By: Tenga

TENGA FLIP HOLE RED - A masturbation sleeve with delicate internal details.

A masturbation sleeve with delicate internal details.

TENGA FLIP HOLE RED is a male masturbation sleeve that is packed with protrusions and smooth ribs designed to provide gentle stroking pleasure. Unlike other masturbation sleeves, it flips open for cleaning and lubrication.

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Blowjob From a Fish!

Rating: 9

I had no idea this was a masturbator when I first saw it. No seriously. Tell me I’m wrong. It looks like some sort of alien machine that came from the future – A time machine mixed with a teleportation device of some sort. Now if you shrink that size by 500X, you get a pretty decent masturbator with “beyond godly textures” as my boyfriend would describe it. For a 100$ toy, Tenga Flip Hole Red came in a very delicate plastic packaging that is as hard as a 500mL Naya water bottle. I expected something much sturdier for that price. As for the size of the masturbator, which is about 85X68X175mm, it could have been perfect for Hulk’s massive hands.   (Go read the full review.)