Vibratex Princessa

A handy external vibe with a flower-shaped tip.

Vibratex Princessa - A handy external vibe with a flower-shaped tip.


Vibratex Princessa is a handy external vibe with a flower-shaped tip. The flower features delicate petals made for light teasing and comfortable stimulation. The pointed, solid tip in the middle is made to provide deep, targeted vibrations. This vibe offers 3 vibration strengths and 3 vibration patterns made for many different sensations. The toy is splash proof and features a single button control. The package includes a charging cradle, USB charging cord and a wall adapter. Made of premium silicone and ABS. Dimensions: 3 1/4" (height), 1 5/8"(width).



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Reviewed by Slutty Girl Problems on December 9, 2014

Teeny Tiny Castle-Style Vibrations

It’s been really hard for me to write this review because I love the toy, but hate the price. The Bestie is one of three adorable vibrators in Vibratex’s new line, cutely called “The Girls”. This line is the definition of cute, petite, and discreet sex toys – all with some high-quality features that would make it a dream line for a beginner. Each of The Girls is a tiny hand-held vibe made of high-quality silicone. Plus, they are rechargeable, splash proof, and have a good variety of vibrations – with 3 speeds, 3 pulse patterns, and a high speed that is about on par with a beginner’s preference. Each toy comes with a cute bag and a rechargeable port where the toy can sit while it’s plugged into the wall or a USB port. All of these features are fabulous, and make it the perfect beginner’s toy! But, when I saw that the price for just one of these vibes is $90, I was actually in disbelief. For $90, I feel like you should get a much stronger motor with really powerful vibrations – not light and teasing vibrations. I felt like it should definitely be in a lower price range, regardless of it’s higher-quality features, based on it’s power alone. Yet, although it’s not the strongest vibrator, it’s still great for someone who likes lighter vibratons.


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Reviewed by Penny Austen on September 1, 2015

One of the weakest, buzziest vibrators I own

The Princessa is one of those toys that I wouldn’t have bought or requested to review if I had felt it first. Its vibrations are very surface level and buzzy (I think it’s actually the buzziest vibe I have.)



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