Screaming O FingO Tips

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By: Screaming O

Screaming O FingO Tips - Small, discreet and disposable finger vibrators.

Small, discreet and disposable finger vibrators.

Screaming O FingO Tips micro vibrating massagers literally put pleasure at your fingertips with a comfortable strap to keep the toy in place! Fun for foreplay or intimate enhancement, FingO Tips are discreet and disposable and the perfect teeny tiny sex toy for couples of all kinds!

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Review: No Screaming Os Just Oh, Nos

Rating: 5

I thought the FingO Tips was fun at first. It has a light, buzzy vibration that’s pleasant, relaxed me, made me feel more mentally centered, and allowed me to get up and on with the rest of my day. However, when I turned it on for a second time, it was already beginning to peter out. I was really hoping to get at least two uses out of it. I got about a good 10-15 minutes out of it.   (Go read the full review.)