California Exotics Packer Gear Black Boxer Harness

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By: California Exotics

California Exotics Packer Gear Black Boxer Harness - A boxer-style harness.

A boxer-style harness.

The Packer Gear Boxer Harness is a harness alternative that accommodates many different styles of packers. The discreet double panel allows for double penetration. The harness features soft and stretchy material with an internal strap to secure a packer in place. The boxers also has internal pockets designed for addition of a personal stimulator.

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Review: Packer Gear Brief Harnesses

Rating: 7

The future is now, and it is glorious. A future that involves comfortable, dysphoria-friendly, full-featured, washable, packing-friendly, underpants style strap-on harnesses for under $30. Yes, you read that right. The same price as a month of Crash Pad gets you an awesome pair of undies that you can pack AND fuck with. I love the future.   (Go read the full review.)