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Couple Vibrators

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Any old vibrator can be used for partner play, but there are a few special vibes made just for this purpose. These toys can help couples discover new experiences and sensations, which always makes for a memorable encounter.

Lots of people like to argue that every vibrator can be a couple's vibrator - that if you use any toy with your partner, it's a couple's vibrator. You know what? That's pretty accurate! However, what sets this category apart is the toy's design and ability to be used simultaneously with the two people. While a Hitachi Magic Wand could be passed back and forth between two partners for a "couple's" experience, something like a wand massager was never designed to pleasure two people at the exact same moment. Couple's vibrators are designed for exactly that.

And that's why they hold such a large appeal for many couples. Not only are they great sex toys, but by design, they provide a great bonding experience - and can really enhance sex and intercourse. They're a bit more specialized than a general vibrator, but they are designed to their singular job – and do it very well.

Luckily for you, you can't get lost in a sea of choices as there aren't too many couple's vibrator options out there. However, each one is noticeably different than the others, so we recommend keeping some of these questions in mind when shopping for a couple's vibrator:

  • Who would like to receive the vibrations?
  • How much do you have available to spend?
  • Why are you purchasing a couple's vibrator? What would you like it to accomplish?

What Types of Couple's Vibrators Are There?

Vibrators for Intercourse

Not only do these toys vibrate, but they're especially designed to provide pleasurable vibrations during intercourse. Instead of worrying about holding a small vibrator against the body while you already have another body pressed tightly against you, these sex vibrators are crafted to stay inside the body and provide extra stimulation during penetration. To that end, many of these vibrators also offer a remote or app feature to reduce the need to reach into that tight space to adjust the intensity. These types of vibrators are usually designed for clitoral and/or g-spot stimulation. However, the penetrating partner may find themselves pretty surprised by how pleasurable the vibrations can feel for them as well!

Wireless, Remote-Controlled Vibrators

While these toys don't usually provide sexual stimulation for everyone involved, they're lots of fun all the same! For these types of toys, a vibrator (usually a cock ring, bullet vibrator, vaginal toy, or anal toy) can be controlled wirelessly with a small, hand-held remote. These toys usually have a range of a couple yards - which makes them perfect for taking them out in public for discreet fun while no one is any the wiser.

Internet-Enabled Options

Long-distance couples can particularly rejoice for this one! As technology continues to advance, vibrators continue to advance as well. A few manufacturers now have the capacity to wirelessly pair your vibrator with your cell phone or Wi-Fi internet connection. This allows another person, with the same app or software, to control the vibrator from another remote location. Whether you're dating someone on a different continent or just want to tease your husband at work 10 miles away, these internet-enabled options have certainly opened up a whole new realm of pleasure to explore.

Why Choose a Couple's Vibrator?

Stimulation For Your Both

Who doesn't love more pleasure? Couple's vibrators provide more stimulation for both parties in a single, one-toy package. Especially with vibrators designed for pleasurable intercourse, using a couple's vibrator can allow one (or both) partners to reach orgasm more quickly - and enjoy more pleasure as they do.

New Experience

The heart of every relationship is enjoying new experiences together, and couple's vibrators open that door for the two of you. Requiring a bit more trial and error than a standard toy, playing with a couple's vibrator will be different than most sex toys you've tried. You'll get to have a new experience together!

To Make Intercourse More Orgasmic

A common complaint from many female-bodied people about intercourse is that penetration itself doesn't cause orgasm - and this is the case for a lot of people! Standard "penis-in-vagina" sex doesn't often allow for much stimulation of the clitoris. Using a couple's vibrator can easily solve this problem. Depending on the design, a couple's vibrator may offer hands-free stimulation of the clitoris during penetration.

Adventurous Foreplay

Wireless bullet vibrators are one of the most popular types of couple's vibrators. One partner gets to experience the pleasure of the vibrator while the other partner gets to control exactly how and when the wearer will get to enjoy the pleasurable vibrations. This can add an entirely new spin on foreplay. Take your foreplay into public! Your errand run cam be a lot more exciting if you add an undercurrent of enjoyment from your latest wireless couple's toy. For the shy couple, household chores can be a delicious part of the day when someone gets to cause orgasmic sensations at any moment.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Couples' Vibe?

Unlike many other categories of sex toys where there may be a large variance in price ranges, couple's toys all tend to be some of the more expensive vibrator options out there. Expect to pay between $50 to $200 for any couple's toy. As the price increases, the toy's quality may increase as well. The wireless functional range may improve, the toy may offer more features, and the toy may have a higher durability. Due to the similar, high price of many options, you'll likely want to read reviews and explore other buyers' opinions before you settle on the toy you'd like to take home.

We hope that this couple's vibrator buyer's guide has helped provide insight on one of the most unique vibrator options out there. Not only can the two of you try a new type of sex toy, but you can both enjoy it at the same time! Enjoy a new addition to your toy box, and we hope you fall in love.