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G-Spot Vibrators

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Ah, yes. That's the spot...the G-spot! G-spot vibrators are designed to stimulate this major female hotspot, which can produce deep, intense orgasms.

Whether you want to play with your own G-spot, want to offer your partner a simple way to hit your G-spot, or just find that your partner's fingers maybe aren't hitting the right spot, a G-spot vibrator can be the solution to all of your G-spot related problems! (Sorry. Toys can't get involved in family-related problems; you're on your own there.). As the popularity of pleasuring this region has grown, so has the thousands of available options – which means there's a fantastic, perfectly-suited toy out there for you somewhere. Now you just have to find it.

G-spot vibrators are toys that are specifically crafted to stimulate this could-be very-pleasurable area. The tips of these toys usually feature a gentle (or not-so-gentle) curve designed to reach some of the deeper vaginal areas and target the G-spot. While most research and self-report data shows that the body's G-spot mostly prefers intense pressure, manufacturers have begun to equip their G-spot toys with motors for vibration. Not only can you use your G-spot toy as a dildo for that deep pressure, but now that it's equipped with vibrations, you can easily switch on the tremors for added stimulation!

With so many options, though, it's no wonder that trying to purchase a G-spot vibrator can seem a bit daunting. After all, you want one that will work for you - not leave you feeling frustrated. We hope this G-Spot Vibrator Buyer's Guide can help point you in the right direction.

Want intense pleasure from your vibrator? Use these questions to help start your search:

  • Where is the G-spot?
  • How firm would you like your toy to be?
  • Are you looking for a multi-functional toy or a toy just for the G-spot?
  • Do you have any visual preferences?
  • What does your budget look like?
  • Why use a G-spot vibrator?

Why use any type of vibrator? That's right: for the pleasure! In the case of G-spot toys, many vagina-owning people find that the G-spot offers some of the most intense pleasure of any of the penetrative spots (and science supports this). However, some people find that the G-spot isn't all that it's cracked up to be. It seems to vary largely by person; some people love the sensation and will never give it up, while other people would prefer you touch any spot besides their G-spot.

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Why not just use your fingers? Well, as it turns out, the G-spot can be located quite a ways into the vaginal canal - and it often requires quite a bit of pressure. Some people find it possible to hit their G-spot with their own fingers while most people find that the angle required is just too intense to actually hit their own G-spot in a pleasurable way. That leaves a few options: find a partner just for G-spot fun, try to hit your own spot and end up with some sore forearm muscles, or employ a sex toy designed specifically for that purpose. I'm sure you can understand why most people choose the vibrator.

Will the Perfect G-Spot Vibrator Make Me Squirt?

Now, this is a hard question for a helpful guide on the internet to answer, but the basic answer is: it depends on your body, your technique, and your arousal level. If all of the things under the sun match up, though, you can definitely use a G-spot vibrator to achieve the squirting orgasm you've been seeking!

That being said, learning to squirt is a practice that takes time, patience and the right toy, and I recommend you check out some of our articles about squirting to get started the right way.

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If you're looking to squirt with your new G-spot vibrator, keep in mind that the proper curvature and rigidity (for YOUR body) is going to be the most important aspect when shopping. We highly recommend being open to experiencing G-spot pleasure for its own intensity without the worry or pressure of squirting, however. What happens, happens.

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What Makes Each G-Spot Vibrator Different?

Unlike standard vibrators, which are just designed to vibrate (and are designed in thousands upon thousands of shapes), G-spot vibrators have to have a specific purpose and design in mind during creation: G-spot stimulation. However, how each toy decides to meet that lofty aspiration is up to the individual manufacturers and creators. Here are the main things you need to consider and think about when choosing between g-spot vibrators:


The "curved" tip of your vibrator is will be one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to picking a toy. Some people find that they have very shallow G-spots, and that the small, barely-there curve of a G-spot vibrator will be perfect. Someone who has a deep G-spot and requires almost a U-shaped toy to hit that spot, though, will become very frustrated by that little curve. Try to estimate the curve required to hit your g-spot when you use your (or your partner's) fingers and select a toy similar to that. The curvature of the vibrator is where most g-spot vibrators are likely to cause a mismatch with your anatomy.

Vibration Intensity

You'll need to think about how intense you'd like your vibrations to be. This is critically important if you plan on using your G-spot vibrator for other types of pleasure - such as clitoral pleasure. While some people's G-spots respond particularly well to strong vibration, most G-spots tend to respond best to pressure, so the intensity of vibration may not matter as much. Regardless, it's worth reading sex toy reviews about the power of your potential toy if you're hoping to use it on other areas of the body as well.

Material Rigidity

How much pressure do you like on your G-spot? While most G-spot vibrators are crafted with a firm core, some manufacturers choose to put a plushy, squishy material on the outside of the vibrator, which will lead to some squishing during use. Other manufacturers choose to stick with hard, rigid materials such as plastic or rigid silicone. You'll have to determine what type of pressure works best for your body.

