We are lucky to live in a time when sexual content is relatively easy to come across. Whether you're into visuals, literature, fiction, blogs, audio, or anything else, there is someone creating something sexy in the form you love. This week's Sex Stories We Love looks at the ups and downs the sex content creators we love endure.

WOC Sex Writers Rock!

Sex scenes are not easy to create. Whether we're talking film or painting or music or literature, crafting a moment that explores the complexity of sexuality is a challenge. In recent times, there is no doubt that porn clips and movies have greatly influenced many folks in how they think sex should be portrayed. We've got our mind's eyes' full of that particularly style and it is hard to wash those images out. Well...hard...or we're too lazy. There is ample evidence that male writers seem to be going through the motions of porn when trying to write sex scenes. Fortunately, there are alternatives that we have to explore. I love Syeda Kaula Saad's spotlight on Women of Colour writers and how they are crafting sex scenes that convey passion with nuance, empathy, and strength. These small selections are what sex is all about. I am excited to seek out more WOC writers to enjoy and learn from!

Dirty Habits

Speaking of bad sex writing, it is so easy to lose sight of the end goal when crafting carnal content. Sure, you want to enflame your readers' passions causing them to wave their hand back and forth in front of their blushed cheeks. Sure, you want your readers to feel their hearts beating just a bit stronger, just a bit faster. But surely you must follow some tried and true technique for writing enriching erotica. Unsure where you might be going wrong? Check out Holly Bradshaw's 9 Ways to Write a Terrible Sex Scene and do the complete opposite! There are great tips here for any writer, even if you don't focus on sex. For those who do pen the perverse, it is a must read.

Sex Blogging Inspiration

Blogging revolutionized sex writing. As someone who started out pitching my wanton wares to magazines and weeklies and eventually started my own quarterly to feature my own work and that of other writers, it was a considerable challenge to get all of those sex- and sexuality-related words outta my head and into the world. Then, I got into sex blogging and my writing and world changed. Having a space to get as much out as I wanted, whenever I wanted gave me great satisfaction. And seeing and reading others who were doing the same filled me with inspiration. I'm glad to see this continues. I'm delighted when others, such as Deviant Succubus, share what inspires their sex blog.

Build Yourself Up

There are many different reasons to create sexual content. Maybe you want to make money. Maybe you're an exhibitionist. Maybe you want to provide pleasure to others. Whatever the reason, putting yourself out there online can be liberating and exhilarating...but still a little frightening. Harley Waldorf took his body transformation to OnlyFans and has experienced feelings he didn't think possible. Greater self-esteem. Learning more about sex through interacting with fans. Re-examining his lust for life. And he's making some as well. Good for you, Harley!

Does Dirty Diana Deliver?

There are a ton of great sex-related podcasts out there...do you think Demi Moore has what it takes to produce another awesome sex podcast? The Hollywood legend has long embraced sexuality in both her roles and personal persona. Now she's launching Dirty Diana, a six-part narrative in which Moore plays the titular Diana. Along with filmmaker Shana Feste, the two created the story of a woman who has never centred her own desires and personal pleasure. She experiences a sexual awakening. This idea is something the creators hope to share with other women whose sexual needs have never been given the focus they should. The series is close to wrapping up. Take a listen.

When Creating Matters...and When It Doesn't

Finally, sex blogging has a time and a place in our lives. One of my favourite writers these past few months is dealing with life right now, and sex blogging won't be her focus. Take care, Meaghan. Whatever writing you do, I'll always be a fan.

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