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'Period Brain': Is It Really a Thing?
'Tis the Season (When I Have to Stop Masturbating)
'Tis the Season For Stress. Here's How to Prioritize Pleasure
10 Bondage Terms You Should Know
10 Helpful Tips for Hosting a BDSM Munch
10 Important Lessons I Learned When I Found My Local Kink Scene
10 Life-Saving Sex Tips for People in Long-Distance Relationships
10 of the Best Masturbation Movie Scenes
10 Pegging Tips for Plus-Size People
10 Reasons Why Silicone Lube Is the Ultimate Bedside Sex Condiment
10 Sex Trends You Can Expect to See in 2019
10 Sexy Ways to Spend Thanksgiving Weekend
10 Things to Know About Fisting Before You Even Think About Trying It
10 Things to Know About TENS Units
10 Things You Didn't Know About Foreplay
10 Things You Don't Know About Self-Love
10 Things You Learn in a Femdom Class That Work in Any Bedroom
10 Tips for a Bigger, Better Orgasm
10 Ways to Prevent Pain the First Time You Have Vaginal Sex
10 Ways to Prioritize Sexual Intimacy on a Busy Vacation
10 Ways to Turn Masturbation Into Super-Hot Partner Play
11 Creative Ways to Have More Sex During the Holidays
11 Expert Tips for Phone Sex Beginners
11 Things That Really Happen in D/s Relationships
110 Interesting, Weird, and Surprising Sex Facts
12 of the Most Unusual Fetishes Out There
12 Threesome Terms You Need to Know
13 Myths About Sex and Disability
13 Ways to Keep Your Masturbation Discreet With Others in the House
15 Reasons Why Parents Don't Talk to Their Kids About Sex
16 New Sex Resolutions for 2016
16 Things You'd Never Suspect About Phone Sex
19 Things I Learned On My Adult Sex Ed Journey
3 Easy Steps for Better Orgasms
3 Porn Stars Share Their Best Advice for Anal Sex
3 Scenes for a Beginner Femdom to Try
3 Ways Sexism Influences FemDom Relationships
3 Ways to Get Kinky When Vanilla Life Intervenes
4 Awesome Reasons to Try Mutual Masturbation
4 Lube Fouls (and How to Have Hot, Fun, Slippery Sex)
4 Reasons to Never Fake an Orgasm
4 Reasons Why You Have Better Sex Than Your Grandparents
4 Signs Your Kinky Relationship Is Abusive
4 Stupid Female Masturbation Myths We Wish Would Disappear
4 Super-Hot Places to Have Sex in Your House Besides Your Bed
4 Things Polyamory Taught Me About Love I Wish I Had Known When I Was Monogamous
4 Things You Learn When You Attend a Sex Toy Conference
5 Awesome Sex Positions for Girl-on-Girl Love
5 Awesome Sex Swing Positions That Will Leave You Flying High
5 Extraordinary Sex Tips Women Can Learn From 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
5 Foods for Better Taste Below the Waist
5 Fun Ways to Use a Sex Toy With Your Partner This Valentine's Day
5 Games for Teasing Your Partner in Chastity
5 Great Reasons to Share a Sexy Selfie
5 Great Steps for Men for Better Sex After 40
5 Hot New Ways to Spice Up Your BDSM Play
5 Intimate Sex Positions Designed to Bring You Closer (Literally!)
5 Mind-Blowing Sex Tips for Men
5 Mirror Sex Positions to Kick Off Your Playdate
5 Myths About Being in a 24/7 BDSM Relationship
5 Nice - and Naughty - Ways to Satisfy Your Inner Exhibitionist
5 Real Life BDSM Stories You Won’t Find in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
5 Reasons Men Over 50 Love Blow Jobs
5 Reasons to Have Sex Even If You Don't Think You're in the Mood
5 Reasons Why Your Partner Just Bought You a Sex Toy
5 Simple, Super-Hot Sex Positions to Try Tonight
5 Skills to Master in 2019 for a New Year's You
5 Steps to Straight Guy Comfort with Anal Sex
5 Super-Easy (But Fun!) Sex Positions for Beginners
5 Sweet Sex Positions, Just in Time for Valentine's Day
5 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started Having Sex With Other Women
