Tantus Adam 02

By: Tantus

Tantus Adam 02 - A realistic dildo with dual-density layering.

A realistic dildo with dual-density layering.

Tantus Adam 02 is a firm yet supple dildo manufactured by Tantus. Featuring a realistically-veined shaft, this dildo is made from ultra-premium silicone and can easily be used by both men and women for anal or vaginal play. Dishwasher-safe and hypoallergenic, Adam 02 has the weight of a real penis, and its dual-density surface layers feel like real skin .

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Possibly the best realistic dildo ever.

Rating: 9

In my hand, I am able to feel the subtle textures – the veins and ridges, that run across Adam, but once it’s inside me, covered in lube, thrusting in and out, they’re pretty much imperceptible. This is a great dildo for those wanting to explore toys that are approaching the larger end of the spectrum, a bit above average on the length and girth.   (Go read the full review.)