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Wand Massagers

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Wand massagers provide long and strong sexy fun! These awesome massagers do more than relax you and are perfect for solo or partnered play.

When your goal is "powerful vibrations", you can't go wrong with a wand massager. Generally stronger than any other portable vibrator out there, wand massagers are designed to provide quite a bit of power in their slender bodies. After the "muscle massaging" Hitachi Magic Wand found an alternative use in many people's bedrooms, manufacturers began to realize the popularity of this type of vibrator. Now, hundreds of wand massager options exist for your pleasure!

Wand massagers are specifically named for their design. Longer and larger than most traditional vibrators, a wand vibrator looks closer to an oversized microphone than a vibrator. The head of the vibrator (which is the large, ball-like tip) is where the vibrations are focused while the handle of the vibrator usually contains the control buttons and is designed as a comfortable place to put your hands.

Don't assume wand massagers are just for clitoral use, though! While they've certainly gained popularity for their ability to orgasmically stimulate the clitoris, these wand massagers are just as pleasurable for other parts of the body. Especially when used with optional attachments, wand massagers can stimulate the perineum, the penis, and lots of penetratable areas as well!

With such a powerful tool, how are you supposed to know where to start your journey? After all, you want one that will work for you - without over-spending or ending up with features you don't need. We hope this Wand Massagers Buyer's Guide can point you towards your new favorite toy.

Ready to get started on your journey to buying a wand massager? Use these questions to help start your search:

  • Why use a wand massager?
  • How much power do you require?
  • Do you need a lot of vibration level control?
  • What is your budget for a wand massager?
  • Why do people use a wand massager?

With all of the vibrator varieties out there, why would someone want to select a wand massager instead of something else?

Why use a wand massager?

Wand-Style Vibes Deliver Intense Power

More than anything else, wand massagers are known for the intense power and deep, rumbly vibrations they bring to your bedroom. Most standard wand massagers are equipped with powerful motors that may double, triple, or quadruple the strength of an average vibrator. In fact, some users find that they can only use their wand vibrators on the lowest settings because of the intensity! With that being said, if you're someone who's having problems achieving orgasm with weaker toys or wants to experience a nearly-guaranteed orgasm from powerful vibrations, a wand massager is your best vibrating choice.

They're Easy to Wield

Especially for people with limited mobility or flexibility, the large size of a wand vibrator makes it easier to wield. Most wand vibrators come with long, grasp-able handles that require less flexibility or movement to get into the right area. Because of the power, the wand massager can also be rested against a piece of furniture or against the body, and the user will still receive pleasure without any additional pressure necessarily applied by the user.

Their Broad Vibration Simplifies "Hitting the Target"

Especially if playing with a new partner, a wand massager's wide surface area can be a benefit. While many vibrators might only offer an inch (or less!) of material that directly contacts the surface of the body, wand massagers usually have wand massager heads between 2" to 3". Partnered with the intense power that many wand massagers provide, it can make it a lot easier for a partner unfamiliar with your body to reliably hit (and staying stimulating) your favorite areas.

Sounds great? So, why wouldn't I want a wand massager?

We've already given you a bunch of reasons that a wand massager will be amazing. However, there are some instances where a wand massager may not be a wise purchase:

Wands Require a Lot of Power

Are you spoiled by the idea of popping two AAA batteries in your vibrator and being ready to play? Wand sex toys will likely throw that idea right out the window. Because of their intense power output, most wand massagers require a lot of power. Some wand massagers achieve this by plugging into a power source. Other wand massagers require C and D batteries to power its intensity.

Discretion Goes Out the Window

If you're sneaking around trying to eek out a sole private moment to play with your vibrator, a wand massager may not be the best purchase. In addition to being larger and harder to store than most vibrators, it also tends to make a lot more noise. Most wand massagers can easily be heard outside of a closed door, and very few are waterproof for bathroom excursions.

They Need their Space

If you're hoping to use this vibrator during sex or when nestled up next to your partner, you may want to specifically measure your particular wand massager's size. While wand massagers can put out a lot of power, they also are large and a bit unwieldy - making it hard to comfortably nestle between two close bodies and hold in place during sex. It's definitely possible, but if you plan on using your vibrator during intercourse, try to choose a position that puts your abdomen away from your partner's body.

What should I consider when buying a wand vibrator?

