Our bodies can move and twist and bend and contort into so many amazing shapes when we're motivated by the delicious desires of sex. This week's Sex Stories We Love pulls you into every which way and up with a deep dive into sex positions.

Sexy and in Shape

The new year is coming. This usually means a boom for gyms signing up new memberships to folks with the best intentions. Yet we all know exercise time can be pretty hard to fit into our busy lives. Those memberships often become an expensive monthly payment that barely gets used. On the other hand, home gym equipment can be expensive, and, much like gym memberships, that gear often ends up unused, sitting in the corner of a room gathering dust or acting as a clothes rack. However, unless you attend a very open minded gym, you can't use that membership for sex. But you can certainly use your gym equipment for sex! Check out these gym equipment hacks for getting into shape and getting sexy at the same time!

Does 69 Add Up?

Speaking of sexual athletics, the 69 position is one of the most polarizing in the sexual realm. Often glamourized, but it is equally mocked as uncomfortable, unnecessary, and unrealistic. There is no denying that 69 has the potential for sexual delight, but given that it necessarily invokes at least one of you balancing and contorting while at the same time attempting to give and receive pleasure. This isn't my attempt at downplaying the erotic potential of soix ante neuf. This guide does offer some great tips and suggestions on how to succeed at sixty-nine. It is definitely one to talk about with your partner to ensure both of you get something super sexy out of the situation.

Sensual Surprises

I could see one of the issues people have with 69 is that it might not be the most sensual position. If you're a fan of porn or reading how-to sex position articles, you've no doubt seen some pretty wild erotic acrobatics. The ideas being offered up out there can be hot and fun looking, but adding a trapeze, twister mat, and a teeter-totter might not always suit the mood you're trying to achieve. Sometimes, sex is less about the wild, animalistic intensity and more about indulging in an experience to savour. These sensual classics will always take you and your partner to a higher level of pleasure.

Period Pleasure Potential?

For some people, menstruation and sex used to exist in a Venn diagram of two non-interacting circles. Fortunately, the stigma of period sexis shrinking more and more. We're figuring out that folks who menstruate can both enjoy and benefit from different types of sexual touch. Of course, whether or not sexytimes happen during that time is entirely up to the person who is menstruating. Just because touching, licking, or touching might help doesn't mean your partner feels up for it. Sure, an orgasm might relieve cramps, but if you feel uncomfortable or in pain to begin with, you're potentially not going to be interested in pursuing pleasure. However, if you are, this guide to period sex positions might be just what you need.

Grab What You Can!

Sex toys are all around us. You probably can't look around and see a bunch where you're sitting! I mean, if you're sitting in a sex shop or your bedroom right, then you have a distinct advantage. However, everyone everywhere just might be able to see potential sex toys in everyday objects near them. While the world of sex products has never been more accessible, that doesn't mean we can always have what we need and desire in the heat of the moment. Financial considerations and spur of the moment opportunity can make fashioning homemade sex toys a real need! Here are some household items you might have on hand that, combined with just the right sex position, can get you through in your time of need.

Plugged In

Finally, bring up the rear, here's a fantastic guide to incorporating butt plugs into your sexytimes!

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