Are relationships like a box of chocolates? It is true that you never know what you're going to get. Yet, it would make sense that you would if you put some effort into picking the right one to suit your needs. This week's Sex Stories We Love delves into many flavors of relationships that are fresh and ripe on the market.

The Parents Are Alright

One thing we definitely need to get over before we can move forward with a relationship is the one with our parents. Oh, and the fact that our parents have sex. Maybe more than you, maybe less ... but it happens. For some reason, there is a ridiculous trope in movies and books that states we are supposed to be disgusted by the fact our folks like to fuck. This really makes no sense. Don't we want our parents to be happy? At the same time, the way parents go into sexual hiding as their kids grow up has surely contributed to negative and problematic sexual attitudes that currently plague our society. Instead, portraying parents having sex positively could go a long way to creating change.

Dudes, Do Better

Of course, parents aren't just of the older, married, wearing matching khakis variety. Young people can be parents and uncoupled people can be parents. Sometimes, these single folks are keen to be getting some more action, but the dating pool does become a bit more shallow, particularly if you date men who are parents. Now, no one needs to scream back "NOT ALL SINGLE DADS!" What Anna von Frances notes about dating different types of single dads who are looking to get some is, in my opinion, spot on. It captures the sad state we've let men exist in for too long. We created a culture of men who become fathers in only the most basic sense of the word. Some fulfill obligations. Many don't. Yet, they still want to be out there, having sex, and potentially making more children. Fellas, do better by your kids and you'll do better elsewhere.

In It Together

What happens once you're in a relationship? Another common misconception is that shacking up with someone pretty much spells the end of a great sex life. You may be wild and crazy when you get together, but put the same roof over your heads and goodbye good vibes. Of course, this does not have to be true at all, but it is an easy trap to fall into. Work, kids, hobbies, and the division of household labor can significantly impact the quality and quantity of our sex lives. As if another reason to abandon the old, misogynistic view of relationships was really needed, amirite?

Easy Pill to Swallow

Another great step forward in establishing Relationships 2.0 is the (hopefully) upcoming release of a daily male contraceptive pill. Men everywhere should feel extremely grateful to women who have borne the brunt of the pill for decades; it hasn't been easy. The physical and emotional challenges that come with making the pill a common product produces a significant impact on women and their bodies. Men should also feel grateful that all of the research since birth control hit the market benefited the methodology used in creating the male version. So, fellas, when this comes on the market and you're enjoying some sexy times without the possibility of becoming a daddy, give a nod of thanks to whomever you're with, for many reasons.

It Takes a Village

One of the best lessons being embraced is that sex and relationships do not have to be strictly a 1+1 scenario. Sure, for some folks, monogamy will always be the best option. For others, the possibility of expanding their sexual equation exponentially is far more attractive. There are many different ways to sexual and emotional satisfaction with other people. You might want to pursue an open relationship, consensual non-monogamy, or polyamory. You could also get your sexy self to an orgy. Some might think these events are just a made-up fantasy thing, but they are real. Like all fun things, they can be great or... not so great. The main factor that can determine the quality of an orgy is the people in attendance. If you've been to an orgy, do you recognize any of Anna Pulley's spot-on characters?

More Filters, Please

Finally, is the quality of a relationship determined by how many likes or views it gets on social media? Here's the case against oversharing your commitment online.

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