Screaming O FingO's

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By: Screaming O

Screaming O FingO's - A powerful finger vibrator with multiple textures.

A powerful finger vibrator with multiple textures.

Screaming O FingO’s™ are available in three unique textures - each FingO offers a different sensation and will achieve maximum results when used simultaneously. Start off teasing with the “Tingly”, then ride the waves with the “Wavy”, and finally bringing it home screaming with the “Nubby”. Whether used solo or during intercourse, the perfectly snug FingO stretches to fit any size finger and features a perfectly angled tip that really hits the spot every time. The FingO’s are made from the highest quality silicone and use the popular Screaming O Super-powered Bullet so clean up is easy and batteries are replaceable (80 minute battery life.)

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Review: No Screaming Os Just Oh, Nos

Rating: 2

The FingO has a bigger and stronger motor. I liked the little soft and nubby fingertip points on it that vibrate like crazy. Like the FingO tips, its pinpoint focus got the opposite set of lips begging for attention when I had it buzzing on the other side.   (Go read the full review.)