Do you ever scroll your feeds, hoping to read good stories about sex, sexuality, and gender...and then just shake your head? Or scream? A lot of shit has gone down recently. So much so that this has to be the "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" edition of Sex Stories We Love.

Bella's Big Mistake

Bella Thorne really, really fucked up and sex workers will be the ones who pay the price. The internet exploded when the Hollywood performer launched her own OnlyFans page. She quickly raked in $2 million in sales from subscribers. In the hopes of seeing a mainstream performer bare all, countless people dropped $200 for a pay per view promised nude. Then...Thorne didn't deliver. The image she provided was decidedly SFW and people were pissed. Refunds were demanded in droves. Now, the site has changed its rules regarding frequency of payouts and added caps to how much creators can charge for pay per view items. These restrictions will significantly reduce sex workers' income and safety—particularly sex workers of colour and trans sex workers. Thorne has issued an apology and plans to meet with the OnlyFans brass to roll back these changes and restrictions, but a real apology would be donating the funds she kept to sex worker aid and advocacy organizations.

What Charm Can Fix J.K. Rowling?

In the latest installment of "As J.K. Rowling's Transphobic World Turns," the formerly beloved author has returned the Ripple of Hope Award given to her by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization. And I should hope so given her recent words and actions have taken hope away from so many. The President of the group, Kerry Kennedy, criticized Rowling's outspoken opinions on transgender youth and how she feels this intersects with feminism. Rowling has been extremely vocal in recent months about transgender rights and issues causing many fans and colleagues to condemn her words and actions and distance themselves from her. Instead of listening to countless trans people and trans advocates, Rowling doubles, triples, and quadruples down with overwrought statements and long-winded essays. As a result, many have lost a childhood hero.

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Why is it that when the words conservative and sex become bedfellows that they usually add hypocrisy to make it a depressingly kinky threesome? The latest instance involves an "upstanding" religious fanatic, his wife, and the pool boy (and, well, maybe others). To be clear, of the Falwells of Liberty University and televangelism infamy want to bring a third into their sexual relationship, they are welcome to, and there isn't anything wrong with that. We're finally moving into a time when differing sexual interests are accepted and not a big deal. Unfortunately, it is still a big deal if you enjoy threesomes and possible cuckolding while at the same time condemning and chastising the same acts as the head of a major religious university. It is completely unacceptable that these people have enforced rules about sexuality while at the same time having their pool boy and eating him, too.

No Bad Rap for Female Sexuality

How dare women speak about, rap about, or think about their own sexuality! The nerve! Well, yeah, WAP is a nervy-AF song and we should be talking about it. Sure, I said before that we are moving to a time where sex is more accepted, but we definitely aren't there yet because women still cannot express their thoughts about sex without being taken down from both sides of the fence. Male musicians can write any shit they want, no matter how explicit, no matter how raunchy, and rarely do they get a reaction. Yet Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion come out swinging in the same way with WAP and they get a huge backlash. Shaming women's sexuality needs to be stopped.

Ohhh, Ohhhh, Oooooohhhh God!

I hope Leonard Cohen's estate rips the Trump campaign to shreds for using Hallelujah. How in the world, if you've listened to the song even once, can you not know that Hallelujah has strong sexual elements in it? I can only assume that some pseudo-Christian fool saw that there was a song named with a strong religious word and thought, "That'll be a good song to use to prop up this abomination of a president!" Cohen, as a musician, poet, and novelist frequently mixes religious and sexual themes...and five minutes of research into this imminent artist would show you that. And he certainly would not have endorsed Trump using his song, that's for damn sure.

The Incomparable Betty Dodson

Finally, this next thought isn't a why we can't have things. It's a why we can't we have nice things forever... Thank you, Betty Dodson. As you move toward your next path, we thank you for your generous, amazing contributions to our sexual world. With every masturbatory gasp, we appreciate all that you did to inspire and educate us.

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