Electro Sex

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Electrostimulation involves applying mild electrical currents to the body for the purpose of sexual stimulation. It includes TENS units, violet wands, e-stim machines and sex toys that can be electrified.

Most people automatically associate the sensation of electro-sex with electrocution - and if that's how it actually felt, we don't think anybody would ever try it twice! Electro-sex is a gentle, soft, and controlled application of electric currents for an arousing and sexual experience – nothing at-all like electrocution.

Here's our electro-sex buyer's guide for tips on buying your first toy.

Upon trying a Violet Wand or TENS Unit for the first time, most people will associate it with the light run of fingernails along the skin - and will quickly proclaim they want to try it again!

The lower settings will produce enjoyable sensations that can range from shiver-inducing touches along the skin to a tickling sensation. The electricity will activate nerve endings for a sensation that's arousing in its own way - and nothing like your skin has felt before.

However, most devices will also offer higher settings. Not for the faint of heart, these can be used to add a bit of "zip" to any scene - similar to the stinging that can be felt after a hard hit from a wooden paddle. These stronger settings can cause muscles to involuntarily contract for an odd (and unique) sensation of being unable to control some of your body temporarily. (In fact, these involuntary muscle contractions are the reason people use TENS Units for medical reasons!)

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Using Electro-Sex Toys Safely

When using any type of electro-sex toy, using it properly is key to a safe experience. Get your hands on as much electro-sex knowledge as possible before giving this type of play a try.

Knowing where to use the toy is key as well. Experts recommend keeping electro-sex play "below the waist" - especially as a beginner. This keeps electricity away from the heart and head – which are pretty vital organs and not something you want to mess with. Lucky for us, that leaves all of the genitals and the butt open for play. You should also avoid anything that's conductive - including any irremovable piercings or left-on jewelry.

When you first start with a toy or you've started using a new attachment or sensation, start at the lowest settings, and slowly increase intensity as you continue playing. This ensures you don't overload yourself (or your partner) too quickly, and it will avoid any burns or unpleasant experiences.

Some people are really sensitive to electricity while others have a high tolerance. Starting softly will allow you to figure out which one you are while still keeping things pleasurable. There's no point in unintentionally causing pain to someone. If you want to zap them a little intensely, make sure you mean to!

If you're playing with an insertable toy or any other toy on the skin, make sure the toy is fully in place before starting the electrostimulation. A power level that's normally comfortable when the toy is fully in place may become painful when the toy isn't in place yet (because there's only a little bit of area for the same amount of power to flow through, so it's a lot more concentrated).

However, once you've started, there's no "maximum" length you can play! As long as both people are comfortable and enjoying the sensations, you can play with electro-sex as long as you both want to (and as long as the toy allows!) Especially with Violet Wands, you may need to take a break if the handle starts feeling a bit hot. A quick break will allow the wand to cool down and be ready for use again.

This last bit of advice will depend on the type of electro-sex toy you're choosing to explore. When playing with a Violet Wand, ensure that you're constantly moving the wand around the body to avoid burning a single area. The constant movement will feel best to the recipient as well. When playing with a TENS unit or e-stim toys, ensure that you're using water-based lube for the best results. Silicone-based lube will deaden the sensation while going lube-less may result in burns or your electro-pads not making a good connection.

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Are You Ready for Electrosex?

Electricity is inherently dangerous. However, much like many of us operate or are around vehicles on a daily basis, there's a certain amount of risk that we all accept into our lives in order to have enjoyable and fulfilling experiences. Electro-sex is no different. While it can be extremely sexual and orgasmic, it can also be dangerous if things go wrong. As long as you're careful, however, the worst thing you'll have to deal with is a minor burn (and even that's rare!)

Having a first aid kit is something that will translate to every electro-sex experience you have. Plus, you really should just have one around your home. Pick up a first aid kit from the store, and ensure that you have everything you need to treat electricity burns. Most electricity burns that you'd care for at home can just be cared for the same as any other minor burn. You'll want access to water, dry gauze, aloe vera, an antibiotic, and an ice pack in your first aid kit. Once you have all of the physical stuff, make sure you're familiar with the procedures that go along with using them for actually treating the burn as well.

Once you've prepared the physical, it's time to know about the recipient's background. Whether you're an electro-sex toy on yourself or on your partner, you need to think about health history. Anything that's conductive or electric in or on the body (like a pacemaker, IUD or bone replacements) are a giant no-no. While electro-sex play for someone with a pacemaker should never be done, with other types of concerns (IUD, bone replacement), you can just play in areas that are far away from the metal. Most experts also recommend avoiding any type of electric exposure for pregnant women or anyone with heart problems.

The last preparation step is entirely mental. Some people genuinely have fears about electricity, and it only takes the low hum when you turn on a Violet Wand to send them into a panic attack. Check in with your partner to see if they've had any previous negative experiences with household electricity, tasers, or other electrical devices. Some people can't predict how they'll react when near electro-sex toys, but it's always good to make sure you address any existing anxieties, fears or phobias.

