Tantus Goddess

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By: Tantus

Tantus Goddess - A sleek-shafted toy featuring a detachable bullet vibrator.

A sleek-shafted toy featuring a detachable bullet vibrator.

Tantus Goddess is an eco-friendly vibrator, designed for couples or for alluring hours of solo play. Harness-compatible and exceptionally easy to clean, it also comes with a detachable bullet vibrator to deliver some extra-thrilling sensations. Goddess is made from 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone and is available in two colors.

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Sometimes Love Requires Compromise

Rating: 7

I love the size and shape of this toy. The included bullet vibe... not so much. A quick adjustment on my part and we were back in business!   (Go read the full review.)

Great Texture without being too much

Rating: 9

I found the Goddess to perfectly toe the line of being simple (great for beginners) while still having the right amount of nuance for those who like (or are exploring) textured dildos. The ridges are gentle, not jarring, so insertion was exciting but not overwhelming.   (Go read the full review.)