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Sex Stories We Love: The Boys Who Grow Penises at Puberty, a Tall Drink of Water, and Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Published: SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we discover some of the least talked about (and yet very sexy) stories in the news!

Reading about sex can sometimes be a little repetitive. There are familiar topics that have caught the public’s eye. When that happens, those topics dominate our continued conversations about sex. Here on Sex Stories We Love, Bobbie Morgan and I strive to bring you the stories that aren’t getting talked about as much—if at all!


Wet and Wild and Normal!

While it is true that everybody has their own levels of squick, I love that this article brings attention to our relationship to bodily fluids. It is a complex discussion to try to normalize contact with our lusty liquids, such as, sweat, ejaculate, urine, and menstrual blood. Some people truly do not enjoy coming into contact with them! Yet, how much of that discomfort actually comes from within? How much is dictated to us under the guise of bodily fluids being gross? We’re raised in ultra-sterile environments where to be anything other than spotless and dry is considered “dirty”—despite the entirely normal existence of our essential fluids. I love this piece so much. I’d love to see further discussion involving saliva, blood, and breast milk!

The Boys Who Grow Penises at Puberty

The story of the “guevedoce” of Dominican Republic took the Internet by storm because it challenges so many of our current thoughts on gender and sexuality. It is incredible to learn that these boys, who lack a specific enzyme, are born and present as girls until puberty kicks in and they begin to exhibit male features, such as growing a penis! This rare genetic anomaly, pretty much isolated to one specific region, demonstrates the complexity of human genetics and the complexity of our attribution of gender. Reading Johnny’s story of feeling he was in the wrong body is similar to stories of transgender people—but are the guevedoce trans if their bodies are just in a holding pattern until development?

Where the Workin' Happens

So, because I have a messy desk—a few, in fact—that explains why I have a rotating collection of cum rags and need to change the sheets on a more than regular basis? I actually won’t argue with their reasoning behind what type of desk a person has indicates the type of sex that they have at all. It is nice to see a fun little categorization piece that is entirely positive and silly. So, whose cubicle do you want to sit beside?


A Tall Drink of Water

As a slightly shorter than average fella, I have had a couple partners who were just a bit taller than me. Being 5’6” though, I am actually pretty used to my lovers being right around the same height as me. But this hasn’t stopped me from wondering what it would be like to play with someone who towers me. And this piece gets right to the heart of the matter with some fantastic advice on how to fuck when one partner is significantly taller. Beyond position suggestions, author Vanessa Marin offers some great advice on two key ingredients: props and fun. Be sure to make use of furniture and even specialized furniture to make your sexy connections easier. And also be ready to laugh. Remember, sex is fun and if something looks or feels ridiculous because of your height differences, have a giggle before moving on to something else.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

A current debate raging in both sex and technology circles is the imminent potential of sex robots. It is becoming more and more likely that some form of mechanical being will be possible within the coming years that will be able to perform sexual activities with humans. This scenario has many people debating the ethics of such circumstances and with some ethicists comparing sex robots to killer robots. These ethicists argue that sex robots will also continue the devaluation of women and children, and use similar arguments that are used against ending the prohibition against sex work. Personally, I do not understand the objection to sex robots. They are machines like any other, and not really dissimilar from vibrators! One thing I do wonder is how they will affect sex work and workers. Will their services be less needed?

Wag That Sexy Tail

One of the great things about our current age of sexual discussion is the openness with which people are beginning to discuss sexual interests that fall outside the margins of typical sex and sexuality. Which is why we can now learn about the world of puppy play! This fascinating subculture explores and celebrates a desire to let go and relax in a way that also involves praise and cuddles. It is easy to look at dogs—the canine variety—and envy their existence. With puppy play, you can role play your way right into this type of situation and even enjoy a sex master to boot! Do I hear some excited yips out there?


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