Jopen Key Charms

A luxury bullet vibrator with a textured feel.

Jopen Key Charms - A luxury bullet vibrator with a textured feel.


Jopen Key Charms is a luxury bullet vibrator. This toy stimulates the clit and comes with a variety of patterned sleeves, for added texture. Whisper quiet, this is a discreet toy with a one year warranty. The Jopen Key is waterproof, comes with a luxury storage bag and requires one AA battery.

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Reviewed by Slutty Girl Problems on December 9, 2014

Light Vibrations, High Quality Feel

Jopen’s “Key Charms” line is the latest in luxury bullet vibrators for review. Each petite vibe comes with a unique sleeve, from featuring plush, silk, and lace-themed designs. I tried the Silk version, in egg shell blue. As a “luxury” bullet, I expected this Jopen bullet to wow me. It came in sleek packaging, advertising “Small Package, Big Reward”, which got my hopes up even more because my favorite bullets are actually very tiny and still powerful. The box, carrying pouch, and even the bullet itself are all very luxurious. If presentation was everything, this would have the highest rating out there. Yet, if you’re basing your decisions on your visual judgments, then you are about to be sorely let down. It’s definitely not the best vibrator. The vibrators are weak, even though that materials are high quality. This might be a good vibrator for a beginner… but if you already have a bullet that you love and gets you off, skip right by this one and forget it even passed your eyes. If you’re looking for a bullet with light-vibrations, high-quality materials, great packaging, and a good warranty – this vibe may be for you.



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