LELO LUNA Beads - A simple, elegant Kegal strengthening system.

A simple, elegant Kegal strengthening system.

LELO LUNA beads are a Kegel weights system that provide an update on the classic Ben Wa balls. These smooth, weighted balls are secured in a silicone harness with a string, making for easier insertion and removal. They also come in a mini size for women under 30 or those who have not given birth.

Sexual Enhancers Material:  Pure Silicone, ABS Plastic
Sexual Enhancers Material Safety:  Phthalate-free, Latex-free
Sexual Enhancers Special Features:  Waterproof, Multi-function

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A supremely awesome addition to everyday activities

Rating: 9

The sensation of the balls vibrating inside their plastic housings is so exciting and interesting. It makes my vagina say, “hello, I exist!” I dance, rock in my desk chair, and walk around the apartment aimlessly. I can't get enough of the feeling.   (Go read the full review.)

Let's Dance with These Beads!

Rating: 9

These. Balls. Are. Nuts. No really. They drive me crazy. They transform me from a couch potato to a moving maniac. I want to tell you to go buy it LIVE. But that’s not really how it works eh?   (Go read the full review.)

The Best Kegel Beads

Rating: 9

Hula hooping with my Luna Beads in is probably my favorite activity, but even just walking feels pretty delicious. Whether you want Kegel beads for exercise, stimulation, or both, these are definitely the ones I’d recommend. They’re a classic for good reason.   (Go read the full review.)