5 Tips for Better Married Sex
5 Tips for Finding Kinky Play When You Travel
5 Tips For Practicing Intentional Aftercare
5 Tips For Walking Away From An Emotionally Abusive Relationship
5 Top Tips for Getting Your Kink On
5 Unexpected Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive
5 Ways to Add Heat to Long-Distance Love Affairs
5 Ways to Be a Better Metamour in Your Poly Relationship
5 Ways to Become More Sex Positive - And Have Better Sex!
5 Ways to Get What You Want in Bed
5 Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life With Yourself
5 Ways to Spot a Good Dominant
5 Ways to Spot a Good Submissive
6 Apps to Improve Your Sex Life
6 Awesome Sex Positions to Try on Your Couch
6 Best Positions for Period Sex
6 Calorie-Burning Sex Positions That Count as Exercise
6 Crazy Sex Myths - Or Are They?
6 Girl-on-Girl Sex Positions That Will Rock Your Vulva-Centered Sex Life
6 Good Reasons to Believe That Squirting Is a Real Thing
6 Orders for a Submissive That Have Nothing to Do With Sex
6 Reasons to Keep Technology Out of the Bedroom
6 Reasons Why Masturbation Isn't Just Fun for One
6 Reasons Why Orgasms Need to Be Part of Your Morning Routine - Starting Now!
6 Rules for a Successful Threesome
6 Sex Positions Made for Big, Beautiful Bodies
6 Signs That You Are Having Great Sex
6 Signs You've Just Had Great Sex
6 Steps to Choosing Sex Furniture
6 Super-Fun (and Super-Easy!) Oral Sex Positions
6 Things That'll Take Shower Sex from Awkward to Super-Sexy
6 Tips to Help You Achieve Multiple Orgasms (Just Like Me)
6 Ways Sex Toys Can Help You Get Through the Holidays
6 Ways to Feel Better about Your Body in Bed
6 Ways to Receive Sexual Pleasure Without Penetration
6 Ways to Reuse Your Holiday Items ... for Bondage
7 Anal Sex Mistakes You Don't Want to Make
7 BDSM Tips for First Timers
7 Fun Ways to Try Your Hand at Gentle FemDom
7 Fun Ways to Use Flavored Lube
7 Holiday Sex Must-Don'ts
7 Kinky Sex Acts You Might Be Into (+ Expert Tips on How to Try Them)
7 Masturbation Tips for People with VERY Sensitive Clits
7 MORE Sizzling, Safe Sex Positions for Pregnant Women
7 Myths We Need to Bust About Kinky Sex
7 Safe, Sizzling Sex Positions for Pregnant Women
7 Sex Positions That Are Great for Period Sex
7 Things Sex-Positive People Know (and How to Learn Them)
7 Things to Know About Rabbit Vibrators
7 Tips for Having Anal Sex That Doesn't Hurt
7 Tips for Selecting the Perfect BDSM Cuffs
7 Tips to Help a Shy Partner Open Up Sexually
7 Unique Ways to Celebrate Masturbation May
7 Ways to Challenge Your Creativity as a Dominant
7 Ways to Incorporate More Lube Into Sex With Yourself (Including CBD Lube!)
7 Ways to Make a Hot Minute
8 Awesome Sex Positions That Are Waaaay Better With Bondage Tape
8 BDSM Tips - With a Twist
8 Bondage Sex Positions from Simple to Extreme!
8 Fetish Gear Ideas for Kinksters Who Aren't into Leather or Latex
8 Hot Sex Positions That Are Better With a Spreader Bar
8 Hot Sex Positions That Are Even Hotter With Sex Toys
8 Masturbation Sex Positions for People With Vulvas
8 Misconceptions About Sex Positivity
8 More Awesome Sex Positions for Big, Beautiful Bodies
8 New Year's Resolutions for the Best Sex Ever
8 Pieces of Furniture That Work Great for BDSM (and That You Already Have!)
8 Shower Sex Positions That Are Both Possible and Fantastic
8 Steps to Giving a Great Blow Job
8 Steps to Giving a Woman Amazing Oral Sex
8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Masturbation
8 Tips for Choosing the Slipperiest, Sexiest, Most Satisfying Lube for You
8 Tips for Having the Best Masturbation Month Ever
8 Tips to Make Role Play Sexy - Not Silly
8 Tips to Step Up Your Self-Love Sessions
8 Unique Handjob Tips That'll Blow His Mind
8 Ways Polyamory Helped Shape My Monogamous Relationship
8 Ways to Turn Yourself on for More Satisfying Sex
9 Creative Ways to Reinforce Your D/s Dynamic Using Sex Toys
9 Sex Moves to Rock a Woman's World
9 Simple Things to Do Right Now for Better Sex
9 Things to Check Before Playing With Electrosex
9 Things You Don't Know About the Mighty Foreskin
9 Tips for Choosing a Play Collar
9 Tips for Playing Along the Edge of Orgasm
9 Ways to Reinforce Your D/s Dynamic With Technology
9 Ways to Super-Charge Your Sexual Connection
9 Ways You're Killing Your Sex Life (and How You Can Fix It)
A Beginner's Guide to Food Play
A Beginner's Guide to Submission
A Beginner’s Guide to Nipple Play
A Bushel of Dominants: What Kind of Top Are You?
A Case for Manscaping
A Day in the Life of a 24/7 Submissive
A Day In the Life of a Professional Dominatrix
A Fetish Model's Tips for Looking and Feeling Sexy
A First Timer's Guide to Anal Sex
A Guide to Safer Sex During the Pandemic
A Look at Pregnancy and Lactation Fetishes
A New Year's Resolution to Get It On - and Good
A New, Sexy Tradition: Giving Pleasure
A No-Fuss Guide to Video Sex
A Parade of Submissives: What Kind of Bottom Are You?
A Phone Sex Operator's Guide to Dirty Talk
A Polyamory Tool Kit: 5 Tips for Managing Your Relationships
A Sexologist Explains How Full-Body Orgasms Come from the Sympathetic Nervous System
A Shy Girl's Guide to Domination
A Step-By-Step Guide to Giving Your First Pegging
A Vampire's Kiss: A Guide to Erotic Biting
Adaptive Methods for Sex and Dating
All the Lubes You Need for a Sexy and Slick Holiday
All You've Wanted to Know About Muffing
Alternatives to Rope Bondage: When Not to Tie One On
Always Prepared (For Kink)
An Etiquette Guide for Sending and Receiving Nudes
An Expat's Take on BDSM in Japan
An In-Depth Look at Pony Play
An Insider's Look at the Mysterious World of BDSM Dungeons
An Interview With Feminist Pornographer Lucie Blush
An Interview With Tina Horn
An Introduction to Paddles: Safety, Size and Materials
An Introduction to the Fascinating World of Predicament Bondage
Anal Fisting: An Educated Look at Performing a Famous Porn Move
Anal Sex on TV: 5 Taboo-Busting Butt Scenes
Anal Sex Toys for Every Experience Level
Anal Sex: After the Entrance
Anal Sex: Sexy Advice for Getting Your Head In The Butt Game
Anal Stimulation: Five Wonderful Ways You Can Work it
Anxious About Sex? 3 Ways to Overcome That
Are Cannabis Products The Key to Embodied Sexuality?
Are you Over 50 and Having Sex? You Should Be
Asking for It: 7 Tips to Getting the Sex Life You Always Wanted
Bad Chemistry or Just Bad Sex?
