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The Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2017

Published: OCTOBER 31, 2017 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 07:20:35
This year's top bloggers serve up a little bit of everything, including old favorites and brand-new reading fun.

If you're reading this post, we probably don't have to tell you how freaking amazing the internet is. Or maybe we do. Depending on your age, you might not remember a time before this wondrous web of links and pages connected us all to, well, just about everything. But while the web does an amazing job of connecting people, it can also be kind of lonely out here. We might technically be sharing, reading and connecting, but we're also just alone at our computers - and maybe wondering who the heck out there is reading all this stuff.

That's also why it's easy to take for granted how much the internet has done for sex education. No matter who you are or where you are, you can log on and connect with whatever you need - including other people just like you. You can get the sex education your school won't give you. Or, if you're an adult, the one you never got. You can find out that that fantasy you have is perfectly normal, because, look!, other people fantasize about the same thing. You can learn how to use contraception and, if it's hard to come by where you live, perhaps where to get it. You can learn how to have better sex, how to treat your partner better and with more respect, how to bring more pleasure into your body. You can learn about sex toys and how to use them - and choose them. And, perhaps most importantly, you can figure out how to have the kind of sex you want to have, starting with what that might mean for you. When it comes to sex, getting good information online may not be brand new, but something is definitely happening here in the sense that the information available is more readily available, of higher quality and easier to find.

Our point? We think sex blogs (and bloggers!) have a lot to do with that shift. And, over the five years we've been running our Sex Blogging Superheroes contest, we've seen a huge growth in the number, diversity and overall quality of these blogs. We think that matters, because the internet - and the world - needs those voices. Each and every one of them. In fact, the goal behind this contest has always been to make it a little easier for other people to find them by highlighting some of the best. And, guys, reading all these blogs is such a pleasure and an honor for us at Kinkly. (Um .. and may we also say that it's a blast?) We really appreciate the work bloggers do and we love being able to read and share it.

Oh, and about all that celebrating. This year's contest sponsor, Loveology University, has given us a lot to celebrate. In addtion to being great partners - and even better advocates and promoters of our Superheroes, they are also offering some pretty sweet prizes we think our contest winners will be really excited about. In case you don't know, Loveology University (LU) is an online love coach training school that has trained and certified thousands of aspiring coaches worldwide. It was founded by Dr. Ava Cadell who is a big-time superhero in the sex education field herself. We've had a blast working with her and her team, and we hope you'll check out the educational programs they have to offer at the link below.

The Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2017

OK. So ... enough mushy stuff, right? Let's take a look at this year's categories - and prizes!

Categories and Prizes for 2017

For the last couple of years, we've broken out some additional categories to help better highlight bloggers who might not make the top 100 or get as much attention. We think of it as one more way to spread the love around a bit. This year's categories are as follows:

Overall Winner

The grand prize goes to the No.1 spot on the top 100 list; this is a superhero blogger who writes well, writes often and stands for all things sex positive. In order to win, they also need a serious fan base, because this placement is determined by a combination of reader votes and other criteria posted here. This year, our top Superhero will receive a Love Coach scholarship from Loveology University worth $2,500, a feature on Sexpert.com and $500 cash from Kinkly!


The Reader's Choice Award

This award is handed out based on readers' votes. Whichever blog racks up the most reader love wins a Love Coach scholarship worth $2,500 and a feature on Sexpert.com.

Top New Sex Blogs of 2017

This category is for blogs that are new to the scene and did not appear in last year's top 100. This year, the top new blog will receive a Relationship Expert scholarship worth $500!

Top Sex Toy Review Blogs of 2017

This category celebrates the top blogs for sex toy reviews. The winner of this category will receive a Master Sexpert scholarship from Loveology University worth $1,250.

Top Erotica Blogs of 2017

This category will honor the top blogs for sexy erotic fiction. The top blog in this category will receive a choice of 3 products from Ava Cadell.

Top Sex Blogs for/by Men of 2017

This category will shine some light on a growing - but often underrepresented - segment of sex bloggers. The winner of this category will receive a feature article on Kinkly.com and a feature on Sexpert.com.

Also note that each and every blog in the top 100 will receive a special discount to all of Loveology University's exclusive programs, just for taking part in our contest.

So now, without further ado, here are Kinkly's Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2017.

The Top 100 Sex Blogs

1. Sunny Megatron @SunnyMegatron
With her superhero name and deep background as a sex educator, writer and media expert, this blogger is fast-approaching celebrity status. She's also one of the best teachers around on topics ranging from kink to BDSM to sex toys and everything in between.

