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Sex Stories We Love: Write It in a Letter, Get Your Motor Running, and Get Your Fill

Published: JULY 7, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
On this week's Sex Stories We Love, we've got some fun stories of sex!

This week’s edition of Sex Stories We Love (mostly) takes a trip on the lighter side of the world of sex. Let’s not forget that sex really should be fun and silly sometimes!


Write It in a Letter

It used to be that the inner workings of a couple's relationship were kept hush hush and, uh, under cover(s). Now, with blogs, sex tapes, podcasts, and reality shows, society has pulled back these covers to reveal so much about the nuts and bolts of people's sex lives. Most of the time it feels pretty salacious and uncomfortable—but at the same time a little titillating, too. That seems to have become the point of many of these public airings of sex lives: turn us on (and sell us product).

However, if you want to go back to a more (hardly) innocent time, check out the lost art of love letters from some very famous writers from the past. You’ll find sweet and you’ll find sexy. And some are downright pervy. They are certainly hotter than sexting or Instagram!

Get Your Motor Runnin'!

Are you ready to rock and roll with the world's loudest band? Now you can throw the devil horns with one hand and enjoy a new toy to give yourself some motorized head. In, what seems an odd coupling of rock and sex (although maybe it's not given this track of their debut album), Lovehoney announced a new line of Motörhead-themed vibrators.


Is this a shrewd marketing attempt to gain the attention of diehard fans or will people be very confused by this particular union? I suspect the former. Hell, I'm a sucker for sex toys that aren't the typical shades of pink, purple, and silver. Plus, any vibe that features a loud heavy metal band should deliver an intense, fist-pumpin’ good time. Take that how you want!

Get Your Fill

Just how much is enough? Of course, that varies on the person. If you’ve been to an all-you-can-eat-buffet, you can look around and see those who just aren’t getting their money’s worth and others who are so intent on maximizing their potential that they aren’t even enjoying the food anymore. It is all a matter of perspective and your own notion of personal satisfaction. The same goes for sex. We all assume we’re going to be happier, more fulfilled, and experience greater satisfaction if we ALL get more sexy times.

It stands to reason that if you like sex, you will want more of it. Recent studies show that it's just not true. Sex can be considered along the lines of everything else in life: you’re happy when you get your fill. More than that can just be overkill and actually make you unhappy.



How do you coin a new sexual phrase or term? Well, you just ask people! When a Swedish sexual health organization noted that there is no readily-used term for female masturbation, they decided to open a conversation. Of course, there are so many (mostly foolish) euphemisms for male masturbation, but there really isn't one for women. (Personally speaking, I think word "masturbation" works well.) So, after a public conversation, they decided on "klittra." Of course, this is a nod to the clitoris, the center of pleasure for many women. What do you think? Will you use it?

Words From Above

Aren't we all just looking and listening for the word to come down to us from on high? That illuminating decree so often depicted as coming to us from the sky and making all of our lives better?

Who knew that divine speech would be all about blowjobs?


You know those scenes in action movies when a police state takes over and choppers fly over head telling everyone to go home? Well, residents of Winnipeg were recently privy to a raunchy narrative all about fellatio.Two individuals in a Winnipeg Police Services helicopter accidentally turned on their loudspeaker and broadcast their sometimes raunchy, sometimes crude conversations while flying over parts of the city. Unfortunately, no recorded audio exists of this public outreach.

What, No Canoe?

Finally, on the home front, Canucks from coast to coast to coast celebrated Canada Day last week to the usual round of fireworks and hot sausages. Then, after we got out of bed, we gathered for fireworks and barbequed treats! There are many unique aspects about Canadians and many are highlighted in this cute but also possibly useful guide to stereotypically Canadian sex positions. It does help to know that they were verified by the incomparable Dr. Jess O’Reilly...but still. Some of these might leave you colder than an Ottawa winter. At the same time, some might make you wetter than Niagara Falls, eh?

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