There's always time for learning - about sex! For many folks, September marks the time to head back to school. Pencils and binders and books, oh my! When it comes to sex, we should be ready to learn any time and all the time! This week's Sex Stories We Love will take a peek at some things we learned, and some interesting learning opportunities for others.

Sex Worker Study

We’ve all heard stories of actors and performers immersing themselves in research to land a big role. And you can tell those who have really done their homework in preparation of playing a character that is very much unlike themselves. So it will be interesting to see how Maggie Gyllenhaal does in the role of Candy in the upcoming series "The Deuce. " The Oscar-nominated actor is perhaps best-known for her role in "Secretary." This time, she’s portraying a sex worker in the early 1970s and to do so, sought out an excellent font of knowledge. Maggie spoke with the inimitable Annie Sprinkle, who then introduced her to other friends who had been sex workers at that time. This is an important connection for Gyllenhaal and it is represented in her language in her quotes in the article. I have a good feeling that she will do a better job in her portrayal than most.

1 + 1 + 1 = Lots to Learn

Having a threesome has long ranked as one of the top fantasies around. And for sure, threesomes can be absolutely fantastic. More hands, more mouths, more, more, more! That’s the idea, right? Throw in voyeurism and exhibitionism, as well as the potential of breaking away from heteronormative sex and, woo-hoo! Sign us all up! Yet, as anyone who has participated in a threesome that wasn’t just a barrel of naked monkeys will tell you, there is a high potential for problems. You have to spend a lot of time learning about each other, what all of you want and expect, and how to handle the after effects. Everybody is going to react in a different way to threesomes and hopefully you have good times.This read from Allure just might help you achieve that!

Time to Play!

Want a really fun way to learn more about your partner’s sexual responses and desires - and maybe some of your own as well? A great way to get people to open up is to turn your nervous sexytimes into games. I mean, if you can also figure out how to involve cards, a board, dice, and maybe some meeples in there, you just might be onto something to make money as well. But I digress. If you or your partner are feeling a little shy about directing or teaching each other about what you really like, show and tell games are a great way to break that ice.

Build Your Own

Sex toys, particularly vibrators, have definitely come into their own. So much has changed in both the perception of these fantastic toys as well as the design and manufacture. While vibes were once clumsy, cheap and particularly unappealing, creators such as Crave's founder, Ti Chang, have brought both industrial design elements and an upgraded sense of aesthetics to give vibrators that sexy gravitas they deserve. And recently, Chang has been sharing the love with others by teaching workshops on how to build vibrators. Reaching out to the community to teach folks how to build buzzing toys is a great idea. Showing someone how something is built is a great way to remove stigma and encourage a positive attitude. If they build it, people will come!


We’ve talked about threesomes being most fantasized about. We’ve talked about vibrators being stigmatized. But one of the most controversial sex topics is still anal sex. Whether or not people enjoy some bum fun still gets knickers in knots. Part of that is because there is still so much misinformation floating around about anal adventures. Fortunately, Cosmo addressed that this week in a great piece about anal sex myths. There are definitely some risks involved when it comes to anal pleasure and penetration, but it is also true that these instances, things like pain and mess, can be avoided. There is a lot of great sensation to be had. No, anal isn’t going to be for everybody and nobody should ever pressure you into trying it. But if you choose to, try these tips out and make up your own mind.

Spreading the Word

Even intrepid sex columnists like Maria Yagoda spend some time learning - about intriguing items such as ejaculating dildos.

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