Ball Gags: Why They Aren't Nearly As Hardcore As They Look
Bar Etiquette: How to Spot a Bad Lover
BDSM 101
BDSM and Mental Health: When Kink Clears Your Head
BDSM Is My Religion
BDSM Is Older Than You Think. Way Older.
Be Careful, Ladies! Slut Shaming Can Come From Anywhere
Beating the Lies: The 10 Biggest BDSM Myths Debunked
Bedroom Negotiation: 3 Things to Keep in Mind
Beginner's Guide to Pet Play
Being a Daddy or Little Isn't About Children
Better Sex: 10 Things to Start Doing Right Now
Beyond Leather: The New Faces of BDSM
Beyond Plain Vanilla: 8 New Things to Learn in the Bedroom
Beyond the Bed: How You Can Use Your House to Spice Up Your Sex Life
Blind, Deaf, Mute: Sensory Deprivation Play
Blood Sex - and Why We're So Fascinated (or Repelled) By Blood
Bondage 201: What to Do After You Tie Up Your Partner
Bondage and Disability: Working Around Abilities in Play
Bondage for All Bodies
Bondage With Benefits: What I Learned From BDSM
Bondage: It's More Than Just Rope
Bottoming: Getting Past the Myths to Get Past the Pain
Bust These Big BDSM Myths to Get Your Kink On
Butt Play: Your Ifs, Ands, and...Buts
Call It Klittra, Jilling, or Whatever You Want - At Least We're Discussing Female Masturbation
Calling All Sexperts: We Need You!
Can I Get My Butt Stoned? - Experts Weigh in on CBD Oil for Anal Sex
Can I Just Be So-So Sexual ... Please?
Can Porn Have a Positive Impact on Your Sex Life?
Can You Be Religious and Kinky?
Can't Get Hard? 8 Tips for a Steamy, Sexy Good Time Anyway
Casual Sex at Our Age?
Casual Sex Rules
Caught Masturbating? Here's What You Should Do
Celebrating Boomer Sexuality in World Sexual Health Month
Clothed Female, Naked Male (CFNM) 101
Cocktail Weenies: Small Penis Humiliation 101
Coming to Terms With Kink and Violence: One Feminist's View
Consent and Catharsis: Coping With Trauma That Comes Up During Rough Play
Consent in BDSM: Navigating Heightened Emotion
Couples' Privilege Is a Thing and It's a Toxic Experience for Poly Practitioners
Dear Santa, I Wanna Find My G-Spot ...
Degradation: A Type-A Confesses
Dirty Talk 101: The Art of Using Your Words
Discovering Your Femdomme Persona
Do People Really Still Have Phone Sex?
Does BDSM Have to Be Hardcore?
Does Crying Turn You On? There's a Name for That
Does Monogamy Kill Desire?
Dominance, Discipline and Abuse: Where to Draw the Line
Don't Have Anal Sex If ...
Double the Fun! 5 Hot Tips on Self Touch for Two
Drawing the Line on Sex Ed
Dressed to Thrill: Bringing Cosplay Into the Bedroom
Edging: Take Your Orgasm to the Next Level
Electro Sex 101: Everything You Need to Know About Electro Sex
Enough With the Extreme 'Manscaping'
Erotic Cupping: The Kinky Art of Fire and Glass
Erotic Hypnosis and the Hands-Free Orgasm
Everything You Need to Know About a Safe Call
Everything You Need to Know about Attending Your First BDSM Munch
Everything You Need to Know About Attending Your First Kink Conference
Everything You Need to Know About Your First BDSM Play Party
Expert Tips for Taking the Pressure Off Valentine's Day
Explore the Unforgettable Blended Orgasm
Exploring Sexual Interests - Made Easy!
Exploring the World of Pee Fetishism
Feminists Have More Fun: A Sex Manifesto
Fifty Shades of Misconception - Debunking Common Myths about BDSM
Financial Worries Keeping You From Getting Jiggy With It? Join the Clu
First Time at Anal Sex? Here's the Ultimate Guide
First-Time Anal Too Painful for Your Partner? Here's How to Help Them Enjoy It Next Time
Flirting: Where Subtle Meets Sexy
Fluffy Bunny: My Foray Into Furry Sex
Food for Love: Do These Aphrodisiacs Really Work?
Food Vs. Sex: Which Would You Choose?
Forms of Kink: An Outline for Beginners
From Little Orgasms to Badass Ones: How I Learned to Be More Orgasmic
Fruitful Fellatio: How to Give and Get at the Same Time
G-Spot Hunting: How to Find It ... and Its Elusive Orgasm
Games People Play: How Sexy Games Shape Our Sexuality
Gay Threesomes Give Me Hope
Gentle Dominance: An Oxymoron?
Get Kinkly's Top Sex Tips - Just In Time for Valentine's Day!
Get on Up! The 6 Best Vulva-Owner on Top Sex Positions
Getting Curious: The Surprising Skill for Hot, Fun and Consensual Sex
Getting Over Multiple Orgasm Insecurity
Giving and Obtaining Consent: How to Give Your Kids the Lessons You Probably Never Got
Go Deep! The 8 Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration
Going Down: On the Receiving End
Good News: These Old Myths About Masturbation Aren't True
Got a Penis? Here's How to Have Sex Without It
Got a Vulva? Here's How to Love Oral Sex
Got an STI? Here's How, When and Why You Should Disclose That
Great, Now I'm Being Asked To Do It Froggy-Style
Group Sex Etiquette 101
Guys, Here's How to Hit the P-Spot Using a Toy
Halloween: When Fetishes Come Out to Play In Public
Hand Jobs for Grown Ups
Hanky Code 101
Happiness Is a Warm Bottom: Finding a Good Submissive
Hard As Nails: Sex and Sensuality With Long Nails
Hate to Break It to You, But You're Probably a Slut
He Could Have Been Our Boyfriend
He Wants Me to Peg Him. Now What?
