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Sex Furniture

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Sex furniture is designed to keep you comfortable during sex, allowing you and your partner to focus on pleasure. These pieces can also make challenging positions achievable.

You already have a bed. Isn't that all the "sex furniture" you need? Well, a bed is great for something: sleeping! That's what it was designed for, and that's what it excels at. Sure, you've made it work for sex before, but that certainly doesn't mean that it's the most optimized way to enjoy sex with your partner. If you want to optimize and get the most pleasure and comfort out of sex, this is where sex furniture excels. Whether you want to have better doggy-style sex or you're hoping to use a sex swing to finally get the deepest thrusts possible, sex furniture provides a leg up on sex positions that your standard household furniture doesn't.

However, when you're first delving into the world of sex furniture, it might seem a bit complicated - and expensive! How do you put up a swing? Is it worth spending more money for better sex furniture? What is a wedge used for? Well, we want to help! While we can't ship all of the types of sex furniture to your home for a trial run, we can provide you some information to help the buying process go more smoothly.

Here are some preliminary questions to help guide your search for the perfect piece of sex furniture:

  • What positions do you want to achieve with your furniture?
  • How often do you want to use your new toy?
  • Are you looking for a lot of discretion?
  • Where can you store your sex furniture?
  • Would you like a piece of furniture that you can clean easily?

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Sex Wedges and Ramps

The most versatile and affordable type of sex furniture out there, the Wedges and Ramps offer an angled surface that goes above and beyond what stacking up pillows can do. The angled surface offers better missionary position for G-spot penetration, and it can be perfect as a rest for doggy-style penetration as well. Most couples choose to start out with a Wedge or Ramp as one of their first purchases - especially as the smaller size is certainly easier to hide and much more affordable.

The most iconic items in this category include the Liberator Wedge and the Liberator Ramp. Both of those items are also available in plus-sized versions for more surface area to play on.

Sex Chaises and Loungers

Extremely large pieces of furniture, Chaises and Loungers might look more like regular furniture than sex furniture! Usually the size of an average adult (or larger), these pieces are nearly-impossible to hide discreetly (unless you have a giant empty closet). However, they can offer a whole new world of erotic sex positions for the two of you - and no more wet spots on the bed!

The Liberator Esse is one of the most iconic loungers out there. For those that prefer a versatile piece of sex furniture, though, the Liberator Zeppelin doubles as a regular bean bag chair in addition to being made for sex.

Sex Toy Mounts

Like the name implies, these pieces of sex furniture offer you a hands-free boost - they'll hold your sex toys for you! Many of these toy mounts are designed to mount the particular toy at the best angle for true hands-free enjoyment. While these toysare fantastic for that particular toy, they may not work well for other types of toys, so these tend to be best purchased by people who want more accessories for a specific type of toy.

The Liberator Top Dog Mount allows for doggy-style mounting for Fleshlights while the Liberator BonBon holds dildos upright for hands-free riding while on top. Quite a few companies make Toy Mounts for wand massagers like the Magic Wand as well.

Sex Furniture Accessories

While sex furniture tends to be stand-alone items with no accessories required, there are certainly other items you can use to enhance your experience. Waterproof sheets, extra pillows, and restraints can add an entirely new edge to your current sex furniture.

Sex Swings

While requiring a bit of hardware know-how and a big area to play on, sex swings certainly have earned their reputation as an adventurous way to enjoy sex. Sex swings take all of the fun of sex that you enjoy on the floor or bed - and bring it into the air. Enjoy more intense swinging and penetration, deeper thrusts, and just genuine fun. After all, it's a giant swing!

Most swings need to be screwed into a secure point in the ceiling. However, the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling is a renter-friendly introduction that only requires a closed door.

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What's the Benefit of Using Sex Furniture?

While sex can be fun on the bed (or the kitchen floor - we don't judge!), sex furniture allows you both to experience new positions, make current positions even better, and get closer to the person you're having sex with. Plus, it's an excuse for more orgasms, and who doesn't love more orgasms?

Making Favorite Positions Better
Love missionary but hate fussing with the pillows to get that perfect angle for your butt? Solved. Enjoy doggy-style but think it could be better if something could hold you up? Done. Think your Fleshlight might be even better for masturbation if something else would hold it for you? Solution. Sex furniture is designed to make your favorite sexual activities even better by arranging bodies in more-pleasurable angles and relieving any fatigue that tends to arise from those particular positions.

