There is something happening somewhere in the world right now. And, yes, I mean sex. I always mean sex! Sex remains a constant, common subject to us all. This week's Sex Stories We Love looks at some important and unique stories about sex from all around the world.

Choice for Choice

Significant change is coming to Ireland. Just last week, the country held a referendum on whether to allow abortion - long outlawed in the predominantly Catholic country. After an overwhelmingly positive vote, Irish people of all ages gave women the option of choice. This is a question that jurisdictions around the world struggle with. In fact, the pro-choice / pro-life debate might be one of the most contentious debates around the world. Because of the heated and emotional nature of the topic, Ireland did the right thing by letting its people directly decide the outcome and upcoming change in the law. They chose a most democratic solution for a sexual subject as opposed to politicians making the decision without the input of their constituents. Choice won through choice.

Ideas of consent are still high on people's minds with the #MeToo movement continuing to spark debate and change throughout the world. Sweden recently voted to change its laws around rape and sexual harassment to remove proof of violence of vulnerability. With this new law, a person must give clear verbal or physical consent. This is a great step forward because it is an obvious step forward. Other countries left behind in updating consent laws look more and more barbaric. Here's hoping international pressure can be used to continue positive momentum for bodily rights.

The Whole Picture of Sex Work

Another widely controversial subject is the ongoing discussion of sex work and human trafficking. There is no clear, agreed understanding of where sex work ends and human trafficking begins because proponents on each side of the debate have differing views. One community organization in Halifax, Canada is working to blend some of the ideals from both viewpoints - to best help teens who are involved in sex work. Stepping Stone is taking a great leap forward by opening a program for teens as young as 16 who are participating in sex work. The program will help them make moves to leave sex work, if they choose, as well as offer guidance and help in navigating sex work, if they choose to be involved. Stepping Stones is acknowledging and understanding that this is not a simple solution issue.

Knackered Stereotype?

So, who's heard the one about the British guy who likes to be spanked? No, I don't mean a joke. I'm talking about a jolly good time! For years, the stereotype of British sexuality is a propensity for BDSM, specifically spanking. Some would call it the "British vice." The big question remains: does this characterization have any validity? Are British blokes any more likely to want a paddlin' than people from other countries? Well, nobody knows for sure. People from many different cultures are associated with different kinks and sexual interests, but has there ever been a study to compare culture sexual desires? In a way, that could be dangerous because characterizing one group on their sexual interests could be stigmatizing. If done right, though, we could learn a lot about different people around the world.

To the Death?

The next time you meet someone who says they want to die having sex, tell them about the antechinus. These little fellas do, literally, fuck to the death...and it does sound fund. In one of the more odd evolutionary states, these small Australian marsupials, the black-tailed dusky antechinus and silver-headed antechinus, embark on suicidal sex missions during mating while fending off rivals. Yet, between the marathon sex sessions, the chasing and the fighting, they become virtual zombies with their fur falling out and various body parts bleeding until their eventual demise. Ummm, fucking to death doesn't seem so great after all.

Do They Bring the Hose?

Finally, German firefighters are truly embracing modern first aid.

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