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By: Tenga

TENGA EGG STEPPER - A soft, pliable male pleasure sleeve that is uniquely packaged in an egg.

A soft, pliable male pleasure sleeve that is uniquely packaged in an egg.

The TENGA EGG STEPPER is a male masturbation sleeve that comes packaged in a discreet egg, but expands drastically to provide a snug fit. Its super-stretchy elastomer encloses bi-directional wedges, for stimulation in both stroking directions. Like all TENGA EGG products, it is disposable and designed to be used one time.

Masturbators Material:  Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)

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Simple Male Masturbator that Doesn't Work for Uncircumsized Guys

Rating: 3

Despite its cute exterior, the Tenga Egg wasn’t pleasurable for my uncircumcised man. He couldn’t feel the textured ridges and just felt like he was wearing a really thick condom… with way too much lube. All in all, he was underwhelmed, and despite my hardest efforts, told me several times that there was no way in hell he would ever be able to orgasm “with this slimy thing in the way”. Overall, he would have preferred his own hand, which is really saying a lot.   (Go read the full review.)

Adventures In Business Travel: Easy Beat TENGA Egg Pack

Rating: 8

You have got to be kidding me!? 2 separate business trips nearly back to back? Ugh, I have to dress up and pretend to be a normal productive member of society, gross! What about evening entertainment? Most of my sex toys are not things I’d like TSA to come across, like my Krubera and Shark. I know! I’ll bring that six pack of TENGA eggs! If TSA raises an eyebrow I can just pretend they are Kinder Suprise Eggs. They don’t need to know the prize contained within is actually a sex toy.   (Go read the full review.)