Your Toy's Appearance

Just like all other types of sex toys, every G-spot vibrator is going to look a bit different. Prefer bright, fun colors? Search for toys that match that. Want something that looks a bit more modern? Those exist too. This G-spot vibrator is a toy you'll likely be using regularly – make sure its appearance is something that you enjoy!

Control Structure

Every vibrator has to have a specific way to control the vibrations of the toy. This is something you need to take into account when you pick out a potential item. Why? Well, if you're someone who tends to “set it and forget it”, you might not care much about how you reach your desired level of vibrations. If you're someone who's going to want to regularly increase and decrease the intensity, though, a toy that only offers a single control button and requires turning off the vibrator completely to get to softer levels again is going to become frustrating – and very quickly.

Simultaneous External Pleasure

G-spot vibrators don't just have to hit the G-spot! In fact, some G-spot vibrators are equipped with external pleasure points designed to hit other sensitive areas such as your perineum. The most-popular type of simultaneous G-spot vibrator is a G-spot rabbit vibrator, which is designed to hit your clitoris and G-spot at the same time. These toys can become your best friend when they work correctly, but keep in mind that trying to hit multiple pleasure points at once may offer more room for error.

What Other Things Should I Consider When Buying a G-Spot Vibrator?

You've given a thought to all of the basic aspects that will affect your G-spot vibrator use. Now, think about some of the fun, bonus extras that could really add more to your experience:

Multi-Purpose Pleasure

Could your G-spot vibrator work for other types of pleasure as well? Does it have a flat head that might lend itself well for targeted, pinpoint clitoral stimulation like the LELO GIGI 2? Is it made of a sterilizable material that could work for prostate stimulation on a male body if you choose to share with a partner? If you want the most "bang for your buck", make sure to consider the other options available with your single purchase.


Do you prefer to play in the privacy of your bathtub or shower? Do you think G-spot stimulation might lead to some intense squirting? If either of those statements are true, you may want to look into a G-spot vibrator that's entirely waterproof. You wouldn't be the first person to short-circuit your new toy by accidentally getting female ejaculate into the wrong spot.

Sharing Your Toy

Keep in mind that the G-spot follows a similar curvature in the body as the curvature for prostate stimulation from anal penetration in penis-owning individuals. If your G-spot toy is made of a material that can be sterilized, it can become a p-spot toy as well. Just make sure that it offers a longer length, flared base, or thicker base that makes it impossible for your G-spot item to slide up entirely into the butt.

What's Your Budget?

Similar to the broad category of all vibrators out there, G-spot vibrators can range from a cheap, $10 option all the way to a luxurious $175 toy equipped with more features than your television remote. As with every purchase in life, getting the "best" toy for you is going to involve a balancing act between what you can afford and what you'll be getting for that price. Here's what you can expect when shopping in the various G-spot vibrator price ranges:


Like many vibrators, the basic models of g-spot vibrators can be pretty affordable. At the lowest price range, you'll find toys priced from $25 to $50. These toys will likely be made out of hard plastic and feature a very basic design - including a very small G-spot tip. These toys will be battery-operated, and they may break within a couple months of use. The Wisteria PowerBullet G is a standard example of lower-priced G-spot vibrators.


Once you start to shell out between $50 and $75, you'll find toys are starting to be crafted with higher-quality materials. Most vibrators will still be battery-operated, but they may be designed with durability in mind, and they'll likely last you a bit longer. The majority of vibrators in this category are still made from hard plastic, but you'll find a lot less made with phthalates or jelly.The PicoBong Moka G-Vibe is a popular choice in this price range. The


Silicone makes a regular appearance when your vibrator is priced between $75 and $100. These toys are definitely going to be made of body-safe materials, and they are also likely to be rechargeable, rather than battery powered. Waterproof abilities will start to make regular appearances at this price point as well. The Doc Johnson iVibe Select is a good option here.


Now that you're spending over $100, you're up in the "luxury vibrator" category. These vibrators will likely come equipped with special features that might make this the best G-spot vibrator purchase you could have made! Toys in this range will likely come with gorgeous packaging, long-term guarantees, be made of body-safe material, be rechargeable, be waterproof, and more. Some of these toys might be made of alternatives types of body-safe material like stainless steel or wood. A few favorites in this category include the Jopen Key Comet II, L'amourose Prism, We-Vibe Rave and LELO MONA 2.

We hope our G-Spot Vibrator Buyer's Guide helps you narrow down your options - and ultimately, select a toy that will work well for you and your anatomy. That being said, the G-spot is a finicky area that can be hard to locate by yourself and hard for your partner to explain its location, and for that particular reason, we highly recommend that you value the journey instead of the ultimate destination. It may take a few tries to find a G-spot vibrator that truly makes you want to call-in sick to work and ignore all your responsibilities for a few days - and that's OK! Enjoy the pleasure for the pleasure itself - even if it's not quite what you're expecting - and get back on the "vibrator search" when you're ready. Enjoy the journey - and all of the orgasms it can provide!