Heard of 'Sub Frenzy'? Here's How It Causes Problems in BDSM
Help! I Want to Try Adult Diapers!
Help! My Partner Is Into Ageplay!
Helpful Suggestions for Setting Your Sexual Limits
Here's What You Need to Know About Anal Sex
Hey, Guess What? Monogamous and Polyamorous Couples Are Equally Happy
Hiring a Sex Coach Was the Best Thing I Did for My Sex Life
Hook Ups Without Hang Ups: How to Keep Casual Sex Ethical, Drama-Free, and Fun
Hot Body Modifications: Piercings That Can Improve Your Sex Life
Hot N Cold: Using Temperature Play During Sex
Hot Stuff: How to Have Fun (and Be Safe) With Wax Play
How a Wellness Coach Can Help You Learn to Use Your Sex Toys Better
How Do Lesbians, Um, DO It?
How Do You Define 'Sex'?
How Feminist Porn Changed My Stance on Pornography
How I Became a Swinger
How I Discovered That Sex Isn't A Vice - It's A Liberation
How I Finally Found My Best Sexual Self - and the Best Sex of My Life
How Journaling Can Transform Your Sex Life
How Mindfulness Can Help You Have Better Orgasms
How Moving to Portland Helped Me Embrace My Kinky Side
How One Woman Went from Hating Pegging to Making It a Weekly Part of Her Sex Life
How Sex Journaling Can Improve Your Sex Life
How Taking Control of Your Sex Life Will Lead to Better Sex
How to Add the Holidays to Your Kink Play
How to Ask Your Partner to Be Your Dominant
How To Be a Webcam Goddess
How to Be There for Survivors of Sexual Trauma
How to Bounce Back After a Bedroom Embarrassment
How to Build Up Your Partner's Orgasm Through Exquisite Torture
How to Charm a Clitoris
How to Choose the Right Rope for Bondage Play
How to Date When Kinky
How to Deep Throat
How to Expand Your Online Erotic Adventures
How to Find Inspiration for the Hottest BDSM Scenes
How to Find Lingerie That Makes YOU Feel Sexy
How to Flirt... With Consent!
How to Get Weed Lube If You Can't Get Weed
How to Give Great Oral Sex
How To Have a Full Body Orgasm
How to Have a Sex Date With Yourself
How to Have an Orgasm With a Partner
How to Have Hot Sex (and Stay Cool) In the Summer Heat
How to Have Period Sex - with No Mess
How to Have Rebound Sex Without Being a Jerk
How to Invest in Your Sexuality
How to Keep Casual Sex (More) Casual
How to Knock a Guy's Socks Off - In Bed
How to Know Your Body Is Aroused
How to Make Foreplay the Main Event
How to Make the Most of Your Sexual Peak
How to Orgasm from Anal Sex
How to Party Like a Cockstar
How to Plan a Gang Bang
How to Practice Electrosex Like a Pro
How to Put the Fun and Spark Back Into Initiating Sex
How to Reframe Your Sexual Beliefs As You Age
How to Stay Safe in an Online BDSM Community
How to Stimulate the G-Spot - From the Outside
How to Strengthen Your Erotic Imagination
How to Train a Submissive With Hand Signals
How to Turn Bath or Shower Sex From Awkward to Amazing
How to Use an Anal Dilator
How to Use Sexting to Try On Your FemDom Heels
How to Use Tantric Touch to Get You in the Mood
How to Use Touch to Arouse More Than the Body
How to Use Your Orgasm to Manifest Your Dream Life
How Toxic Masculinity Hurts Everyone’s Sex Lives
How Using and Enforcing D/s Protocol and Behavior in the Boardrooom Can Promote Better Gender Balance
How We Made Masturbation Part of Our D/s Relationship
How Writing Erotica Helped Me Overcome Low Libido
Hypnokink: A Peek Inside the Sexy World of Erotic Hypnosis
I Added Dirty Talk to the Bedroom - Here’s What Happened
I Feel Pretty: A Guide to Sissy Play
I Had My First Threesome at Age 48 and Learned 5 Crucial Things
I Have a Rape Fantasy ... Does That Make Me Crazy?
I Learned How to Have Blended Orgasms with My Fiance and It Rocked My Whole World
I Married a Man 10 Years Younger Than I Am. Here's What Our Sex Life Is Really Like
I Wasn't Into Bondage Until the First Time I Was Tied Up
I'm Bi-Curious ... Now What?
I’m 45 and Sleep with Younger Men, but Please Don’t Call Me a Cougar
In Defense of Scheduling Sex
Incredible Masturbation Stories
INFOGRAPHIC: 12 Myths About Sex
INFOGRAPHIC: The History of Slang for Your Naughty Bits
INFOGRAPHIC: The Most Popular Sex Positions
INFOGRAPHIC: The Secrets of a Good Erection
Is a BDSM D/s Contract Worth It?
Is Casual Sex Right for You? 9 Questions That'll Help You Figure It Out
Is Skype a Safer Way to Have Sex?
Is Virtual Sex Real Sex?
Isn't Swinging Just Cheating?
It Took More Than 30 Years - and a Divorce - for Me to Discover the Sexual Side of Myself
It's Metamour Day! Here's a Metamour Bill of Rights
It's OK to Have Casual Sex on Your Summer Vacation - Here's How to Do It Safely
June Is Adult Sex Ed Month: Why We're Celebrating
Kaboom: Why I Love Edged Orgasms
Kinbaku and You: A First Timer’s Foray Into Rope Play
Kink Without Sex? That's Just How Some People Like It
Kinkly's 14-Day Sex Challenge - Are You Up for It?