Prepping for Electro-Sex Play

Before you do anything else, you should know how to use your toys. It doesn't matter if you have a TENS Unit, Violet Wand, or some other type of toy, make sure you understand how it works, how to play safely with it, and what the best ranges for sexual use are. Make sure you know how to turn it on and off and how to know what intensity level it's already on.

Before playing with electricity, it's also best to remind your receiver not to wear any lotions or body oils. Especially if playing with a TENS unit, this can make it difficult for attachments like electrodes to stay, well, attached.

The last step needs to be done right before play. If your partner is still wearing clothing, make sure any electronics have been removed. Lastly, ensure that any metal objects near the play area have been removed - this includes belt buckles, piercings and jewelry.

Once you have that done, you're good to go!

What Type of Electro-Sex Toy is Best for Me?

Electric Wands
Best for the user who wants the most versatility and safety in a single toy, an electric wand offers lots of options and is easy to use. Since most of the electricity from a Violet wand delivers a surface sensation, it makes it harder to harm someone while playing - even if you're new. Since the wand can be constantly repositioned, you can easily move from stimulating one area to another area and use this toy as an additional accessory to a scene you had already planned.

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The most popular electric wand on the market today is the Kinklab Neon Wand. Known for being affordable and built with a modern design, this wand also offers an entire line of optional accessories for new types of sensation.

Kinklab Neon Wand
The kinklab Neon Wand

TENS Units
TENS units are best for those who enjoy deeper, non-surface sensations. Since the current goes between the pads that are placed on the skin, it's vital that you heed the warning to only play below the waistline. While TENS units can offer more intense and deeper sensations than Violet wands, they also require pads to be placed and kept firmly against the skin. These pads may be difficult to reposition, and the cords may get in the way. This makes a TENS Unit great as a stand-alone scene if you're not planning to try and do other things at the same time.

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Some TENS units may also offer optional e-Stim Toy accessories that can be plugged into the power supply, providing an inexpensive way to play with multiple types of e-stim. (While any e-stim toy will need to have some way to power it, choosing to power your new e-stim toys with an already-existing TENS unit will reduce the cost of each individual accessory.) The MyStim TENS Unit is an example of TENS unit that also offers other accessories - including penis rings, dildos, internal eggs, butt plugs, clamps, and more.

Mystim Tension Lover Tens Unit
Mystim's popular Tension Lover TENS unit

e-Stim Toys
If you already know where you'd like your e-Stim pleasure to be and you're not interested in much else, an e-stim toy is a great choice for you. e-stim toys are also fantastic options for people who want to experience their electro-stimulation during penetration as well. Unlike TENS units or Violet wands - which may offer more broad options - an e-stim toy is a specific type of sex toy that has electro-stimulation capabilities built-in. If you want a dildo that can offer electric-stimulation without the fuss of wires or other power sources, this is going to be what you want.

The Jimmyjane HELLO Touch X is a popular option here.

What Other Electro-Sex Accessories Should I Consider?

This depends a lot on what type of electro-sex device you have. A Violet wand might not be compatible with TENS unit accessories, so knowing what device you plan on purchasing makes it easiest to select accessories that will enhance your entire electro-sex experience.

That said, no matter what type of electro-sex device you have, a pedal foot power switch can make a huge difference for play - or in an emergency. With just a tap of the foot, you'll be able to cut the power to the electric device. For those who regularly switch Violet wand or TENS Unit attachments or who want to be as safe as possible, this inexpensive switch makes it simple to add another layer of security - and they're easy to find in-stores around the holiday season (for holiday lights and trees) or online year-round!

New Electrodes

Particular to a Violet wand, new electrodes allow you to experiment with new sensations and activities. You can switch out your current electrodes for any other electrode at any time, although safety experts recommend turning off and unplugging the wand before doing so - just in case. Electrodes may be made of glass or other conductive materials, and they can come in some really interesting designs! You can explore flogger electrodes, branding electrodes, concentrated electrodes, broad electrodes, and more!

New Attachments

When using a TENS unit or other electro-sex powerbox, there are always more attachments to explore! There are cock rings, butt plugs, nipple clamps, urethral sounds, dildos, and vibrators - all equipped to conduct an electrical current when attached to the power box. When choosing a new attachment, the most important part is to make sure that it's compatible with your particular powerbox. You risk personal health and breaking your electro-sex toy if the attachment isn't compatible, so do your homework!

Associated Items

While restraints or a blindfold aren't particularly electrifying themselves, they're fantastic accessories for your electro-sex play. Inexpensive and portable, just adding the inability to see or touch can change every spark that you give your partner. Make sure to avoid cuffs or blindfolds that include conductive material (such as metal) for everyone's safety.

That's all for our Electro-Sex Buyer's Guide! We hope you've found some good knowledge and safety information to help you know if this unique type of sexual pleasure is right for you.