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LELO MONA 2 - A powerful G-spot vibrator with a punch.
LELO MONA 2 - A powerful G-spot vibrator with a punch. LELO MONA 2 - A powerful G-spot vibrator with a punch. LELO MONA 2 - A powerful G-spot vibrator with a punch.

A powerful G-spot vibrator with a punch.

LELO MONA 2 is a powerful vibrator designed to hug all the right curves and stimulate the G-spot. Its larger size is perfect for those who like a full feeling. It provides six vibration modes in a fully rechargeable silicone body.

Vibrator Material:  Pure Silicone, ABS Plastic
Material Safety:  Phthalate free, Latex free, Non-porous
Vibrator Special Features:  Waterproof
Power:  Rechargeable
Insertable Length:  4.3 inches
Vibrator Functions:  Vibrating, Pulsating, Wireless, Multi-speed, Multi-pattern
Circumference:  1.5 inches
Width:  5.00"
Height:  4.00"
Length:  8.70"

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A vibrator so good, I have two back-ups of it

Rating: 10

It is rare that a toy be just as good internally as it is externally. That a toy be so truly versatile. The raised portion of the shaft is perfect for lying between my labia, and that same ridge can reach my G-spot with no effort whatsoever. This is the first time in history that I own more than one of the same toy so I can ensure I'm never without one. That, right there — yes, that is love.   (Go read the full review.)

Review: LELO MONA 2

Rating: 10

Not only the best vibrator LELO makes but one of the best G-spot vibes, period.   (Go read the full review.)

Beautiful, Versatile, and Works Really Damn Well

Rating: 9

I have wanted a Mona 2 for years now, pretty much since it was released. I’ve seen so many reviewers rave about it, call it their favorite, their “holy grail sex toy,” and I knew I needed it in my life. And when it finally arrived on my doorstep, I was over the moon. I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally get my hands on this thing. And the coolest part was that it totally lived up to the hype for me.   (Go read the full review.)

Review: Mona 2 - The only vibrator you really need...

Rating: 10

What I love most about my orgasms is the pleasure that washes over me as my muscles start contracting. That uncontrollable spasm in my vagina carries through the rest of my body, making it impossible for my legs to hold me. When I get time to myself, I cannot wait to shove my Mona 2 against my eagerly awaiting clit, until I am overcome by just glorious pleasure.   (Go read the full review.)

One Simple Vibrator That Understands Diversity in Pleasure

Rating: 9

Now that I’ve become more in tune with my body (including my G-spot area), I can safely say that the Mona 2 greatly surpasses my expectations in the realm of blended orgasms. I have proudly joined the sex blogging cult that worships this amazing toy.   (Go read the full review.)

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