Kinky Isn't a Competition
Knismolagnia: Why Some People Get Turned on by Tickling
Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: How to Handle Sexual Conflict
Lick It Good! Four Ways to Improve Your Cunnilingus Skills
Lick This: How to Excite Desire with Your Tongue
Life on the Edge: Edging and Why You Deserve It
Light It Up: Wax Play Basics
Make Sure Your Partner Speaks Your Nonmonogamy Language
Making a Scene: How to Create the Hottest BDSM Encounters
Masturbation Monday Q&A With Kayla Lords
Masturbation Month: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ...
Masturbation Month: The Simplest Reason to Celebrate
Masturbation Music: Your Soundtrack for Solo Love
Masturbation Quiz: Do You Know the Facts?
Masturbation: A Cure for Anxiety?
Masturbation: Can You Get Too Much of a Good Thing?
Masturbation: The First Step in a One-Woman Sexual (R)Evolution
Mindful Masturbation Tips for People With Penises
Multiple Orgasms: Is It a Skill You Can Learn?
Multiply Your Pleasure! Top Tips for Multiple Female Orgasms
Multitasking During Orgasm? How Does THAT Work?
Music to My Eyes: The Connection Between Music and Sexual Arousal
My First Taste of Erotica - and the Joy of Sexual Discovery
My No.1 Tip for Having the Best Sex of Your Life
Nipplegasms Are a Thing. Here’s How To Have One
Not in the Mood: How to Say No to Sex Without Damaging Your Relationship
Not Really My Thing: When Your Partner Reveals Kinks You Don't Share
On Top: How to Be a Dominant
Open Relationships: Can Sex With Others Bring You Together?
Opening the Floodgates: Now We Can Talk About Watersports
Orgasm Denial?!! It's More Fun Than You Might Think
Our Interview With Jenny Block, Author of 'The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex'
Our Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014
Packing Your BDSM Emotional Survival Kit
Party Like It’s 2020: New Sex Positions for the New Year
Pegging: Everything You Need to Know to Make It Pleasurable for You and Your Partner
Poly Diaries: Unlearning the Need for Labels
Poly Diaries: Why We Became Poly Again
Polyamory: More Than Enough Love to Go Around
Pop Your Cork: The Ultimate Guide to Squirting Orgasms
Power Play: How to Use Power to Make Even Mundane Things Super Sexy
Power Play: The Differences Between Tops, Bottoms, and Switches
Protect Yourself: 5 Red Flags to Watch for in a Potential Dominant
PS: The Female Sex Hotspot You Haven't Heard of ... Yet
Quiz: Are You Ready to Have Cyber Sex?
Quiz: How Kinky Are You?
Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Prostate Health?
Quiz: Test Your Butt IQ!
Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Foreplay
QUIZ: Test Your Oral Sex Knowledge
Quiz: What Do You Know About Outercourse?
Quiz: What Kind of BDSM Play (and Toys!) Might Be Right for You
QUIZ: Which Lube Is Right for You?
Quiz: You Do You - The Masturbation Quiz!
Rainbow Delights: New Ways You Can Use Gender in BDSM Play
Reach Out and Spank Someone: How to Participate in Long-Distance BDSM
Reclaiming Vanilla Sex: Why It's Hot
Rhythm Play: A Beat You Can Beat To
Rock Her World: A Guy's Guide to Oral Sex
Roles and Performances: The Fun In Finding Your D/s Persona
Safe, Sexy Spanking Tips for Two
Sapiosexuality: When Smarts Turn Us On
Scientifically Proven Ways to Make Her Orgasm Easier
Scoring and Soaring: 3 Tips for Joining the Mile-High Club
Seeking G-Spot Bliss? 4 Amazing G-Spot Techniques to Try
Self-Aftercare Basics For the Single Kinkster
Sex After Sexual Assault: How to Find Joy After Trauma
Sex and Menopause: A Beginning, Not an End
Sex at 60: A Personal Reflection
Sex Communication 101
Sex Education for Grownups 101
Sex Experts Share Their Top Sex Resolutions for 2018
Sex for the Soul: Tantric Explorations for Beginners
Sex Furniture: A New Adventure in Bondage
Sex Magic: Manifesting Positive Life Energy Through Erotic Play
Sex on Weed: 7 Ways Cannabis Enhanced My Sex Life
Sex Positions for Ninjas: 6 Skills That'll Give You Bragging Rights
Sexting for Men: How to Keep It Classy and Still Get Your Rocks Off
Sexting: A Guide to the Erotic Power of Words
Sexy Excerpt: 'Impervious: Confessions of a Semi-Retired Deviant' by Janet W. Hardy
Sexy Excerpt: 'Layover' by Lisabet Sarai
Sexy Excerpt: 'My Life on the Swingset: Adventures in Swinging & Polyamory' by Cooper S. Beckett
Sexy Excerpt: 'Open Wide - Felatio' by Alison Tyler
Sexy Excerpt: 'The Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood' by Madison Young
Sexy Songs to Get You In the Mood
Sexy Sounds and Lurid Listens: The Top Audio-Only Porn Online
Sexy(ish) Gift Suggestions That Are Perfect for a New Partner
Shot In the Dark: Is It Time to Move on From the 'Money Shot'?
Slow Sex: How to do Foreplay Right
Smack! 3 Thrilling Types of Erotic Spanking
So Long, Masturbation Month. It's Been a Slice!
So You Think You're Bendy: 5 Best Flexible Sex Positions
So, You Wanna Be a Dominant?
So, You Want to Try FWB (Friends With Benefits)?
So, You're Having an STI Scare? Here's What to Do
Sound Off: Audio Erotica
Spirit and Flesh: Our Sexual Selves Are Spiritual Too
Sploshing: Sweet Fetish or a Waste of Good Cake?
