What's the word on oral sex? We love to use our mouths for all kinds of things, and pleasing a partner is one of the best uses of all! This week's Sex Stories We Love focuses on the love that speaks its own name.

Tongue Tips and Oral Tricks

Let's start off with some good ol' fashioned, lip-smacking learning. Like pretty much everything in life, nobody is a born natural at oral sex. More often than not, you're going to get the best face from someone you've had a few sexual experiences with. We are all unique and specific in our best sex scenarios, and everyone's oral adventures are a different trip. Here are two different articles that provide some good tips for how to orally please a penis and how to orally please a vagina. Both provide some great ideas that will be great with long-time partners or first-time fucks. Yet, the vagina piece is, ultimately, more complete because it includes the other oral: talking before and after. That is the best way to figure out good oral sex.

Older and Oral

For some odd reason, we've got it in our heads that people just aren't down to fuck after they reach a certain age. Now, it is true that for some, libido drops because of hormone changes, lifestyle changes, health concerns and other factors. Yet, there are also still plenty of people in the 50 - 90 age demographic who enjoy happy, healthy sex lives. And that definitely includes older folks who love oral sex. In fact, a recent study notes that one-third of older folks currently enjoy some face time. Given the heterosexual focus of this particular study, a reason given for the strong oral sex numbers is that some older people start to suffer from sexual challenges, including erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness. So, in order to remain sexually intimate, they move to other activities. That, folks, is where experience and communication come in.

When Aunt Flo Visits...

Period sex is one of the truly great debates of our time ... and all times. There are definitely people who see it as a hard no, while other folks have no issue with the situation. However, when period oral sex enters the conversation, a good number of those folks who were previously keen do tend to drop out. Yes, there are potential differences, including taste and smell. This can dissuade both the giver and the receiver. However, barring the presence of STIs, period oral is safe, although it'll likely be messy! Ultimately, this is another opportunity for some good sexual communication.

Dam Good!

One of the most useful tools to keep in your sexual tickle trunk is a good supply of dental dams. These handy-dandy slabs of latex are a very useful addition to oral sex. They can be used for vaginal, anal or oral fun! They can help prevent the transmission of STIs. They can be used during period sex. New ones can be used when you're moving between multiple partners. As with condom usage, it is best to have a talk about using dental dams before a sexual situation arises.

Lowdown on Going Down and STIs

I've given a few hints about oral sex and sexually transmitted infections in the above paragraphs. So, it is important to remember that oral sex is still a significant way that STIs can be passed between people. Two of the most commonly shared STIs are gonorrhea and HPV. Others, like chlamydia and syphilis are out there as well. They are a chance we take when navigating the sexual world. Unfortunately, good communication isn't always helpful in preventing the spread of oral STIs because some are undetectable. However, using condoms and dental dams can lower the chances of sharing while sexually caring.

Lipsmackin' Good!

Finally, I'm not convinced anyone who's just had an orgasm from awesome oral sex will care, but if you want the best lipstick that won't smear everywhere while you're going down, check out this guide!

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