore. For that matter, so might people who've just met. This is still a big deal for some, and not a decision to take lightly. If your configuration could result in children, pregnancy is another factor. Whether you both have a strong enough bond of trust is another factor. Barrier methods are an effective way to reduce the chance of transmitting STIs. We've really come to rely on this idea. Moving away from this security blanket is a big discussion to have.

Cleanliness Is Next to Horniness

So, maybe you decided to stop using condoms. Well, those little baggies did wonders in keeping your sheets less sticky. Sure, there might be all kinds of other messes happening. This is why everyone out there should take the pledge to read, understand, and follow this great guide to cleaning up different sex stains from Cosmopolitan this week. If you aren't already doing these things, it is just a nice way to make sure your bedding, couch, table and backseat are adequately taken care of ... particularly if you enjoy the sexytimes with different people. This is just a simple courtesy.

Spin Me Right Round, Baby

Finally, do you have a sex playlist all set and ready to go? If so, have you reviewed it lately? Sex playlists can be a great way to set the right mood ... or they can completely ruin that mood. Let these DJs help you pick the tunes that rock your worlds.

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