Now that you've decided whether a wand massager will be a good choice for your needs, it's time to pick out the perfect wand massager for your needs. Consider these important things when browsing the hundreds of options available out there:

Power Supply

One of the biggest aspects of a wand vibrator is how it's going to receive the power it needs to provide the pleasure you're looking for. Wand vibrators are powered in three main categories: wall outlet powered, battery powered, and rechargeable. As a general rule, wall outlet will be the most powerful while battery-powered and rechargeable wand massagers can vary by specific model. Wall outlet and battery-powered models will be the most affordable while rechargeable models may offer you the freedom from cords and batteries while maintaining a similar power level - but will likely cost more money. Consider how much power you require, how it works with your budget, and where you'll be likely to use your new wand massager before purchasing.


Another important aspect of your wand massager purchase is the appearance. The Hitachi Magic Wand is powerful, but if basic, medical-looking toys aren't up your alley, it may not be a good choice for you. Lots of manufacturers have taken the basic wand massager design and modernized and beautified it. Try to find a vibrator that appeals to your visual needs as well as your physical ones.

Vibration Intensity Control

The ability to control a wand vibrators' intensity can vary widely. Some wand massagers may only offer two settings ("Low" and "High") while other wand massagers may offer a scroll dial of full control over the vibration intensity. Keeping in mind that the vibrations of a wand massager tend to run much more powerfully than most toys, try to consider how much control you'd like over the intensity of your pleasure.

Tips for Using Your Wand Vibrator

Wand massagers have pretty basic designs themselves, but luckily for all of us, due to their popularity, many manufacturer make accessories designed to take your standard, powerful vibration and turn it into something a bit more unique. Feel free to switch up your pleasure!

Play with Attachments

Depending on your specific brand of wand massager, there may be attachments available to use with your massager. These optional attachments are "covers" for the head of your wand massager. They can be popped onto the top of your wand massager to vary the sensation and add new options. Attachments for wand massagers may include insertable dildos, sleeves for penises, and attachments with pleasurable textures to rub against the body.

Enjoy Through Clothing

Remember how powerful your wand vibrator is? With so much power, there's no reason to be concerned about sacrificing strength through fabric. Consider enjoying your wand massager while fully clothed. Experiencing a vibrator orgasm while still dressed to go out can add a novel fun to your enjoyment.

Consider Sex Furniture

With the popularity of wands, some manufacturers have come out with sex furniture designs that will hold your wand massager in place and make your vibrating fun entirely hands-free. While this furniture design can be fun for solo play, it can especially shine during partner play and intercourse when you'll be able to enjoy the orgasmic vibrations while focusing on the connection between you and your partner. Mutual orgasms for all!

How much wand can you afford?

Due to the motor and power supply that most wand vibrators are equipped with, wand massagers can fall on the pricier side of vibrators. After all, the "iconic" Hitachi Magic Wand starts around $60 - and that tends to be a very basic (but dependable!) model. Expect to splurge a bit on your wand massager - but for that cash, you should expect to receive a dependable toy that will offer power like other vibrators may not.


Wand massagers can be found as cheap as $20 to $40. However, be very careful about massagers in this range. They are likely made of cheaper materials and less powerful motors. However, if your budget is extremely limited and you're okay with less power, a wand massager in this price range may work for you.


A good chunk of wand massagers will fall into the $40 to $60 range. Once you reach this price point, you're looking at wand massagers that will provide powerful vibrations without many other frills. Some of these wand massagers may plug into the wall while others may require large (C or D) batteries. If you're on a budget and want a "true" wand vibrator experience, consider shopping in this range.


Want to get away from the wall? Wand massagers that fall within the $60 to $100 range offer more features than their cheaper counterparts. Expect to find waterproof abilities, better vibration power adjustability, and more attractive-looking toys. Wand massagers in this category may also offer rechargeable batteries - freeing you up from the batteries and wall outlets.


Once you spend over $100, you're getting into the "luxury" wand massagers. Many of these massagers may have a unique design or have a long-term warranty. Some of these massagers are equipped with some of the most powerful rechargeable motors out there as well. Research the features and read the reviews and determine whether splurging on your potential wand massager may be worth it. In some cases, the only thing putting a wand massager in this price point may be the brand name; make sure it has the features you need to justify the splurge of cash.