Tantus Tsunami

By: Tantus

Tantus Tsunami - A wavy-shafted vibrator, crafted for intense G-spot stimulation.

A wavy-shafted vibrator, crafted for intense G-spot stimulation.

Tantus Tsunami is a versatile vibrator with thick waves across the shaft to deliver intense sensations with every motion. Harness-compatible, the vibrator also comes with a wide, mushroom-shaped tip that will stroke your G-spot and deliver pure, ecstatic pleasure. Tsunami is dishwasher-safe and made from 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.

Power:  Replaceable Batteries

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Waves of Pleasure... That Don't Quite Fit

Rating: 7

I really really REALLY love the concept of this vibrating dildo, and totally stand behind the quality of Tantus’ well-made toys. But, I couldn’t experience the waves of pleasure the Tsunami promised, and found myself wishing for a few changes – like a bit less girth on the lower half and more of a curved tip to hit my g-spot perfectly. This dildo would be perfect for someone who can handle a larger toy, or has a more shallow g-spot. For me, I love the pleasurable “full” feeling it gives me, and the gentle g-spot pressure… but I’ll be checking out some more of Tantus’ toys, and go with something a bit smaller and curved next time – like the Pro-Touch, Compact, Acute, or Splish. I absolutely LOVE Tantus, and can’t wait to try more of their toys!   (Go read the full review.)

Ride the wave? Maybe not.

Rating: 5

Tsunami seems like it’s a tad narrower at the tip than towards the base, and I didn’t care for that sensation. Then there are the actual “waves.” When I saw it in the box, I was nervous that it would be too jarring, the peaks looked a bit too pointy. It turned out that the peaks weren’t too sharp, but the spacing was not something I liked.   (Go read the full review.)