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More Positions
Not only does it make your favorites better, but it opens up brand new positions for you as well. When the body can be held in positions you hadn't thought about before, you'll have new positions to try. Especially with a sex sling or swing that can hold the body airborne, you'll be opening up an entirely new repertoire of sex positions to add your bedroom. Plus, don't forget about all of those advanced positions that will be easier to try with a little bit of help!

For Disabilities and Improved Flexibility
Sex furniture can open up all new positions that may have been problematic or difficult in the past due to flexibility or disability issues. Wedges can make doggy-style easier by taking weight off of the knees. Sex slings can offer support to keep legs in the air for better missionary positions. Doggy-style straps make it easier to get leverage for deeper thrusting into a partner.

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Closeness to Your Partner
Have you heard that new experiences can bring two people together? Well, science says it's true. As you both go through the journey of using and enjoying your sex furniture, you'll be adding new memories to your lives together and getting closer to each other for it. Not only do you get fun orgasms out of it, but you get a boost to your relationship!

How Do I Use a Sex Swing?

Unlike other pieces of sex furniture, a swing isn't just a "toss it on the floor and use it" type of toy. This one will require a bit of set-up to get it ready for fun - and it's vital that you take the time to properly set up your swing for everyone's safety. Take these steps to ensure you're all ready to play:

Know Your Swing
When you first get your sex swing, you're going to notice that it's definitely formidable. Most swings need to hold up a person's weight, so they're doing to be heavy. With this serious thought in mind, read through the instruction booklet. What's the maximum weight limit? What unincluded accessories do they recommend you buy? How much room do they recommend you have available for the swinging area? When picking up equipment, don't forget to check the load each item can hold. You want to ensure everything you purchase is designed to hold a person's weight.

Put Up the Swing
Putting up the sex swing will depend on what type of sex swing you have and how you'll be putting it up. A door frame sex sling only requires a door frame - just slide the straps over the door, shut it, and you're good to go! If you're unable to make permanent modifications to your home, you may have purchased a sex swing stand. You'll need to assemble the stand - then attach the swing to it.

However, most people purchase standard sex swings with the intention of making a hole in the ceiling. You will NEED to ensure that you make a hole in the proper place. The instructions with your swing will help you a bit, but you'll need to drill into a support beam, because this has the ability to bear weight. It might even be best to hire someone to do this for you - after all, this is their specialty. You can always say that you're purchasing one of those modern floating chairs that attach to the ceiling.

Take a Non-Sexual Time to Test the Swing
While you don't have to do this step, it will sure help in the future if you do. Take a chance, where neither of you are looking to get laid, to test out the swing. Sit in it. Swing on it. Figure out what's comfortable and how much room you both have to move around. This will insure someone doesn't bang their head when you use it for "real" - and that your first experiences will be as comfortable as possible.

Prepare for Dangers
Unlike all of the other sex furniture on this list, a sex swing presents an actual risk of home damage or personal injury. Make sure to take all of the proper precautions with using your swing. We know the idea of the swing can be so darn erotic that you want to cut corners, but please don't. Having the swing pull out of the ceiling while you're using it is likely to harm part of your home - and swings are heavy, so it's likely to hurt one of you two when it falls. Make sure to take proper precautions to ensure that no one falls out of the swing as well. Use the hand grips and foot grips to stay as steady as possible.

Enjoy the Swing for Its Purpose!
C'mon, we know you've got this one figured out! Now that your sex swing is up and you've thought about safety, you get to reward yourself by enjoying some hot sex in it. Try out all sorts of positions including a suspended missionary, doggy style, and others. Don't forget that you can use the floor to your advantage by lowering the swing closer to the ground. Use it to offer kinky "on top" positions and more! Don't limit yourselves to just intercourse either. The swing can be used for oral and other types of foreplay as well – even for spanking, fisting, or sex toy use!

What Sex Furniture Is Best for Me?

Think About What the Sex Furniture is For
Similar to other types of sex toys, the sex furniture you're going to want to purchase needs to match up with what you're purchasing it for. If you want furniture for G-spot stimulation, you probably shouldn't purchase a flat surface that's designed for padding for floor activities. Match up your expectation with your purchase. When shopping for the sex furniture, imagine how your bodies will match up while using it. Will this finally get things where you want them to be - or do you think the furniture might just end up being too tall/short for your heights? Make sure you have some good ideas in mind for using the particular piece of furniture you're buying. Many sex furniture manufacturers create sex position guides to go along with their furniture just for that reason. They want you to have fun too! So make sure to do a quick search on their websites to see if you can glean some inspiration from what other people have already done.