Squeeze Box: A Guide to Heavenly Breast Play
Squirting: Why It May Never Happen to You (and That's OK)
Stand and Deliver: 5 Standing Sex Positions
Stay Safe: Tips for Protecting Yourself When You're Dating Online
Stop Worrying About Orgasms. Seriously.
Strap-On (Fore) Play
Stroke That: How to Rub Her the Right Way
Submissive Dating: How to Attract a Domme
Summer Lovin': 3 Reasons Why We Love Outdoor Sex
Super O: What Is It and How Can I Have One?
Survival of the Sexiest: Play the Holiday Stress Away
Switch It Up: 7 Awesome Masturbation Techniques for Men
Talk Dirty to Me: The Why and How of Hot Aural Sex
Talking Dirty: Things to Say If Your Partner's Into Humiliation Play
Thanks, Science! 13 Fascinating Masturbation Facts
The 10 Best Sex Positions for Back Pain
The 3 Kinds of Men You'll Find In Strip Clubs
The 4 Basic Steps to G-Spot Bliss
The 4 Most Practical Things I Learned About Sex Came From a Tantric Sex Class
The 4 Things I've Learned Since My Husband and I Started Swinging
The 5 Best Sex Positions to Send Your Partner to G-Spot Heaven
The 5 Different Types of Kinksters In the Scene
The 5 Myths of Prostate Massage
The 5 Rules of Anal Play for Straight Men
The 5 Rules of Anal Play for Women
The 6 Best Sex Positions for Morning Sex
The 6 Little-Known Health Benefits of Kinky Sex
The 6 Things in Hotel Rooms That Make Sex HOT
The 7 Best Car Sex Positions to Get Your Motors' Revving
The ABCs of CBT
The Art of Impact: How to Increase Intimacy With Impact Play
The Basics of BDSM Negotiation
The Beginner's Guide to Anal Stretching
The Best Kind of Lube for Every Sexual Scenario
The Best Sex Positions For Quickies
The Best Sex Positions to Have a Cervical Orgasm
The Climax Quiz: What Do You Know About the Big O?
The Cliteracy Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Clit?
The Dawn of the Solosexual
The Do's and Don'ts of Hot Oral Sex
The Dungeon Disguised as a Bookshop
The Emotional Weight of Physical Bondage
The Essential Guide to Office Christmas Party Sex
The G-Spot, the P-Spot, and Other Erogenous Zones You Should Know About
The Ins and Outs of Sex & Social Media
The Joy of Finding Your Fetish
The Key to Good Sex Isn’t Spontaneity - It’s Proper Planning
The Most Common Question About Fisting? Why??
The No. 1 Secret to the Female Orgasm
The Orgasm Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Orgasms?
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Can Hookup Apps Be Held Responsible for Increased STI Rates?
Can Mindfulness Improve Your Sex Life?
Can Plastic Surgery Lead to Better Sex?
Can Your Diet Lead to a Better Sex Life? Mmmmaybe.
Chemical Romance: How Hormones Influence Sex, Love and Relationships
Chinese Sex Ed Cartoons: No Kids, You Didn't Come From a Garbage Dump
Contraceptive Valve Implants? German Engineering at Its Finest!
Creating Cultures of Consent: A Guide for Parents and Educators
Culture and Consent: The Things We Have to Unlearn to Get It Right
Decoding My Rape Fantasies
Disability and Sexuality: Desiring, Not Fetishizing
Don’t Let Self-Consciousness about Your Aging Body Keep You From Having Great Sex
Dryness: How to Cope When Natural Lubrication Isn't Enough
Emergency Contraception: Nothing But the Facts
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs - Not The Ultimate Fix
Eureka! Science Says Menopause May Not Lead to Decrease in Sexual Desire
Finding Body Confidence in a Body-Shaming World
Five Knuckles, Shuffled
Flavored Condoms: Tasty Fun ... When You Know the Rules
For the Love of Period Sex
Fucktionality: Why Sexual Function Should Be Part of Occupational and Physical Therapies for Disabled People
Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Pan, Trans ... What's In a Name?
Gender 101: A Guide for the Perplexed
Give a Dam: Your Guide to Protected Oral Sex
Giving and Gratitude: Is This What's Missing From Your Sex Life?
Going to Bed: Why Better Sleep Means Better Sex
Good Sex Beyond the Binary: Having Sex with a Nonbinary Person, Even When That Person Is You
Got a Vagina? Here Are 12 Things Your Medical Practitioner Wishes You Knew About Your Sexual Health
Has Sex Become Painful? Here's What to Do About It
Hate Your Body? How It's Ruining Your Sex Life and What to Do About It
Here's What Could Get You Committed If You Were a Woman in the 1870s
Herpes: The Kiss We Hope You Didn't Get Under the Mistletoe
Holy Clit, Batman! 9 Amazing Facts About the Clitoris
Honey, I Have Herpes
How a Four-Handed Erotic Massage Helped Me Get Over My Break-Up
How a Sex Positive, Savvy Person Can Still Get Assaulted
How Birth Control Nearly Ruined My Life
How Do You Measure the Female Orgasm?
How Hosting Sex Parties Taught Me That Consent Isn't Black and White
How I Became a Sex-Positive Feminist
How I'd Rewrite the Narrative About Masturbation and Pleasure for Young Women
How Kink Helped Me Learn to Love My Fat Body
How Kink Helps Me Practice Radical Body Acceptance
How Long Should Sex Last?
