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Rabbit Vibrators

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The toy that "Sex and the City" made famous! Rabbit vibes provide clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time. And yes, sometimes they do resemble a rabbit. Cute and sexy? Now that sounds like a match made in heaven.

In the world of vibrators, the rabbit vibrator has become a popular icon. Along with all the movie references that always seem to feature this dual-stimulation toy, these vibrators seem to be regularly touted as the "best" that vibrators can offer at toy stores too. While this can definitely be the case (and for some people, they'd rather go into hiding than give up their favorite rabbit vibrator!), finding the rabbit vibrator that will perfectly fit your anatomy can be a journey that some customers are surprised to find themselves on.

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However, when you stop to think about rabbit vibrators, it makes sense that some experimentation may be in order. After all, finding that "perfect" fit that hits both your internal and external pleasure points might take a bit of trial and error. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to "test drive" every rabbit vibe out there, so let this guide help you walk through your purchase to help ensure your pleasure.

Questions you should ask yourself when you're looking to buy a rabbit vibator:

  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • When do I want to use my toy?
  • What type of vaginal and clitoral stimulation do I like?
  • How would I like my ideal rabbit vibrator to look?

Why Do People Use a Rabbit Vibrator?

First, it's important to understand why you might choose this type of vibrator in the first place. Here's what it has to offer:

Simultaneous Clitoral and Internal Stimulation

Two types of orgasmic stimulation at once?! No wonder people love rabbit vibrators! When a rabbit sex toy fits your anatomy perfectly, you'll get to experience pinpoint clitoral stimulation alongside vaginal and G-spot stimulation - all at the same time. That's a difficult pleasure to pass up.

Only One Toy to Hide

Have a limited budget or have limited space? A rabbit vibrator offers dual stimulation - which means you only need a single toy to offer both clitoral and vaginal pleasure. For people who don't have the funds or space to be storing a toy chest full of adult objects, this can be a bonus all in itself.

You Only Need One Hand

Do you like to multitask but still love the feeling of stimulation in two areas? Do you like to read a book or hold a computer mouse, or any other activity while still enjoying multiple sensations at once? For people who enjoy having a free hand, a rabbit vibrator lets you hit multiple pleasure zones, leaving your other hand free for ... other things.

Because the Rabbit Is an "Iconic" Vibrator

Who said reputation doesn't matter? In this case, the rabbit vibrator's reputation as a "must-have" sex toy leads a lot of people to give it a try. When someone's first experimentation goes amazingly and they come away with nothing but praise, it encourages other people to give it a try too!

I Tried a Rabbit Vibrator, and It Didn't Do Much for Me!

Unfortunately, this is a common complaint regarding rabbit vibrator toys, and it's due to their double (or triple!) stimulation design. You see, in order to provide simultaneous stimulation at two spots at once, the toy manufacturer has to assume how far your pleasure points are spaced apart. They have to estimate exactly how far apart your clitoris and vaginal opening will be. As you can imagine, while the "average" may work great for the "average" person, this means that anyone outside of that limited range may have a less-than-stellar time with a rabbit vibrator.

However, this particular range will differ by manufacturer - and usually by individual toys sold by that manufacturer as well. This means trying different rabbit vibrators will usually lead to an “amazing" fit sooner or later.

Another way to expedite the process is to look for rabbit vibrators that offer adjustable clitoral arms, such as LELO INA 2, which has a flexible clitoral arm, or We-Vibe Nova. This will allow you a bit more flexibility with getting the sex toy to fit with your particular anatomy.

How Should I Pick My Perfect Rabbit Vibrator?

Clitoral Concerns

How much stimulation do you like on your clitoris? Do you prefer softer, teasing, light vibrations, or do you prefer lots of pressure and stronger vibrations? This is something you'll need to think about before selecting a rabbit vibrator. Many rabbit vibrators are appropriately-named for having a small "rabbit-ear" design on the clitoral arm. Each of these ears should "flutter" against the clitoris. For some people, that type of stimulation is great for orgasm. For others, they prefer strong vibrations with lots of pressure – which these “fluttering” ears can't provide. For the type of users who prefer softer sensations, though, the "clamping" sensation of the high-pressure clitoral arms will be uncomfortable. Make sure to pick a rabbit vibrator that aligns with your personal preferences.

Vaginal Concerns

What type of internal stimulation are you looking for? Are you hoping to hit your G-spot with the shaft, or are you just looking for something that's nice and filling to add even more to your sensations? Would you prefer a slimmer-diameter toy? These are things to consider when looking at a rabbit vibrator's shaft. Some shafts are going to offer a G-spot curve for dedicated G-spot stimulation - but those vibrators may not offer the shaft rotations you're after. Many rabbit vibrator shafts are also particularly thick in diameter; if you prefer slimmer toys, make sure to keep that in mind when selecting a rabbit toy.

What Other Features Should I Look For?

