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Masturbating is more than giving yourself a hand. Male masturbators (also known as "pocket pussies") bring a whole new level of pleasure to self love by providing new sensations - and easier cleanup.

While sex toys for men are more often mentioned in comedy routines than when speaking seriously about pleasure, many men find themselves pleasantly (and orgasmically!) surprised when they try their first male masturbation sleeve. Not only can these sleeves (also known as "pocket pussies") provide a sensation similar to intercourse, but they can vibrate, make clean-up easier, and provide a sensual visual! Ready to take that step for yourself? This guide can help get you started on finding the best way to step into the world of men's masturbation sleeves.

How To Choose a Male Masturbation Sleeve or Pocket Pussy

While the basic design of a male masturbation sleeve seems, well, "basic", lots of companies have added their own personal spin to the standard, tunnel-like design. There are so many on the market, that as you begin to shop for the best addition to your toy box, you might start feeling overwhelmed by all of the options.

Some sleeves may be equipped with vibrations while others may be made with realistic features. A different sleeve may designed to to "increase your stamina" while the listing next to it offers a disposable, one-time-use sleeve. It's impossible to "try out" your potential masturbation sleeve before purchasing, but by knowing what options and possibilities are out there, you can narrow down your search to some of the best options.

Here are some questions to help you find the best male masturbation sleeve or pocket pussy for your needs:

  • What would you like your sleeve to look like?
  • How much do you have to spend?
  • Are you intro vibrations?
  • Will you be willing to put a lot of time into cleaning it?

Pocket Pussies: Realistic Vaginas and Asses

The most populated category of all masturbation sleeves, Realistic Vaginas and Asses category includes masturbation sleeves with an anatomically-correct exterior for a lovely visual during use. Some of these sleeves may only include the vulva and vagina itself while other, larger toys may include a small torso for a more life-like experience. These sleeves may offer flesh-like coloring as well.

Consider the Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady or the Sasha Grey Deep Penetration Vibrating Pussy and Ass.

Masturbation Sleeves

For those who prefer the focus to be on the sensation, standard masturbation sleeves are where it's at. Without any decorated orifice, these sleeves are purely focused on the texture or design found on the inside of the sleeve. (They're also a lot less embarrassing if you leave one lying around!) Some may focus solely on vibrations while others may offer the stroking, up-and-down experience male masturbation sleeves are known for.

Some top choices in this category include:

Blowjob Imitators

If oral stimulation holds a special place in your heart, the Blowjob Imitators may be your favorite sleeves. Specially designed to simulate oral sex, the internal textures may feature the sensational ridging throats are known for while the external orifice may resemble a soft pair of lips.

Consider looking at the Fleshlight Swallow textures or the Sasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pal for the best in Blowjob Imitators.

How Do I Use a Male Masturbation Sleeve or Pocket Pussy?

Great question! Here's how to get started.

Set Up
Before getting ready to enjoy your male masturbation sleeve, you should gather everything you might need. As it might be hard to put down your toy (especially once lubricated!), getting everything in advance will make your experience that much more pleasurable. Consider a couple of paper towels, something to wipe off your hands, your bottle of lubricant, the toy itself, and any adult material you may want to heighten the experience.

Unlike a human body, a male masturbation sleeve can't lubricate itself. This means you'll need to take the task upon yourself. Before playing with your sleeve, pour some lubricant on your fingers and slide them into the toy, lubricating all around the entrance and the inside of the sleeve. After you've lubricated the sleeve, you'll want to add some of this lubricant to your penis as well. Water-based lubricant tends to work great with most sleeves. You may want to wipe off your lubricated hand to better grip the sleeve after you're done lubricating the toy. Be prepared to add more lubricant later on if your masturbation session is going to be a lengthy one.

Fire Away!
Now that you've done all of your preparation, it's time to actually enjoy your new sex toy! Experiment and find what you enjoy most. Depending on the masturbation sleeve or pocket pussy you have, you may be able to vary your grip's tightness to add new sensations. Otherwise, you can always vary the length and speed of each stroke to try out the different sensations that your toy can provide.

Clean Your Masturbation Sleeve or Pocket Pussy
Once you've finished using the toy, it's time to clean it up (unless you've purchased a disposable male masturbation sleeve). I know it can be tempting to put this step off until later, but I promise, everything gets harder to clean up later. At the very least, fight through that post-orgasmic haze and run water through the toy. When you're fully ready to clean the toy, make sure to follow the manufacturers' instructions. Fleshlights, for example, can be ruined if you use standard household soaps on the material. Most masturbation sleeves, however, can be cleaned with standard, gentle anti-bacterial soap. Thoroughly clean the sleeve both inside and out. Allow the sleeve to sit out and entirely dry before putting it back into storage.

What Should You Think About Before Purchasing a Male Masturbation Sleeve?