How Sex Toys and Sex Education Changed My Life
How Squirting Gets Tied to Self-Worth (and Why It Shouldn't)
How to Get Better at Sex
How to Get Your Sexy Back When You Live in Sweatpants 24/7 and Are Sick of Your Partner's Face
How to Have a Conversation About Kink With Your Partner
How to Not Be a Jerk When It Comes to Gender
How to Talk to Your Partner about HPV
How to Teach Your Kids Sex Education at Home
How to Tell Your Doctor You're Kinky
How to Understand Your Sexual Accelerators for Better Sex
How Vaginal Mapping Can Be a Part of Your Sexual Healing
HPV: Separating Fact From Fiction
I Hated Myself and My Body - Until I Tried Kink
I Have an Erection: A Man's Perspective on Sexual Performance
I Spent a Week Naked in Public Without Shaving Any Part of My Body
I Was Diagnosed With MS. Here's What It Did to My Sex Life
Illness? Injury? How to Get Back Into the Sexual Saddle
In Defense of Pubic Hair
INFOGRAPHIC: 15 Things You Should Know About Breasts
INFOGRAPHIC: Are Men More Likely to Cheat?
INFOGRAPHIC: History's Strangest Attempts at Birth Control
INFOGRAPHIC: How, When and Why Women Masturbate
INFOGRAPHIC: Is Digital Sex the Future of Adult Entertainment?
INFOGRAPHIC: The Ultimate Guide to Safer Sex
INFOGRAPHIC: Weird, Wonderful Facts and Statistics About Condoms
INFOGRAPHIC: What Men and Women Want In Bed
Injectable Contraception for Men? What Will They Think of Next?
Interview: Amber Rose Talks Body Image, Self Acceptance, the Word Slut
Involuntary Sex-Fasting: What I Learned From Going Without Sex for 2 Months
Is It Sex Positive or Inappropriate? 10 Questions to Help You Tell the Difference
Is It Still Sex If No One Has an Orgasm?
Is Mono an STD? The Answer May Surprise You
Is Pornography Really As Addictive and Damaging As This Infographic Says It Is?
Is That Pee? And Other Questions You May Be Asked About Squirting
Is This High Libido or a Serious Sex Addiction?
Is Virtual Sex Cheating or Just a Different Path to Sexual Fulfillment?
It Took Way Too Long but We Finally Have a Vagina Museum
It's Natural & Normal: How to Teach Your Kids About Masturbation
It's Not You: 4 Signs Your Partner's Too Depressed to Have Sex
It's STD Awareness Month!
It’s Okay to Take a Sex Break
January is National Stalking Awareness Month
Lessons In Sexy: The Only 4 You Need
Lively, Liberated, Lubed: Promiscuous, Over 30 and Loving Every Minute
Loud and Proud: 5 People Share How They Came Out
Male Birth Control Study Halted Due to Acne, Mood Changes
Mastering the Sensual Basics
Masturbation 101: A Guide for People With Endometriosis
Masturbation Each Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Masturbation Is the Real Hero of the Pandemic
Masturbation: How Much Is Too Much?
Men (and Their Sexuality) Aren't 'Simple,' and Here's Why We Need to Stop Saying This
Mirror Mirror: Why We Should All Look at Our Vulvas More
Most People You Know Have an STD
My 7 Steps to Sexual Self-Confidence
My Complicated Relationship With Religion and Sex
My Orgasm Is Not Your Chance To Level Up
My Pussy, Personified
Mycoplasma Genitalium: The Common STI You've Never Heard Of
Never Too Old: Dating, Sex and Being Single After 50
New Drugs and Devices Can Spur Arousal, but They Miss the Boat on Intimacy
No, Sex Addiction Doesn't Exist. Here's What It Really Is.
Okay, but Do We Really Need to Use Protection During Oral Sex?
On The Other Hand: Remembering That Masturbation Isn’t Mandatory
On the Spectrum: Lesser Known Identities
Orgasms Galore: All the Kinds of Orgasms a Vulva-Owner Can Have
Ouch! The Two Sex Positions Most Likely to Cause Penile Fracture
Ovarian Cysts and Your Sex Life
Own It! How to Take Back, Accept and Even Love Your Body
Pain During Sex? It Could Be Vulvodynia
Pants Half Full? What People Think of Their Penis
People Share the Hottest Fantasies They Masturbate To
Peyronie's Disease: Finding Pleasure When Erections Hurt
Phthalates: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?
Pornographers, Please Stop Ending Scenes With Money Shots
Practical Ways to Reduce Your Sexual Shame
Pubic Hair As Self Care: Can Trimming Affect Your Mood?
Quiz: How Well Do You Know Blended Orgasms?
Quiz: How Well Do You Know Consent?
Quiz: Test the Strength of Your Condom (Knowledge)
Reacting to Rape: How to Support the Survivor in Your Life
Redefining What S-E-X Means As We Age
Review: INTIMINA KegelSmart Intelligent Kegel Excerciser
Rimming Risks - and How to Play Safer
Safe Sex? Readers Tell Us About How They Got Injured Having Sex
Scared of STD Tests? Here's Why You Shouldn't Be
SciFi Meets Reality: Brain Scanners May Soon Be Able to Identify Your Kinks!
Self-Love on TV: 8 TV Scenes That Lent a Little More Acceptance to Self Love
Sex After 50: It's Time to Change Things Up
Sex After Breast Cancer
Sex and ADHD: Challenges to Manage and Benefits to Embrace
Sex and Mindfulness: Things I Have Genuinely Worried About During Sex
Sex and Online Dating - How Soon Is Too Soon?
Sex and Sadness: How to Cope With Depression In Your Love Life
Sex in Midlife, Let's Talk About It! (With Your Healthcare Provider)
Sex in Your Forties: Own It
Sex: Better With Age?
Sexual Colonization? What Is That?
Sexual Health and Menopause: Why It Matters
Sexual Health: Why It May Not Mean What You Think It Does (and Why That's a Good Thing)
Sexy Excerpt: A Short History of Masturbation
Sexy Scents: Why the Nose Should Be Considered a Sexual Organ
Should You Pee After Masturbating?
Skip the Gym, Get in Bed: 7 Health Benefits of Sex
Slip Sliding Away: Glycerin in Lube
So, You Think You're Too Old for Sex?
