Spooky! Scary! Sexy! Somewhere along the way, Halloween became heavily associated with sex. I am not sure how when considering these costumes of old. Maybe we don't want to grow up. Maybe we really love costumes and we're not ready to take role play to the streets. Maybe there's really only one rule. We're throwing some candy at you with a Halloween edition of Sex Stories We Love.

Carnal Costumes

First and foremost, Halloween is about costumes. Candy comes later in the night, but you do get better candy if you've got a good costume. In recent times, people have really upped their game when it comes to creative and fun costumes. At the same time, we seem to have stumbled a bunch of steps backwards when it comes to sexy costumes. There are a bunch old stand-by costumes, such as nurses and witches. Aren't those getting a bit tired? On the other hand, you can take a chance and go for something a bit more wild and ... confusing. Is it actually possible to turn anything into a sexy version for Halloween? Uh, no ... but you'll definitely get some looks!

Dress Up Release

Pick up any "how-to spice up your sex life" magazine, book, guide, video, or workshop and chances are there will be a mention of role play. And, hey, they're not wrong. Role play can be a great addition to a sexual relationship, whether it's a short-term situation or a long-term commitment. Adopting a different persona can really help people drop some inhibitions to try something new and exciting they've fantasized about. And what better time to try some sexy role play than Halloween? I mean, you're already dressed to thrill on Halloween. And, hey, planning coordinating outfits to match a role play scenario will be super hot before the night even arrives!

Sex Offenders and Halloween

For some folks, Halloween evokes memories and feelings of innocence. Kids dressing up and receiving candy from the community sounds pretty idyllic, right? Rarely has it ever been that way, though. When I was a kid, the big scare was always pins and razor blades hidden in fruit and candy. And wearing masks that wouldn't let you see when you crossed the street. More recently, it seems some communities are taking measures to keep kids safe from sex offenders. One town in Georgia forces sex offenders on parole to report for detention on Halloween night. In Missouri, sex offenders are required to put identifying signs on their doors. There has long been a debate on how how to reintegrate criminals into society after they serve their sentences. Do you think these are the best measures?

A Real Treat

Many folks still look on Halloween as an event for kids to run around and fill their bellies with sugar. Adults have also really gotten into the spirit with one exception. Grown ups don't go around with a bag and ask for treat. Can you imagine if we did? Imagine what we'd want to receive! Candy? Sex toys? For some, sexual fantasy makes a more ghoulish appearance and there are plenty of sex toys out there to satisfy those cravings.

Dressed to Thrill

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty here, Halloweenies. You're all dressed up. You've been out and partied. You're sexy as fuck ... and, well, you're ready for some sexy time! Keep the mood going! Why not check out the true measure of creativity on Halloween with these wild and spooky sex positions? OK, these might just be more funnily named versions of sexy activities folks do every day, but why not live in the moment and really take advantage of a day when we can just let silliness flow? But...take your photos beforehand because there's a good chance that any elaborate makeup would smear!

Hook-Up Hazards

Finally, do you aspire to find a super hot Halloween hook-up? You might want to hole up and eat candy instead!

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