Sex can certainly get us all tied up into knots. Sometimes, literally, and some folks love that! If our bodies can bend that way, we can have sex that way. Settle into the wide world of sex positions in this week's Sex Stories We Love.

Position Personality?

Everyone has a different sex style. Slow or fast. Hard or soft. Loud or quiet. Adventurous or not. And, of course, any combination of these - and many more! We are all individuals. It only stands to reason that our desires and preferences in sexual pleasure will potentially relate to our general personalities. While this offering on favorite sex positions is fairly limited in scope (considering the positions you'll see in the other stories!) it does reveal a bit of how we view and understand sex and preferences. Is yours here? Does the description sound like you?

Reclaiming Missionary

Somewhere along the way, the missionary position got a bad reputation. Which is kind of funny because a bad reputation in sex means you're boring. Missionary is often associated with the "lights out, under the covers, make a baby" type of sex formerly prescribed as the only type of sex we should have. Of course, people were fucking in all kinds of different ways all along. When we started to unshackle ourselves from those antiquated views on sex, we acknowledged a wider diversity of ways to have sex. This doesn't mean there is anything inherently bad or dull with missionary. We just have to reclaim it! Really, the missionary position can offer many great sexytime possibilities.

Bendy Bits and Stretchy Sex

We zoom right ahead from the supposedly boring missionary into the incredibly wild casket, aquarius, and spider monkey sex positions! Now, most people who identify as sexually adventurous will work themselves up into some pretty bizarre configurations to enjoy sexual pleasure. If the body can bend that way, they will come. That said, I really don't know how many people can claim the athletic prowess to pull off these positions on a regular basis. They seem to be particularly designed for small woman/large man sex. If your coupling falls into this category, please report back! However, if your bodies don't fit this bill, please make sure you don't drop your partner on their head.

Really Hot Sex Positions

I'm currently writing this at 10:30 a.m. on a Sunday. It is already 84 degrees F. It actually feels like 102. I'm a working chump who is often too tired for sexytimes during the week. So, I really look forward to catching up on fun on the weekends. I like hot weather, but this is a bit ridiculous. While the weather doesn't exactly deter me, finding the best ways to have steamy sex in steamy weather is key. At the same time, both my partner and I are pasty as can be (especially early in summer after a Canadian winter). Sunburns are inevitable, but again, we persevere to have fun...even when our skin is uncomfortable AF. Still totally worth it!

Reaching Potential

Let's not forget that sex is not always about penetration. In reality, for women, achieving an orgasm with a penis or penis substitute inside can be long, difficult process. It can hit the right spot for a bit, and then not. It can be distracting. It can be uncomfortable. So, as you're considering different positions to try, be sure to remember the many different ways to have super sexytime fun that may or may not even involve penetration. These positions might be great for foreplay or they might be all-the-play. The focus here is on learning new techniques to help with orgasm.

Change of Positions

Finally, let's remember that things change. Just because you might be totally into one sex position now doesn't mean it will work for you or interest you for the rest of your life. Good thing there are lots of options to choose from!

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