Choose Between Inflatable or Uninflatable Sex Furniture
Choosing between inflatable and uninflatable furniture will come down to a couple of factors: budget and discretion. Inflatable furniture tends to be much-more-prone to breaking and rarely performs as well as the non-inflatable versions. However, non-inflatable items will cost more and will be more difficult to store discreetly.

Contemplate Discretion
Aside from choosing between an inflatable or uninflatable piece of sex furniture, there are other things that can make sex furniture more or less discreet. A large, 4-foot piece of furniture is certainly going to be a lot harder to hide from prying eyes - unless you've come up with a good reason for using that piece of furniture in a non-sexual manner. If you're worried about someone regularly seeing your furniture, look at the labeling and design of the furniture and think about how you could use larger pieces in non-sexual manners. If that isn't possible, make sure you've found a place in the back of your closet to hide your furniture.

Research Cleaning
You're having sex on this furniture. That means, just like your bed sheets, you need to consider how you'll clean your sex furniture. Some pieces are specifically designed to be easy to clean. For example, many of the Liberator pieces feature zip-off covers that can be popped into the washing machine. Other items may be "wipe down only". If you enjoy particularly messy sex, consider getting a waterproof blanket (such as the Liberator Throe) and tossing it over the furniture before use. This will save you the hassle of cleaning the entire piece of furniture after every use - just clean the blanket! Before picking up a piece of sex furniture, consider how much effort you're willing to put into keeping it clean and select furniture that matches that effort.

Read Up on Reviews
Finally, you want your piece of sex furniture to actually achieve what you're hoping to achieve. Since you can't test out furniture and return it if it doesn't work (unfortunately!), you'll need to rely on reviews for this one. See what others have to say, and compare it to what you're expecting from the furniture. Consider cleaning, how well it works for positioning, if it works for your body type (tall, plus-sized, etc.), how well it can be hidden, how much the item compresses when weight is put on it, and other similar things. If the retailer you're purchasing from doesn't have a ton of reviews, consider making a Google search to read more reviews. It's worth being more-informed about your purchase - especially if you're buying a very expensive piece.

How Much Should I Spend?

Unlike many other sex toys, prices for sex furniture largely depends on the size and complexity of the piece you're looking to purchase. If you're interested in a particular design, make sure to check out the material and reviews and spend as much as you can comfortably afford. In the case of sex furniture, your budget will mostly need to adjust depending on what type of item you're looking to afford, but this guide can help you figure out the basics.


The least expensive of the sex furniture items fall between $15 and $50 - and aren't really "furniture" pieces. These items tend to include strap systems including behind-the-head straps for enhanced missionary, waist straps for deeper penetration during doggy style, and more. Specially designed pillowcases for sex play (waterproof, PVC) would also fall under this category.


If you spend between $55 and $120, you'll begin to unlock some of the simplest and smallest, non-deflatable sex furniture pieces. However, nobody said "small" was a bad thing! A wedge-type design, such as the Liberator Wedge, is one of the most affordable sex furniture pieces, and it has easily become one of the most-recommended pieces for G-spot penetration and better positioning. Some larger pieces of inflatable sex furniture may also be included in this category.


Between $120 and $400 is where most sex furniture will fall. Good-quality sex swings and large-sized inflatable sex furniture will fall into the lower half of this price range. Most metal bondage contraptions and large-sized non-inflatable sex furniture will fall into the higher end of this category, however. Full bedspread sheet sets for bondage and sex (such as the Sportsheets sets) will also fall into this category.


Spending over $400 isn't as difficult as you think when it comes to sex furniture. After all, people spend thousands of dollars on new furniture for their home - what makes you think sex furniture has lower material costs? Consider sex furniture in this category to be the larger, human-sized pieces of sex furniture that would take up as much space as some of your non-sex furniture. This would include large, couch-like bean bags designed for sex, large cages or bondage beds specifically designed for restraint, large loungers, sex machines, and more.

When it comes to sex furniture, most of your selection is going to depend on personal preference. After all, there are so many different types of sex furniture - and they all look pretty different. We hope our Sex Furniture Buyer's Guide has started to point you in the right direction and given you some things to think about as you select your new toys. Of course, in this case, don't forget to enjoy the ride!