Trick or treat, smell my feet
Give me something good to eat!
If you don't, I don't care
I'll pull down your underwear!

Now we're not advocating non-consensual de-pantsing, but this little jingle might point to a foot fetish, oral sex, and domination and submission. This week's Sex Stories We Love embraces the sexy, scary, and spooky of Halloween!

Crazy Costumes or Ridiculous Role Play?

Every year, Halloween costumes for adults try harder and harder to be both topical and sexy—regardless of how seemingly far-fetched the connection might be. Sometimes these mash-ups are silly. Sometimes they're in bad taste. Sometimes they are completely bizarre. That said, could the annual night of socially acceptable dress-up be an exercise in role play subterfuge? For sure...for some! Being able to walk around in your personal sexy attire is a great opportunity to enjoy your kink in a public space. And I suppose there just might be some people who get turned on by chicken sandwiches, fake meat burgers, and Mr. Rogers. I mean, Mr. Rogers is definitely the most realistic!

Beyond Trick or Treat

While adults are pulling every Rule 34 of porn into their Halloween costumes, it can be pretty tricky to be a parent and navigate your kids' growing up on Halloween night. As kids and teens get older and transition from going trick or treating to parties and school dances, their costume choices change and often begin to skew on the sexy side. The potential for these costumes to veer into the inappropriate or uncomfortable is high—Mean Girls and animal ears, anyone? There are different ways to handle this kind of situation and we can always count on Nadine Thornhill to give sage advice that moves from scary to helpful.

Candy Bags

A big part of Halloween for adults is the party! Whether you go to a street festival, a house party, or a club, the combination of sexy outfits, inebriation, and spooky, sexy tunes on the dance floor can get folks into hot and heavy sexytime moods. So, it is good to hear that Planned Parenthood in St. Louis will hand out their own treats in the form of safer sex kits to bar patrons. If you're really lucky, you and your friends can get together after to compare and trade to make sure you get the condoms and lube you like best!

Sexiest Specters?

Now, as you're out and about navigating the Monster Mash for a sexy graveyard smash, what kind of monster do you think would be best at sex? Vampires seem to be the go-to ghoul for tricks and treats, but otherfantasy freaks just might prove themselves to be quite fuckable. Are you into the strong and (mostly) silent type like Frankenstein's monster? Or maybe someone rough with sharp nails like a werewolf? Ghost sex is all the rage these days and who knows what a mummy is hiding under those bandages. And who hasn't fantasized about being put under a hot witch's spell? Bibbidy, bobbidy, boo-ooo-ooo-oooh!

Monster Moves

So, if you do go home with the monster of your choosing, what are you going to do when your sexy beast says, "Trick or Treat?" Now, you could offer up something tasty, but they're probably looking for your best Halloween trick. Not sure how that might differ from your regular batch of sex moves? Check out these paranormal perversions and sensual supernatural suggestions for ways to make your Halloween sex erotic and enchanted!

Spooky, Sexy Story

Finally, are you sick of candy and need something else to satisfy on a dark and stormy night? Sink your fangs into this Halloween erotica.

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