2. Oh Joy Sex Toy @ErikaMoen
Ever since it won top spot in 2014, this cartoon blog always finds its way into the list thanks to its playful, affirming take on sex ed and sex toy reviews.

3. Hey Epiphora @Epiphora
This blog was our overall winner way back in 2013. It just celebrated a 10th birthday and is as opinionated, educational - and hilarious - as ever.

4. Girly Juice @Girly_Juice
This blog always hits us right in the gut, delivering honest assessments of everything from sex toys to the pain behind a tough breakup.

5. Girl on the Net @girlonthenet
Girl on the Net has killer writer chops; laugh, cry, get angry, learn.

6. Emmeline Peaches Reviews @EmmelinePeaches
Emmeline is an unusually prolific sex toy reviewer - and a good one. You'll also find interesting commentary - and cute cartoons - here.

7. Cara Sutra @TheCaraSutra
This blog is a fixture of the sex blogging scene in the U.K. - and for good reason. Check in here for a little bit of just about everything.

8. Oh Gush @_ohgush
If this brand-new blog's focus on squirting isn't enough to win you over, its fun welcoming vibe and approachable writing will.

9. The STD Project @TheSTDProject
Blogger Jenelle Marie Pierce is on a mission to bust the stigma around STIs; her site is a stirring mix of first-person narratives and straight up, STI-focused sex ed.

10. Red Hot Suz @redhotsuz
This newish blog is new to our list. It won us over with its sex toy reviews, body positivity and sexcapades. Fun!

