A sense of humor is often noted as a very appealing character trait when people look for a new relationship. This makes sense. Laughter helps the world go 'round. It defuses tense situations. It helps to pick us up on hard days. Laughter also helps us get past potentially embarrassing situations in the bedroom. Funny stuff happens between the sheets (and on top of them...and when we try to swing from them...) and bringing that sense of humor along can really help keep sex fun. This week's Sex Stories We Love takes a look at the funny side of sex!

It Happens to All of Us

Everybody has a funny sex story. It is inevitable! There are so many possibilities and opportunities for sexual situations to go absolutely sideways that it is bound to happen from time to time. Now, how you deal with it is an entirely different matter. For so many of us, we are taught to treat sex as either something sacred or something embarrassing. You really don't want to laugh in either situation ... whether the funny thing happens to you or to the person you're with. There's a lot of room for hurt feelings when sex gets a little hilarious. Maybe that could become a "getting to know you" question. Ask a prospective sex partner how they would react to any of these funny sex situations. Then you'll know how to react when something inevitably happens between the two of you.

Maybe Try This at Home?

Speaking of silliness and giggles in the bedroom, one of the most frequent causes of these is attempting new and curious sex positions. When it comes to sex, regardless of your identity or preferences, there are some standards that become go-to for sexytime. Yet, every so often, someone will get a fun idea in their head to try some new bodily configuration that resembles Twister more than it does enjoyable sex. Now, I've seen this in porn, and it doesn't look the least bit enjoyable, but if the standing-up 69 works for you and your partner, then have at it. Just make sure the "getting head" part doesn't involve the floor.

Dangerous Deep Throat

OK, I'm only sharing this one with a serious case of the giggles because the fellow in question made his story widely known on his own. Really,have you ever heard of anyone else putting themselves in the hospital for three days because the dick they blew was too damn big? Despite sounding like a wild urban legend, this story is true. While it's pretty funny, it does speak to our serious fear of sharing sexually-relevant information with healthcare professionals. That's no joke. Relating sex information to doctors and nurses can make it easier for them to treat you. If you are concerned about your healthcare provider's reaction to sexual concerns, do your best to gauge their potential reactions. If need be, seek out another professional.

Comedy to Help and Heal

Laughing at sex is one thing, but using comedy to explore sexual issues is something else. Something hella awesome and hella constructive. People react quite strongly to social issues that are discussed in the form of stand-up comedy. Many considered Hannibal Burress' mention of Bill Cosby's drugging women in his comedy routine to be the tipping point that started the ball rolling to the latter's conviction. Recently, Hannah Gadsby's phenomenal special "Nanette" opened many eyes to issues relating to sexual identity, sexual assault and male privilege by deftly combining comedic timing and genuine tension. We learn so much more when we're engaged and the world has talked about "Nanette" since its release. In the same tradition of wrapping challenging content in comedy, and equally as powerful, is Cameron Esposito's Rape Jokes. While certain to cause a stir, this is a must-watch as we continue to move forward.

Meme Scream

Who doesn't love a good meme, amirite? Our various online spaces have taken over as a main source of finding the funny in sex. Yet, Twitter just might be the best of all because it has brought back the fine art of the one-liner. Whether we're sharing a strong educational message like why you should pee after sex or commiserating about how many days you've gone without sex, a quick zing in Twitter's short form can both teach and warm our cockles...or whatever you've got down there!

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

Finally, we will eagerly await September 19th. That's when a guy goes to court for tying helium balloons to a sex doll and releasing it into Vancouver's airspace. Trial of the century!

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