We are lucky to live in an age of discovery and inquiry when it comes to sex. Sure, there are still some closed doors and challenges, but for the most part, we’re able to question the past to rethink the present and plan a better sexual future.

What Could Have Been

Christianity has always had a complicated relationship with sex ... or has it? We’ve recently wondered about the fellow who may have endured his final moments before the burial of Pompeii in the most enjoyable way, but there's more evidence of a diverse sexual society during the Roman era. As more is uncovered about sexual norms at this time, a new picture of Christianity’s attempts to regulate sex become clear. Given the massive influence Christian doctrine had due to rampant colonialism, one can’t help but wonder how different our current sexual world would be without the defining shift so long ago. Would we have maintained a more liberal attitude about sex? Would we also still have a social system where some folks were considered less valuable and then used as sexual objects? It is good to look to the past to learn about today’s situations, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll want to repeat it.

Muslim Sex Guide Making Waves

Those of the Christian faith aren’t the only ones who could benefit from a rethink of their connection to sex. As we learn more about the complexities of Muslim couples’ relationships, it is becoming clear that some folks are suffering from a lack of sexual discussion and education. This is not unlike many other faith-based couplings, regardless of the deity to whom they pray. Sex remains a topic that is not discussed and people move into marriage without a clue about sex. This is changing and an author who goes by the pen name Umm Muladhat has taken a bold first step by releasing a great sex guidebook for Muslim women called "The Muslimah Sex Manual: A Halal Guide to Mind Blowing Sex." Because it is a sensitive subject, the author has chosen to remain anonymous, but this effort is a great step in bringing needed sex education to couples.

Spirit Away

Something nearly every religion will have concerns with is people reporting sexual liaisons with supernatural beings and creatures. These reports aren’t limited to any one region or culture. We’ve got people gettin’ sweaty with beings, ghosts and even Satan himself all around the world. History seems filled with all kinds of reports and stories of supernatural couplings - some consensual and some not. Some folks are rightly traumatized by their encounters while others revel in them. I imagine the feelings afterward would greatly depend on the nature of the sex. If the Devil appears and has its way with you, you’re not likely to be looking forward to a return visit. However, a ghost that fills you with delightful erotic sensations might be fun - or least not merit a call to the Ghostbusters.

Things Just Got Surreal

Headline aside, the story of Salvador Dali’s remains being exhumed is a testament to our growing shift to using science to solve problems of a sexual nature. As with many men of prominence and reputed sexual appetites, there is the potential that Dali may have fathered children outside of this marriage. One woman believes her mother had an affair with the artist and that she is his daughter - and thus a rightful heir to part of his estate. If she had come forward when Dali was alive and genetic evidence gathering was not as advanced, he could have probably laughed off the suggestion because a man’s word was much more accepted. Yet science and sex are fantastic bedfellows and the evidence might be irrefutable.

Time to Pump You Up

It seems that every few months we learn something new about the relationship between pleasure and the vulva and vagina. And this is great! For far too long these body parts were, at best, neglected in our growing understanding of sex and, at worst, deemed to be inconsequential or not capable of pleasure. Now we’re learning more and more that the vulva and vagina can be stimulated in many different fun and pleasurable ways. Much focus in recent years has been on the clitoris, but this new research has demonstrated how vaginal pressure can be very exciting. It almost seems fitting, given the poor track record science has had when it comes to understanding the vagina, that this data was an accidental by-product of another experiment. Better by accident than never?

Less Sex Stats

Finally, one rethinking of sex we might want to rethink the rethink of is the downward trend of sexual frequency. There’s been a downward shift over the years in how often Americans are having sex. What is the cause? Is there just one? Is this progress or a setback?

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