“I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.” - Richard Feynman

Sex has always presented more questions than it has provided answers. We are now in a period of unprecedented questioning of all matters related to sex. It is hard. It is also necessary. This week's Sex Stories We Love will look at some of the big questions we're currently grappling with.

We're All Here

Are there any stones yet unturned? The #MeToo Movement laid bare the deepest cuts and sharpest hurt that women have endured since...forever. We are now hearing story after story of harassment, assault and abuse. There is much more to come. I can say that with confidence because there have to be more stories. Complicit male patterns are taught, learned, encouraged and enforced throughout our lives.

High profile performer Kelly Shibari recently announced an incident of sexually inappropriate behavior from a well-known sex educator. Her revelation has rocked the sex ed community, a group that pioneers active and enthusiastic consent and consent education. Someone from outside the community might be tempted to say, “But of course, those people.” Someone in the community might be tempted to say, “How could this happen withour people?” It’s all people, folks.

Naked Ain't Sex

What is one thing we all have in common? When we take our clothes off, we are all naked. Nude. Au naturel. In the buff. So, when the hell did it become such a huge issue to be naked? Well, you could go all the way back to the whole fig leaf story. I’m not sure how or if it happened with other cultures, but these days we’ve still got our knickers in a knot, whether we’re wearing them or they’re on the floor. Some folks in the Canadian city of Calgary tried to organize a family-friendly nude swim at a community center and learned just how deeply people equate nudity with sexuality. Yet, they are definitely not one and the the same. Sexuality does not happen just because of the absence of clothing and clothing does not negate the potential of sexuality just because junk is covered up. Fearing a bunch of people splashing in a pool naked lays bare an odd societal failing.

The Guide to Happy Hosting

What is the proper protocol for having sex while a guest in someone else’s house? I mean, if people are staying at my modest suburban abode, I would be disappointed to learn that they’d forgone sexytimes worrying that it might be inappropriate. No way! Go forth and mingle those thingles to your heart’s content! I want my guests to be comfortable. I usually do a big clean when people come over and I cook far nicer meals than I usually serve (sorry, family) so if these visitors are already getting the 5-star treatment, they should continue to revel in the lap of each other’s luxury. Also, for my friends out there reading this ... yeah ... I’ve probably had sex in your house.

Listening to Your Elders

Why has it taken so long to recognize that seniors still like to get it on? As a society, we have done a pretty good job of infantilizing our senior population. One of the main things we’ve done is take away the concept of older adult sexuality. The notion that we just don’t want it anymore after a certain age is pretty ridiculous. There is no age-dependent off-switch to sexual interest and desire. So it's been really cool to see the reactions to the main story arc of creating a sex toy suitable for seniors on the Netflix series "Grace and Frankie." Really, I’m not sure why companies haven’t jumped on this idea before. Sure, older folks are still DTF, but they may also have physical limitations that make that a challenge. There’s an opportunity here! Hopefully, the show is opening doors to new ideas.

Do It Right the First Time

Does Anyone Really Want a Male Sex Robot?” Now, writer Samantha Cole really gets to the point of a hot-button issue that has managed to transcend the world of sex to enter mainstream conversation. While nobody really expects these creations to be available anytime soon, the fact that a lot of talk is happening about all kinds of sex robots has us on the edge of our seats. Unfortunately, that curiosity is more morbid than sexual. It took decades for sex toys to escape the cis hetero male paradigm they’d been cast in. Is the same thing going to happen with male sex bots? If any company is serious about producing these devices, do they have women and gay men on their design teams? It only makes sense.

Nothing Else Matters

Finally, the only question here is why haven’t we seen the drum part from from "Enter Sandman" played with dildos before?

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