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A realistic vibrator with an ergonomic handle for a better grip.

A realistic vibrator with an ergonomic handle for a better grip.

Fun Factory The Boss is an extremely realistically-shaped dildo. From the engorged veins on the shaft to the well-rounded, smooth head, this vibrator has been specially shaped to resemble a real penis. Equipped with an ergonomic handle feature for a much better grip, it delivers a highly intuitive control and offers eight adjustable vibration intensities. The Boss also features three powerful vibration programs to help your body escalate towards orgasm. Extremely powerful yet discreet and quiet, this battery-operated waterproof vibrator is made from 100% grade silicone.

Waterproof:  Yes
Power:  Replaceable Batteries

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Ideal G-Spotting Dildo

Rating: 10

The Fun Factory Boss is an incredible dildo in all respects. High-quality materials, fabulous design, and a suction cup base. Who could ask for more?! The curves of the head are designed perfectly for maximum pleasure, and the material is simply divine. It’s a great toy for thrusting and fullness, which is a hard combination to come by. I’d absolutely recommend this toy to anyone looking to explore their g-spot with a toy that will easily rival your most well-endowed partners. It’s beyond fabulous – and quick to become a favorite in my personal naughty drawer.   (Go read the full review.)