Steamy, Sizzling ... Safe? 6 Ways to Make Condoms Sexy
STI Testing Stories (and Why At-Home Testing Is a Great Idea)
STI Testing: A Breakdown of Tests You Can Take at Home
Stripping Down Panty Fetishes
Study Reveals How Men Really Feel About Their Genitals
Survey: Where do you get your sex info?
The 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Orgasms
The 5 Key Differences Between the Male and Female Orgasm
The All-Time Best Condom Ads From Around the World
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The Big Penis Hoax: Why Size Doesn’t Matter as Much as You Think and W
The Birth Control I Never Thought I'd Use
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The Condition Behind Why Some Women Never Experience Orgasm
The CUV Region or All You Really Need to Know about Those 'The G-Spot Doesn’t Exist!' Articles
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The Ultimate Guide to Masturbation
The Word 'Vagina'
The Zika Virus and Your Sex Life: What You Need to Know
Things Men Don't Give a Crap About During Sex
Think Sex Addiction Sounds Fun? It Was. But It Still Ruined My Life
This Crazy-Ass Survey Shows That Left-Handed People Are More Sexually
This Is Your Brain on Porn: Advice for Parents
Top 10 Most Unheard-Of Fetishes
Top 9 Contraception Misconceptions
Top Sex Educators to Follow on Twitter
Touch Yourself: Kinkly's Self-Pleasure Survey
Truth: There's No Such Thing as a Slut
Under 45? Time to Get the HPV Vaccine!
Vagina Problems You Should Not Ignore
Video: 10 Fun (and Surprising) Masturbation Facts
We Asked an Expert: Which Birth Control Is Best?
We Learn About Sex For The Same Reason We Learn About Food
We Pass Things Around: Things to Know About STIs in 2021
What Consent Looks and Feels Like
What Does 'Sex Positive' Mean to You?
What Evolutionary Leadership Theory Tells Us about Dominance and Consent
What I Learned from My Mom's Negative View of Sex
What I Would Tell My Younger Self About Sex
What is Erotic Self-Focus?
What Is it REALLY Like to Wait Until Marriage to Have Sex?
What Is Sexual Fluidity and Why Are Scientists Studying It?
What It Means to Be Demisexual
What Kind of Sex Ed Did You Get? Take Our Survey!
What Science Is Saying About Arousal, Sperm Quality and Infidelity
When Consent Is Sexy
When It Comes to Attraction, Do You Have a Type?
When It Comes to Sex, How Long Is 'Not Long Enough?'
When It Comes to Sex, There's No Such Thing as Normal
When Sex Ed Sucks
Why a Feminist Like Me Would Actually Consider Getting a Boob Job
Why Aren't There Pussy Pics?
Why Cuddle When We Could Do It?
Why Everyone Deserves Lube
Why Everyone Should Explore Their Sexuality
Why I Chose Sterilization At 31
Why I Cry After Sex
Why I Decided to Teach My 6-Year-Old About Condoms
Why I Don't Want Teachers Teaching Sex Ed
Why Is Female Masturbation Still Taboo?
Why Kinky People Tend to Be Sex Geeks (And You Should Be Too)
Why Masturbation Month Matters (and Why We're Celebrating)
Why Plus-Size Boudoir Shoots Are So Damned Liberating
Why Unconditional Love Is Bullshit, Especially in Kinky Relationships
Why Understanding Our Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy Is So Important (and Why 70% of Women Can't)
Why We Love Orgasms
Why You Shouldn't Have Sex for Your Health
Will Female Viagra Create a Race of Sex Starved Nymphomaniacs? Maybe.
Women Now Buy Nearly as Many Condoms as Men. Here's Why.
Words From a Bisexual on LGBTQ Pride Month
Worried About Weight? How to Have Spectacular Sex Anyway
Would You Buy a Vibrator for Your Teenage Daughter?
Yes, I’m a Queer Woman and, Yes, I’m on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV
Yes, Women Can Have Wet Dreams
Yes, Your Condom Has a Sell-By Date
You Don't Have to Experience G-Spot Pleasure for It to Be 'Real'


100 Natural Laws of the Clitoris
Guys, You're Not Off the Hook When It Comes to Birth Control
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Dating a Fetishist - What's That All About?
Does Size Really Matter?
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Is Your Relationship Unhealthy or Abusive? Knowing When to Get Help and Get Out
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My One-Night Stand - With My Husband
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The German Government's Online Sex Manual. Wait - WHAT?!?
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What Losing My Sex Life Taught Me About Sexuality, Creativity and Spirituality
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What Sexual Personality Type Are You?
What We Learned from Self-Pleasure Guru Betty Dodson
Where Are All Of The Women Of Color In Sex Tech?
Why Get Kinky?
Why I Post Sexy Selfies
Why I Started Doing Online Sex Work During COVID
Why I Wish My Mother Had Given Me a Vibrator at a Young Age
Why Sex Work Is Not Desperation


20 Super Sexy Sex Quotes to Get You in the Mood


8 Things Sexual Harassment Isn't
A Lady's Guide to the Gentlemen's Club
Company Unveils Virtual Reality Sex ... and It's About Time!
Do People Read About Sex?
Fifty Shades of Abuse?
From Stay-at-Home Mom to Sex Toy Mogul: An Interview with Suki Dunham of OhMiBod
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Think of the Children! Chicago Public Schools Expand Sex-Ed to Kindergartners
Vagina Shrink Creams: Why You Should Avoid Them Like the Plague
Want to Know If You're In Love? Check Your Bra. No, Really.
What Have Local Dildos Been Up To? A Lot
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A Famous Mom's Awesome (and Awkward) Sex Talk
Sorry Princess, the Handsome Princes Are in Another Castle - Getting It On!
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