Rabbit vibrators are unique in their complexity. While most vibrators will offer a single control button - and maybe, for those high-end vibrators, multiple interior motors - rabbit vibrators will offer control of multiple aspects of your entire experience. After all, you'll need to coordinate the pleasure between two (or more!) different erogenous zones on your body. To accomplish that, each individual rabbit vibrator will offer its own unique control structure and features. When looking for a rabbit vibrator, make sure to check out these aspects:

Non-Bead Shaft Rotations

The popular image of a rabbit vibrator includes a translucent material with visible plastic beads showing in the shaft. The days of that being the "go-to" rabbit vibrator are over! If you know you have particularly strong pelvic muscles, your body can easily jam up the beads and cause the vibrator's shaft to stop rotating. While beads in the shaft of a rabbit vibrator can work fine for some users, you may want to avoid it if you think you'll be likely to squeeze tightly on the toy. These plastic beads tend to be hallmarks of budget-priced rabbit vibes with other methods of rotation replacing these beads as the toys become more expensive.

Reversible Shaft Rotations

Do you know if you prefer a rabbit's shaft to rotate to the left, or to the right? While most people won't have much of a preference once the rotations have already started, feeling the shaft switch and reverse its rotation when the toy is inserted can be very surprising - and very pleasurable! If that's something you want to experience, consider finding a rabbit vibrator that offers reversible shaft rotations.

Positionable Clitoral Arm

A rabbit vibrator depends on every user's body having similar measurements. In the real world, however, that's just not a realistic expectation. Some bodies are going to have the clitoris positioned more closely to the vaginal entrance, and others are going to have the clit positioned further away. This means that it's quite easy for "one size fits all" rabbit vibrators to miss the clitoral mark entirely. This is the main reason why many people can find rabbit vibrators to be a huge let-down. To avoid that problem, if you've had bad experience with rabbit toys fitting your anatomy in the past, consider finding a rabbit vibrator that offers a positionable clitoral arm. This arm may be made from a flexible material, or it might be made of a stiff material that can be "forced" into various positions. This will help you adjust the rabbit vibrator to fit your particular anatomy.

Independent Control of Shaft and Clitoral Arm

In most rabbit vibrators, the clitoral vibrations and the vaginal vibrations will be controlled by the same intensity mechanism. However, some toys may offer separate control structures. Having the ability to independently control these two things may be important to people who tend to focus on clitoral or vaginal pleasure independently. Being able to increase the intensity of one pleasure zone while decreasing intensity of another pleasure zone may allow you to better focus on a particularly orgasmic sensation. For many people, though, this may not be a consideration at all.

Anal Stimulation Arm

Do you know that the anal area is as full of pleasurable nerve endings as other erogenous zones? Well, it is! Some rabbit vibrators are designed as "triple stimulation" toys and include a second penetrating shaft. This penetrating shaft is designed to be slid into the butt for triple, simultaneous stimulation: vaginal, clitoral, and anal pleasure at once! While these triple stimulation rabbit vibrators can take a little bit to get situated on your body, if all of the parts match up for your anatomy, they can lead to some pretty explosive orgasms!

What's Your Budget?

Out of all of the basic types of vibes, rabbit vibrators tend to be the most expensive. This is because of all of the parts that go into it. Not only does a rabbit vibrator tend to require multiple motors, but it's usually larger, includes more control options, and may even include rotations! All of these things add up to make rabbit vibrators one of the more costly vibrator options out there. If you're on a budget, however, read on to see how far your dollar can get you.


At the lowest price point, you can expect to find rabbit vibrators between $15 to $35. At this point, the vibrator will use batteries - and probably quite a few of them. Expect these toys to be made of low-quality materials. These toys are only expected to be "entry level" options into the world of rabbit vibrators, so you'll likely need to replace the toy within a year or two of regular use. You may be better off saving your money for a higher quality vibe you'll really love.


From $35 to $60, you'll find better-quality rabbit vibrators, but your enjoyment will likely depend on the specific toy and manufacturer. Rotating shafts may not lock up during use, but they'll also likely be relatively loud during use. In this price point, it's especially important to read reviews to see if other buyers have had good experiences with the particular item. Some toys in this lower range may have a higher price point, but they may still function like the lower price-point options.

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Once you start to spend $60 to $100, you'll start to see a marked improvement in quality. Some of these rabbit vibrators are rechargeable, and many of them will be made with body-safe, phthalate-free materials. These vibrators will likely be made with durability in mind, and many of them will offer independent control over the clitoral and shaft vibrations.

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Many of the rabbit vibrators over $100 are have special features, well-equipped motors, or a luxury brand name. At this price point, almost all toys are waterproof, made from body-safe materials, rechargeable, offer multiple speeds and functions, and may offer long-term warranties. Some toys, such as the rabbit vibrators sold by Fun Factory, are also experimenting with self-thrusting options such as the Bi Stronic Fusion. We-Vibe makes the We-Vibe Nova which offers Bluetooth, cell phone control to allow a partner to control the toy from long distances away.

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