Minna Ola

A unique wand-style vibrator that lets the user program personalized vibration patterns.

Minna Ola - A unique wand-style vibrator that lets the user program personalized vibration patterns.


Minna Ola is a versatile vibrator that uses squeeze technology to control vibration, vibration pattern and intensity. Its entire smooth, waterproof silicone body vibrates, allowing it to be used internally, externally or anywhere at all. Its unique controls also make it great for couples. It is fully rechargeable and made of body-safe materials.



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Reviewed by Slutty Girl Problems on December 9, 2014

Awesome Pressure-Controlled Vibe

The technology of the Minna Ola is so unique and incredible that I can’t help but love the concept of this toy. But, especially for the lofty price of $149, there are a few things I would change to make me really love it. A more curved shape that follows a “U” shape rather than an “S” shape would be better much more pleasurable for g-spot thrusting. I also would have preferred a larger range of vibrations, with stronger vibrations at the end. I also would have loved some extra button that allowed me to record and save a pattern, rather than it disappearing after. But, I still really really really love the technology – I just can’t love it in it’s current form. Kind of like a really cute, smart guy with great ambition… but he just can’t seem to get the job done. On the bright side, I love that this vibe is waterproof, made of nice-feeling silicone, holds charge well, can create unique patterns, and is touch-activated (especially fun for partner play). I would love to see this technology on other kinds of vibrators – stronger vibes, curved vibes, textured vibes, rabbit vibes… but for now, the Minna Ola is wonderful, high-quality luxury vibe that is perfect for someone seeking a unique experience, and has the cash to spare.


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Reviewed by Reenie B on December 2, 2014

The Minna Ola...a beatbox for your vag!

When I first saw Minna Ola, I freaked out. I thought my g-spot was going to die. I know, it sounds pretty extreme. But the shape just seemed way too weird to be inserted inside my vagina, and I was getting these painful pictures in my mind. Let my brain verbalize what I was visualizing so you get an idea: “Who the hell would shove that upward squary looking thing inside themselves? Even the handle looks as though it would do a better job… Seriously, ouch! My g-spot would be poked to death by that thing.” Ya…



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