Doxy Massager

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By: Doxy

Doxy Massager - A wand vibrator for powerful sensations.
Doxy Massager - A wand vibrator for powerful sensations. Doxy Massager - A wand vibrator for powerful sensations. Doxy Massager - A wand vibrator for powerful sensations.

A wand vibrator for powerful sensations.

Doxy Massager is the UK's answer to the Magic Wand. Made from aluminium and cast on-site, the weight and mechanism inside the Doxy's head means it rolls and rumbles, rather than buzzes. Offering powerful vibrations that penetrate deep into the body, it's extraordinarily effective when used as a general body massager, or for intimate intentions. While many find themselves satisfied with the lower settings, the Doxy can reach up to 9,000 RPM: it's the perfect tool for those who want the option to play hard and fast.

Vibrator Material:  Phthalate Free PVC
Material Safety:  Phthalate free, Latex free, Non-porous
Power:  Corded
Vibrator Functions:  Vibrating, Multi-speed, Multi-pattern

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A true workhorse of a vibrator

Rating: 8

Reliable, hardy, and obscenely powerful, the Doxy Massager is a brute-force attack on your genitals. Although It's not necessarily the features of the Doxy in particular that do it for me, I am an absolute sucker for having orgasms without removing my pants.   (Go read the full review.)

The Dawn of A New Era

Rating: 10

On Sept 7 2012 I got my Magic Wand and my sexual life changed. On Sept 7, 2014 I got my Doxy Wand and a whole new era dawned.   (Go read the full review.)

Powerful Hitachi Alternative

Rating: 8

Honestly, I’m a bit conflicted about the Doxy. I hate that it is made with PVC, a porous material that has me cringing when I think about it harboring germs and potentially seeping oil later in its life. I also hate that it’s relatively expensive, at $135, and not using a higher quality material. But other than that, I really do prefer the Doxy over the Hitachi. The vibrations are much more pleasurable for me, especially because I can set it to lower settings before going all the way with it’s highest intensity. I think it’s a fabulous toy for a gal that craves power, but also wants some more variety than a simple two speeds. I can’t say it’s more powerful than the Hitachi, but it’s definitely more pleasurable for me. I haven’t tried all the personal massagers out there – but this is definitely one that will stay up there in my favorites for a long, long time! That is, unless it starts leaking… If you have the cash to spare and love some powerful vibrations, the Doxy is a wonderful choice!   (Go read the full review.)

The standard against which all other wands are measured.

Rating: 10

After discovering the joy of Wand Massagers, the Doxy has become a product that I just simply cannot live without. Strong, versatile and just SO GOOD. It really has set the bar for wands extremely high.   (Go read the full review.)

Every Powerful and Ever Pleasing Doxy!

Rating: 9

Possibly one of the most popular items that I see get talked about on my Twitter timeline is the Doxy Massager and it’s name has pretty much become synonymous with the phrase “oh my fucking god!”. A great looking wand massager with a number of colour options available. Powerful & pleasing, you never knew you needed one!   (Go read the full review.)

The Doxy and my multiple orgasms!

Rating: 9

I have an insatiable need for phenomenal, ultimate power. I desire vibrations that penetrate deep into my clitoris and make my body tremble. I crave the power that only a few vibrators can truly claim they have. I want a masturbatory power tool! It’s why I revel in the insane vibrations the Doxy Massage Wand puts out.   (Go read the full review.)

The Doxy Skittle: Keep Calm and Vibe On!

Rating: 8

I wasn’t expecting much, I have used vibrating toys in my back end before so what makes the Doxy Skittle so different? Shortly after inserting the lubricated ‘nobble’ and switching on the vibes, I Unexpectedly started cumming. Mind you I wasn’t having an orgasm as far as I could tell ( I mean I should know right?) but there it was, my stomach was covered with my cum. The Doxy Skittle had managed to milk my prostate! It didn’t feel good, it didn’t feel bad, it just… happened. “Hmm” I said to myself “That’s new, Let’s see where this goes!”   (Go read the full review.)