While the male masturbation sleeve market isn't flooded with options like other types of sex toys, it can still be intimidating to plan on making your first purchase. With so many toys that look similar to one another, we want you to feel comfortable narrowing down your options. Consider some of these things to slim down your choices:

Contemplate the Entrance
Do you prefer to look at a specific orifice? If you're looking for the realistic route, sleeves are offered with a vulva, anal, and oral design. If you'd prefer a non-realistic route, some sleeves offer a standard, non-descript hole or patterned entrance. Since the outside and the entrance to the sleeve are going to be what you see most often, you should put some time into figuring out what you're into visually.

Check the Material
While material on a sleeve may not be as important as insertable toys, it's still worth considering. Low-quality materials like Jelly or PVC may have a strong scent and may begin to break down after only a few uses. They also can potentially stain light fabrics or furniture. While silicone or high-quality materials may be more expensive, they will likely last longer, be phthatlate-free, and allow peace of mind for cleaning and storage.

Read: Phthalates: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

Think About the Suction
Suction is a big part of how much you'll enjoy your male masturbation sleeve or pocket pussy. Higher-end toys may offer unique "suction control" designs while many affordable options will just be equipped with the suction they're made with. Open-ended designs (where both sides of the sleeve are open to air) will provide less suction while close-ended designs (where only one side of the sleeve is open to air) will provide tighter suction.

Reflect on the Grip
Do you want to be able to vary the pressure and sensation as you use the sleeve by using your hand – or are you OK with a hard exterior case that makes it easier to handle the toy but may not allow for precise pressure adjustments? While being able to add your own pressure sensations with every stroke might be nice, the soft, thin materials that this requires may make it difficult to use your sleeve with one hand for full, long thrusts.

Know Your Tolerance for Cleaning Your Sex Toys
How much time are you willing to put into cleaning? If you want a "one and done" toy, you need to consider disposable male masturbation sleeves like Tenga Eggs. Otherwise, be prepared to clean out your toy after every use. Sleeves with a "closed" design may offer more suction, but they also will require more effort to thoroughly clean. Open-ended designs allow you to run water throughout the entire tunnel for easy rinsing. Some materials may also require more care. Make sure to quickly glance over the manufacturer's cleaning instructions before purchasing. A Fleshlight requires additional powdering and soap in order to keep it in the most-realistic shape as possible while cheaper masturbation sleeves just need to a quick bath in household soap and warm water.

Consider Vibrations
Some male masturbation sleeves are going to offer optional vibration capabilities. Some sleeves do this by offering a built-in sleeve hole where you can add your own bullet vibrator while higher-end toys offer built-in vibrators. If you think vibrations might be pleasurable for you, consider prioritizing toys that offer vibrations. Remember, though, that you can always try to add a well-sized bullet vibrator into the end of any masturbation sleeve to try to add vibrations to its entire length. (This DIY solution may work with some combinations of toys and may not work with others.)

How Much Toy Should You Purchase?

How much can you spend on a male masturbation sleeve or pocket pussy? Toys can vary widely by price. As with most items on the market, it's worth spending a bit of extra cash in order to get a higher-quality item. Consider adding as much as you can to your masturbation sleeve budget. More expensive toys are more likely to be durable, made of safer materials, have intricate/tight interiors, and have more detailed exteriors.


The least expensive male masturbation sleeves tend to run under $10. These types of sleeves will be made of particularly flimsy materials and may smell odd. In fact, many of these sleeves are designed to be single-use or only hold up to a few uses – even if that fact isn't included in the marketing material. They can be great for travel-friendly masturbation sessions - or just to give male masturbation sleeves a try without breaking the bank. Expect them to be disposable, though. One high-quality option in this price point is the Tenga Egg. It's disposable, but it's made of body-safe materials.


Once you start to look into spending between $15 to $40, you can get a non-disposable male masturbation sleeve. While these sleeves will still be made of lower-quality materials and may have more of a scent to them, they can usually be washed out and cleaned for multiple sessions. The orifices of these sleeves may not look particularly realistic, and most sleeves in this range will be soft-material masturbation sleeves without an exterior case (which makes it easier to vary the pressure of your own grip). Consider the Doc Johnson Platinum Tru Stroke or the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost.


The most-commonly purchased category, masturbation sleeves in this category will run between $40 to $100. Including the ever-popular Fleshlights, sleeves purchased from this category will tend to be durable, made of high-quality materials, and will begin to feel exceptionally life-like. They may also offer adjustable suction ability, and may be equipped with optional vibrations. Sleeves from this price range will also be designed more carefully, and include clever interior textures - leading to a tighter grip and more pleasure during use. Expect these sleeves to last three to five years with regular use with the proper care. Consider the Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady, Pink Mouth or Pink Butt. The Tenga Fliphole is another popular option.


There are only a few really high end masturbation sleeves and pocket pussies available on the market at this point. Male masturbation sleeves in this luxury range tend to cost more than $100. These toys may offer particularly high-tech options such as the ability to control the sensations/stroking of the masturbator from an online app. A couple of very highly rated options in this category include the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo and the Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2.

That's it for our Male Masturbation Sleeve Buyer's Guide! We hope you've found some good points to think about and have a better idea about where to start looking for the best male masturbation sleeve

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