Staying home right now is the best thing we can do. Let's not lose sight of this, even as we get a little stir crazy and thirsty. Remember, we've got the big sexy world at our fingertips (one hand, at least). This week's Sex Stories We Love offers up some suggestions for stay-at-home sexual adventure.

Cinematic Carnality

When the world was ticking along in its pre-COVID19 state, it seemed like there was plenty of ways for us to erotically entertain ourselves. Now that we're in a different situation, the world has certainly become much smaller and our options for orgasm are different. Some would say fewer...but maybe they're not looking hard enough. Sure, there is endless porn out there, but endless doesn't always mean appealing. Instead, why not check out some classic erotic films and shorts curated by Phile magazine. They've put together an archive of sexy works by artists such as Kenneth Anger, Julia Hendrickson, Marina Abramović, Peter de Rome, Jean Genet, and many more. Phile and fuck is far more invigorating than Netflix and chill.

Quarantine Quills

Much like other forms of media, sexual media is often a reflection of our times. Of course, our current time is dealing with a pandemic that makes being close to people a challenge. While we've already seen a rise in coronavirus-related porn, it shouldn't come as a surprise that erotica writers have also taken up their pens to perv the pandemic. After the huge cultural shift that was Fifty Shades of Grey, erotica has taken a bit of a backseat. Don't get me wrong, there are so many amazing writers putting their wanton words out into the world. Hopefully while we've got a bit more time on our hands, the lust in our eyes will drift back to erotica.

The Voices of Women

One of the most exciting developments in sexual media in recent years is the democratization of audio formats—and how women are using them to create, share, inform, and excite. When I started out doing sex radio, it was very hard to find other audio sex signals beyond campus radio and kinda sleazy call-in shows. Now with the availability of technology including microphones and software, more voices are being heard in both podcasts and on radio. Women are producing amazing audio erotica, documentaries, and wellness broadcasts, podcasts, and apps that will surely help you through these challenging times.

The Games We Play

Okay, nobody wants to think about it, but we have to recognize the fact that the longer we participate in self-isolation measures, the greater hope we have of mitigating risk for all, particularly those who are most at risk. Does it suck to be stuck at home? Yes. But if we gotta be here, let's have some fun. Bring back board game night, whether online or at home. You can go for the gusto and launch into specifically sexy game time with board games that are meant to lead to sex, but I am more intrigued to hear how people are hacking Scrabble, Monopoly, Exploding Kittens, D&D, and making them sexier!

Lusty Lockdown Looks

I don't know what you're wearing right now, but I know that my sweat pants and hockey jersey are no match for some of the outfits sultry singer Moses Sumney has been sharing while he's in self-isolation. Gasp! Those gloves! This time in our homes offers two distinct possibilities for our sexual bodies. We have the opportunity to enjoy comfortable clothes, and comfort can make us much more at home in our sexual selves. Or, when the mood strikes, we also have the time to play with our wardrobes and explore different sensual moods and looks. Terry cloth, silk, cotton leather...all can be alluring and appealing in different ways. Every situation offers the chance to explore how you feel your sexiest.

Titillating Tipples

Finally, for those who like to bend an elbow as well as bend over, these erotic alcoholic elixirs just might offer some libidinous lubrication.

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