11. Walker Thornton @WalkerThornton

12. Chronic Sex @ChronicSexChat

13. I'm Still Josh @imstilljosh

14. Scandarella @ella_scandal

15. JoEllen Notte @JoEllenNotte

16. Hedonish @hedonish

17. Bex Talks Sex @BexTalksSex

18. Squeaky Bedsprings @Squeaky_Bedsprings

19. Girl Boner with August McLaughlin @AugustMcLaughlin

20. Sex & Psychology by Dr. Justin Lehmiller @JustinLehmiller

21. Miss Ruby Reviews @MissRubyReviews

22. Crista Anne @pinkness

23. Slutty Girl Problems @sluttygrlprobs

24. Poly.Land @PolydotLand

25. Naked at Our Age @JoanPrice

26. In Bed With Married Women @Jill_Hamilton

27. Ayzad @Ayzad

28. Erika Lynae @Erika_Lynae

29. Pillow Princess Reviews @PillowPrincessR

30. My Tickle Trunk @MyTickleTrunk

31. Venus O'Hara @venusohara

32. The Big Gay Review @thebiggayreview

33. Sex After Marriage @VivaTheVulva

34. Kayla Lords: A Sexual Being @KaylaLords


35. AFemmeCock @AFemmeCock

36. Ninja Sexology @ninjasexology

37. Tabitha Rayne @TabithaErotica

38. Twixt My Nethers @twxtmynethers

39. The Intellectual Homosexual @IntellectHomo

40. Down To There @DownToThere

41. Em & Lo @emandlo

42. By Aurora Glory @AuroraGloryBlog

43. Kitten Boheme @KittenBoheme

44. Love Sex and Marriage @lsmblogger

45. The Black Pomegranate @BlkPomegranate

46. Sugarbutch Chronicles @MrSexsmith

47. Viva La Sexy @VivaLaSexyBlog

48. A Couple of Kinks @ACoupleOfKinks

49. Ms. Naughty's Porn for Women @msnaughty

50. Sex & London City @Nixalina

51. Future of Sex @FutureofSex

52. Backwoods Bedroom @bkwoodsbedroom

53. The Mama Sutra @TheMamaSutra

54. Stella Harris @stellaerotica

55. Love Hate Sex Cake @LoveHateSexCake

56. Vagina Antics @VaginaAntics

57. Candy Snatch Reviews @CandysReviews

58. Thoughts With Dildo @thoughtswdildo

59. Coffee & Kink @CoffeeAndKink

60. Elle Chase @TheElleChase

61. Mary Q Confesses @MaryQConfesses

62. Rebel's Notes @RebelsNotes

63. Sex Ed 102 w/ Kara Sutra @Kara_Sutra

64. Pop My Cherry Review @dominadoll

65. Incendiaire's Reviews @IncendiaireRevs

66. Dildo or DilDont

67. A Shared Wife @ASharedWife

68. The Oooh Review!!! @theooohreview

69. Blissfully Orgasmic @BlissfullyOrgas

70. Domme Chronicles @Ferns_

71. Carnal Queen @TheCarnalQueen

72. Sexational! @sex_ational

73. The Casual Sex Project @CasualSexProj

74. Kinky Kitten @KinkyKittenKim


76. Ruby Ryder's Pegging Paradise @Ruby_Ryder

77. Little Switch Bitch @_LittleSBitch

78. Princess Previews @PrincessPreview

79. NotSoSexintheCity @notsosexintheci

80. EROcentric @EROcentric

81. Her Dirty Little Heart @herdirtylittle

82. Screw Taboo @screw_taboo

83. Miss Jezebella @Miss_Jezebella

84. Bree Guildford @BreeGuildford


85. My Tiny Secrets @MyTinySecrets

86. Dawn Serra @Dawn_Serra

87. F Dot Leonora @fdotleonora

88. Sexologist Vixenne @DrVixenne

89. Teachers Have Sex @teachershavesex

90. Lady Smut @LadySmut1

91. Lady Laid Bare @JillyBoyd

92. Sex and Cannabis with Ashley Manta @ashleymanta

93. Of Sex and Love @adriana_r

94. Christina Mandara @naughtynell101

95. Molly's Daily Kiss @MollysDailyKiss

96. Le Journal Review @Little_xsecret

97. Rebsy Reviews @OfficialRebsy

98. Cammies on the Floor @cammiesonthefloor

99. Echo Explores @EchoExplores

100. Passion by Kait @PassionbyKait

Readers' Choice

1. Ruby Ryder's Pegging Paradise @Ruby_Ryder

2. In Bed With Married Women @Jill_Hamilton

3. Christina Mandara @naughtynell101

4. Orgasmic Tips for Girls @ohtipsforgirls

5. Sunny Megatron @SunnyMegatron

6. The Mama Sutra @TheMamaSutra

7. Em & Lo @emandlo

8. Candy Snatch Reviews @CandysReviews

9. Red Hot Suz @redhotsuz

10. Stella Harris @stellaerotica

Top New Sex Blogs of 2017

1. Oh Gush @_ohgush

2. Squeaky Bedsprings @Squeaky_Bedsprings

3. Pillow Princess Reviews @PillowPrincessR

4. Twixt My Nethers @twxtmynethers

5. By Aurora Glory @AuroraGloryBlog

6. Thoughts With Dildo @thoughtswdildo

7. Coffee & Kink @CoffeeAndKink

8. A Shared Wife @ASharedWife

9. Le Journal Review @Little_xsecret

10. Sexualista @Sexualista1

Top Erotica Blogs of 2017

1. Scandarella @ella_scandal

2. My Tickle Trunk @MyTickleTrunk

3. Tabitha Rayne @TabithaErotica

4. Sugarbutch Chronicles @MrSexsmith

5. Love Hate Sex Cake @LoveHateSexCake

6. Rebel's Notes @RebelsNotes


7. Miss Jezebella @Miss_Jezebella

8. Bree Guildford @BreeGuildford

9. F Dot Leonora @fdotleonora

10. Teachers Have Sex @teachershavesex

Top Sex Toy Review Blogs of 2017

1. Oh Joy Sex Toy @ErikaMoen

2. Sunny Megatron @SunnyMegatron

3. Hey Epiphora @Epiphora

4. Girly Juice @Girly_Juice

5. Emmeline Peaches Reviews @EmmelinePeaches

6. Cara Sutra @TheCaraSutra

7. Oh Gush @_ohgush

8. Scandarella @ella_scandal

9. JoEllen Notte @JoEllenNotte

10. Hedonish @hedonish

Top Sex Blogs For/By Men 2017

1. I'm Still Josh @imstilljosh

2. Sex & Psychology by Dr. Justin Lehmiller @JustinLehmiller

3. The Big Gay Review @thebiggayreview

4. Ayzad @Ayzad

5. The Intellectual Homosexual @IntellectHomo


7. The Casquetero Files @CasqueteroNYC

8. Bondagegod.com @bondagegod1

9. Exhibit A @EA_unadorned

10. Innocent Loverboy @innocentlb

Need more blogs? Check out last year's top 100.

Have comments, questions or suggestions for next year? Hit us up.



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