Tantus Neo

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By: Tantus

Tantus Neo - An ergonomically curved plug with a smoothly tapered base.

An ergonomically curved plug with a smoothly tapered base.

Neo is a deeply pleasurable sex toy produced by Tantus. Its ergonomic shape has been conceived to follow the specific contours of your body as it stimulates and strokes every single inner erogenous area, bringing towards incessant surges of pleasure. Its unique shape also makes it quite suited to inexperienced users. Harness-compatible and easy to clean in the dishwasher, Neo is entirely made from 100% Ultra-Premium Grade Silicone.

Phthalate Free:  Yes
Power:  Not Powered

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Smooth and filling - a beginner to intermediate butt plug

Rating: 9

I adore the tapered tip of Neo. It makes sliding it in pretty darn easy. It’s gradual enough to not be painful or overwhelming, but it doesn’t take forever to get to the widest part of the plug. When I did get the largest width of Neo, I felt very accomplished. I could almost laugh or cry because I never really expected to be able to get a plug in on my own anytime soon. So that was pretty amazing for me. I decided to just keep it in a bit and savor the very full feeling I was having. Delightful.   (Go read the full review.)