The Top 6 Rabbit Vibrators You Should Know

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Looking to add a rabbit to your collection? Here are 10 top picks to try.

Rabbit vibrators certainly have their fans. After all, who wouldn't want to stimulate two orgasmic areas all at once? And, while finding just the right fit with a rabbit vibe can be more difficult than with other vibrators, when you get things just right, these toys can produce incredibly intense blended orgasms. Looking to add a rabbit to your collection? Here are 10 top picks to try.

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FUN FACTORY Bi Stronic Fusion

Part of Fun Factory's Stronic line, this toy's shaft thrusts as well as vibrates, while the fan-shaped clitoral stimulator ensures plenty of orgasmic potential.


The INA Wave does a lot of things and does them well. It has two powerful vibrating motors, a flexible clitoral arm and a vibrating shaft that can also wave in the "come hither" motion that many G-spots love.

Lovehoney Happy Rabbit 2 Natural

This very popular classic rabbit vibrator offers all the best features of a rabbit vibe at a great price.

The Rabbit Company Backdoor Rabbit

A rabbit for your butt? Yup! The Rabbit Company provides a unique and inspiring twist on the rabbit design with one designed to stimulate the anus and prostate.

The Rabbit Company Classic Rabbit

If you're looking for a simple, classic rabbit vibrator this one's a very high quality version that won't disappoint.

Vibratex Rabbit Habit

The is the rabbit vibe made famous by "Sex and the City." It is powerful, quiet and offers all the stimulation you could ever hope for. You'll want to stay in bed all day!

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