By: Fun Factory

FUN FACTORY STRONIC EINS - An impressively powerful toy with a rounded tip for easy insertion.

An impressively powerful toy with a rounded tip for easy insertion.

Fun Factory Stronic Eins is a tantalizing, fully submersible waterproof vibrator from the Fun Factory. Designed for women, this toy boasts of deep thrusting motions that are even better than the real thing. The back and forth movements are enhanced by the ten stimulation patterns that can be adjusted with a mere flick of the finger. With an easy stop and start option, the Stronic Eins is made from the best grade medical silicone and is fully rechargeable. Instead of sticking to the same boring rhythm, this perfectly shaped pulsator gradually intensifies to ease your body into a deliciously smouldering orgasm. Full of alluring promises, the Stronic Eeins and can be used alone or with a partner.

Power:  Not Powered
Vibrator Functions:  Pulsating

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A Bedtime Story (with orgasms)

Rating: 9

The first time I held the Fun Factory Stronic Eins in my hands I blurted out "this is the dream!" but it wasn't until I tested it that I got how that dream actually works... and why masturbation is the adult equivalent of bedtime stories.   (Go read the full review.)

Review: Fun Factory Stronic

Rating: 10

Stronic review the short version: YES. GOOD. BUY ONE. MONTHS after receiving it them I still can’t formulate words to explain how awesome it is. I’m so sorry but it’s just that good.   (Go read the full review.)