You know, we just might be living in the golden age of sexual stuff. So many toys, so many products, and so many options! There are many great ways to add extra fun to our sex. Of course, not every sex product has has come along has been a winner. This week's Sex Stories We Love features some sex tech and products that haven't, uhhh, hit the spot.

The New Peeping

One of the most significant advances in pleasure technology has been the incorporation of smart tech into sex toys. Being able to operate them from a distance, share vibrations with partners and connect with porn has revolutionized the way we play with ourselves and each other. However, while there's been a lot of excitement about these products, they do come at a cost: your personal sexual data.

Smart sex toys, as with many wireless products, can transmit your intimate details back to manufacturers, who can then use that information in different ways. Some good, some questionable. They might use that info to improve products and customer service. Or they might sell that data to another related company for marketing purposes. There is also the potential for hackers to use this information. For some folks, this might not matter. Either way, it's important that everyone who uses these types of toys is aware of the issues and makes up their minds on this subject for themselves.

Who's In Control?

While we're on the subject of how sex and tech interact, the idea of parental controls seems a good one - on the surface. There is definitely some content out there that is not appropriate for younger eyes. The problem is who gets to decide what is appropriate. Ideally, it would be parents who set the search and result parameters of their child's devices to tailor their online experience. Unfortunately,companies like Apple do the parenting for folks and end up with a truly horrific online gateway that blocks out sex ed while easily allowing neo-Nazi propaganda. Of course, there is a flip-side to letting parents choose as well. While Apple blocks much needed sex ed content, parents could do the same and we're left with vulnerable kids (queer, trans, and the religiously sheltered) missing out on much needed information. What if parents and kids set the rules together with open dialogue?

Slippery When Wet

OK, this one might get a win ... eventually. Recent years have seen significant research go into creating a new type of condom. There have been curious ideas here and there, but this one might have some merit. One of the gripes people have about condoms is how they can feel dry and uncomfortable. Well, this new prophylactic may take care of that problem by being self-lubricating throughout your sexytimes. If successful, this could engage more people at a time when condom use is down. Let's keep an eye on this product to see how it works out.

Taking One for the Team

Here's the thing about sex toys - not every type of toy is for every person. I'm not talking about anatomy, here. Regardless of your body, if you can get off with a toy meant for someone with a body different from yours, you rock that thing and smile! I'm actually referring to our different sexual tastes. You know, some like it hard. Some like it soft. How we respond to different sex toys is entirely an individual matter. That said, with the deluge of new products being introduced every year, and the increasing price tags attached to premium devices, it is helpful to read what others think of particular toys before buying. And this is why sex toy testers are truly doing the work of the deities. Have you thought about trying a clit-sucking toy that's all the rage? Here are one reviewer's opinions that may or may not align with your own.

Too Far with Sex Dolls?

While some sex toys try to simulate getting head to many mixed results, there is one type of toy that is truly offering a very unique experience. As sex dolls continue to be the rage, and cause a fair bit of rage, advances are being made that some consider crossing the line from sexual plaything to creepy as hell. One sex doll company is now offering customers the opportunity to craft their doll in the likeness of a deceased partner.

On the surface, sex dolls are just like any other sex toy. Yet, when they start taking the appearance of real people, feathers definitely get ruffled. Could they be a good, therapeutic device for those who lost a lover? Sure. Can sex dolls help people who might not otherwise have an opportunity to enjoy sexual pleasure? This is another big plus. Is modeling the look of a doll after someone dead or alive crossing the line? That's yet to be truly answered. After all, celebrities have long sold their likeness to many product manufacturers - including sex toy manufacturers.

Doesn't Deliver

Finally, this one is getting a hard no from me. Marilyn Manson released a sex toy with his face on it. No way am I trusting it. I went to see him in concert last summer and he pulled out five minutes before his set should have started! I won't be burned again.

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