Minna Limon

By: Minna

Minna Limon - A beautiful, powerful vibrator equipped with squeeze technology.

A beautiful, powerful vibrator equipped with squeeze technology.

Minna Limon is a unique, ergonomic vibe designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Its soft, silicone exterior responds to the user's touch; the harder it's squeezed, the more intensely it vibrates. It also allows you to record and play back custom vibration patterns. Limon is fully waterproof, rechargeable and made with high-quality body-safe silicone.

Waterproof:  Yes
Phthalate Free:  Yes
Power:  Rechargeable

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Self-Controlled via Pressure Pads - but Too Light!

Rating: 8

The Minna Limon is very similar to the Minna Ola – just smaller. It has many of the same features – soft silicone, unique touch page technology, waterproof, and USB rechargeable. The only difference is the design and a slightly less powerful vibration. Overall, the unique technology is the main draw of this toy. It’s really cool to have user-controlled vibrations at your fingertips, especially when you can record different patterns. But, for the price of $119, I would want stronger vibrations and the ability to record and save a pattern, rather than it disappearing entirely after just one use. I really really really love the technology – especially when used with a partner – but a few more tweaks to the features would have me really falling in love with the rest of the toy, rather than just the technology. If you have the cash to spare for a luxury vibe, and are looking for a unique experience, I would recommend the Minna line – but personally, I would probably spend the extra $30 to get the Minna Ola, because it’s stronger and has more versatility.   (Go read the full review.)

Review: Minna Limon

Rating: 5

I would have given up on other vibrators a lot sooner but I just couldn’t turn my back on the Limon. Plus, I needed to know what it was about this vibrator that was so totally wrong for me.   (Go read the full review.)

Squeeze To Your Heart's Content

Rating: 7

I joke that the Minna Limon is the kind of vibrator you can “Set and Forget.” Unlike most vibrators, the Limon does not come with settings or patterns. You get to custom make them! You can make it as strong or as light you want, with as much or as little variation.   (Go read the full review.)