Tantus Echo Handle

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By: Tantus

Tantus Echo Handle - An ergonomically-shaped dildo designed to reach the G-spot

An ergonomically-shaped dildo designed to reach the G-spot

Tantus Echo Handle is a beautifully-ribbed dildo produced by Tantus. Conceived for women, this toy is shaped to very easily reach the G-spot. Available in two colors, the dildo is dishwasher-friendly and crafted from 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. With a ribbed shaft and softly rounded head, Echo Handle is your perfect accessory for a naughty session of self-pleasure or during partner sex.

Dildo Material:  Pure Silicone
Material Safety:  Phthalate free, Latex free, Non-porous
Dildo Special Features:  Dishwasher Safe, Bleachable, Boilable
Texture:  Textured

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I want to use this toy. Often.

Rating: 9

I love Tantus always and I love the texture of this dildo (like the best part of penetration over and over!). Add a handle for thrusting ease and you’ve got a toy that’s pretty much perfect!   (Go read the full review.)

Ideal Dildo for Thrusting

Rating: 10

The Echo Handle is fabulous for thrusting, g-spotting, and texture. It has delightful ribs that perfectly stimulate your vaginal walls (or other walls, if you’re adventurous) – and a large head that is great for hitting your g-spot, but small enough to be inserted easily. It literally has a handle at the bottom so you can easily hold it while thrusting without bending your wrist awkwardly. If you’ve been looking for a toy that you can thrust with wild abandon, the Echo Handle is absolutely the way to go!   (Go read the full review.)

Why don't more dildos have handles?

Rating: 8

Echo isn’t curved, and while the silicone is fairly flexible, it has its limits. As a person of size with a voluptuous tummy, reach is sometimes a problem with certain sex toys. Sometimes there are toys – vibrators or dildos, doesn’t matter – that would be so great if only they were just a couple inches longer. That was not an issue with the Echo Handle.   (Go read the full review.)

All toys should have a handle like this

Rating: 9

The handle is an incredible feature! It makes it easy to thrust and maneuver, and can obviously be inserted deeply (if that’s what you’re into). The head of the toy also manages to target by G-spot beautifully.   (Go read the full review.)