Tantus Suction Cup

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By: Tantus

Tantus Suction Cup - An ergonomic silicone cup to deliver torrid sensations through the entire body

An ergonomic silicone cup to deliver torrid sensations through the entire body

Suction Cup is a flexible toy produced by Tantus. Compatible with most of Tantus’ intimate toys, this accessory is bound to take your intimate life to the next level by delivering an array of throbbing sensations. Shaped to stimulate the most sensitive areas of your body, this toy can be used by both men and women. Suction Cup is made from 100% silicone and is extremely easy to clean.

Power:  Not Powered

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Suction Doesn't Work as Expected

Rating: 5

Overall, I was disappointed that the suction attachment wasn’t easier to insert into my toys – that my dildos were floppy and fell off if I went too fast – and that the suction cup didn’t stick to a variety of semi-flat surfaces, where you would expect it to work. It seems like there’s a few design flaws that could be fixed in the next version to make it much more versatile – and that the mold or pouring may need to be fixed (an issue I’ve never experienced with other Tantus toys, as Tantus is typically top-notch). This super-cool accessory wasn’t super-functional, but it definitely has a place in the toy drawers of those who love the thrill of hands-free, and don’t mind the fuss – and especially cam girls or other adult entertainers, who could make some extra cash from the novelty of having some hands-free fun, whether it works perfectly or not. For the sex toy enthusiast who values fast thrusting and easy insertion, this suction cup could use a few revisions.   (Go read the full review.)